How to Assign a Keyboard Shortcut Key to Frequently Used Google Chrome Bookmarks

Google Chrome - add bookmark shortcuts

Looking for some ways to make Chrome more efficient?  Did you know that Chrome allows you to setup keyword URLS, which really turns out to be a shortcut for visiting websites?  Unfortunately keywords can’t be directly applied to bookmarks, but we can use an easy work-around with the Search Engine database to gather the same effect.


Step 1

In Chrome, Type chrome://settings/browser into the address bar.  Now Click the Manage search engines… button.

google chrome settings manage search engines

Step 2

In the Search Engine box that appears, go down to Other search engines.  This list is automatically generated by Chrome whenever you use the search function on a website.  The middle column contains the keyword shortcuts.

  • Add a new search engine – This box is for the name of your bookmark, you can name it whatever you want.
  • Keyword – Put your shortcut keys here; you can use 1 letter, 2 letters, or whatever you want.
  • URL with %s in place of query – The web address of the site you want to bookmark.

add a new search engine to google chrome

To add a new shortcut just fill in the blank spaces and set the keyword to whatever shortcut keys you want to use.  In the screenshot examples, I just added with the name groovyPost, and the keyword gp.  This means all I have to do is Type gp into the address bar and press enter, Chrome will then automatically go to groovyPost.

chrome automatically generates other search engines but you can enter your own

You can also customize automatically generated shortcuts and change them to whatever you want.  As shown below, I set Hulu up so all I have to do is Type H into the address bar and press enter.

assign a shorcut key as a bookmark shortcut


Your shortcuts are now set up.  To test them out, just go up to the address bar and type in your keyword then Press enter.  You should now be able to navigate to your favorite websites without typing in their entire URL.  Additionally, instead of Clicking the address bar every single time, use a hotkey!

Different hotkeys to quickly select the address bar in Chrome:

  • Ctrl+L
  • Alt+D
  • F6

type in the shortcut key to quickly visit the website

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