How to Show the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome

Are you missing your Favorites or Bookmarks bar in Google Chrome? Here is how to enable it.

I’ve been using Chrome for a few months now, but I’ve never actually seen the Bookmarks bar, until today. While testing a new java bookmarklet I realized that I needed a bookmarks bar to properly use it. Firefox automatically has the bookmarks bar visible, but in Chrome it is hidden by default. So, let’s quickly review how to add the Google Chrome Bookmarks bar for Windows and Mac.

Enable Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome for Windows

In Google Chrome, click the Lines (settings) button and then Select Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar or press CTRL+SHIFT+B simultaneously


Now the Chrome favorites bar should be completely visible just beneath the Address bar and menu buttons.  If at any time you want to get rid of the Favorites bar just repeat Step 1 above.

chrome favorites bar

Enable Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome for Mac

From Google Chrome, click View > Always Show Bookmarks Bar or SHIFT+COMMAND+B simultaneously.

Add bookmark bar mac



  1. iKlsR

    …cool, wasn’t a chrome fan at first but the more i use it, the more i like it and this tip really helped… thank you!

    • shockersh

      ditto here… first time I picked it up I was like – huh? That EULA sucks… After google changed the EULA and I starting using it again, I’ve all but uninstalled Firefox… No idea why actually. It just feels cleaner?

      Anyway, yeah – same here. ;)

  2. shockersh

    ctrl+shift+b – Nice tip dex… You should post up ALL the chrome shortcuts plz!

  3. marshall

    Won’t work. Control Shift B does nothing.

    • LURCH

      Doesn’t for me either.

    • finallysue1

      Same here. Going to settings and marking it to show doesn’t work either. I’m on XP. Does that matter?

    • Johanna

      I agree re Control Shirt B. I followed the other instr re menu/bookmarks/show bookmarks. The result is I see an item that is labeled Imported for IE. If I Click on it all the favorites are there including the favorites bar (called links) but they are individual listed under the address bar just the “imported from ie” is. Requires additional clicks to access it and I had to sort it manually to have the folders where I wanted them with all others following the folders. Problem is after I moved each one it closed and I had to reopen it each time I wanted to move a folder. Pain in the …

      • Johanna

        Lots of typos: I agree re Control Shift B. I followed the other instr re menu/bookmarks/show bookmarks. The result is I see an item that is labeled “Imported from IE”. If I click on it all the favorites are there including the favorites bar (called links) but they are NOT individually listed under the address bar just the “imported from ie” is. Requires additional clicks to access the favorites. I had to manually sort the folders and the page would close after each one was moved and had to be reopened to move the next one. Pain…

  4. Albert Warkentin

    Interesting. I got down my tools menu, but there was no Favorites bar on it. How do I get it to appear?

    • Steve Krause

      Hi Albert – Tools should be there when you press the Wrench looking icon. That said, you can also use the Keyboard Shortcut key – CTRL+SHIFT+B

      Try that shortcut key. I should just appear.

  5. Denise

    Like other posts adding favorites toolbar does not work with wrench OR CTRL+SHIFT+B for me…so whats the scoop?

  6. Carol

    Is is possible to import Internet Explorer Links Bar to Google Chrome?
    I was able to import favorites and the Favorites Bar does appear in Google Chrome, but the Internet Explorer links do not appear.

    • johanna

      Did you get an answer? Since IE is no longer supported for XP I downloaded Chrome once again. Not a favorite because I don’t like its layout. But I was able to set my old home page in it and I was able to import my “favorites bar”. However I haven’t figured out how to import or display my “favorites/bookmarks” down the right side. My side bar has many more bookmarks and they are sub-categorized. Have you gotten anything back on how to do this?

  7. Wilson

    I do not have a wrenck Icon so I do not get the Show the favorites bar, what else can I do??

    • Austin Krause

      Hi Wilson. It seems Google updated the interface and changed things around. This guide has been updated to reflect that. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble!

    • Johanna

      It is not a wrench in Chrome. It is three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Hope you have better luck displaying all your favorites individually.

  8. Crystal

    To me there is a difference between the bookmarks bar (which appears across the top) and the favorites LIST per say (which opened up and dropped down on the left hand side). Do you know how I can get the drop down favorites list to appear? It used to come up automatically, but it hasn’t since I put google chrome on this computer.

    • johanna

      Crystal, did you get an answer. It is the same question I asked back in July. The answer I got was for the bookmarks across the top, which I already had. I am looking for the favorites down the left side as well. I have many, many links and they are in sub-folders as well. It is probably the one thing I really don’t like about Chrome besides the menu. In Explorer I have buttons for sending a webpage I am looking at in an e-mail, etc. Chrome doesn’t seem to have that type of thing either.

      • Johanna

        Crystal, did you ever get it to work? I am able to get a single item called “imported from IE” across the top along with “Maps”, “News”, and “New Tab”. When I click on “Imported from IE” it has all my favorites (which were down the left side in IE) listed. I also got the book marks that were across the top in IE but they are summarized in what is called “links” at the top of the favorites list. So everything is there in one list but it is not individually listed across the top or down the side. I have to click to open “Imported from IE” and then I have to click on “Links” to see what had been across the top.

        You might try Microsoft Edge, which I have made my default, to see if you like it. The favorites are down the right side and you cannot adjust the width. The favorites Bar or Links are across the top just like in IE.

  9. peg

    did not work – missing favorites bar

  10. Jom

    I have read ALL the comments on the favorite list (drop down). No one brave enough to say IT WORKS!
    How to make it work?

  11. bonnie

    i have the chrome favorites list—-where is the add to favorites button?

    • Johanna

      It is the star at the right edge of the address bar

  12. Steve

    this not the favorites but a bookmark bar.

    I want something on the bar that says “favorites” like on IE.

    How do you that with Chrome.


  13. Nick

    Okay, I was feeling frustrated as others were about swichting to google chrome and not having my familiar “favorites” pinned to left side of my browser… well I have a solution and darn it Works.

    import you favorites or just create a few new ones…then follow this:
    Ctrl + Shift + O which will bring up “bookmark manager”; once up, Rt click and select “pin tab”


    Now all your bookmarks/favorites will load as a tab on the far left and will always be there ready to go.

    Damn I am proud as I never take the time to post a help; glad I could finally give back as I am always learning from others. good luck

    • Deb

      I followed your instructions but did not get pintab. Highlighted items were Open options, paste and add paper of folder.

      I’m on Windows 7, 2013 home Office. Does that make any difference?

      Thank you. Deb

      • Nick

        did you do this…Ctrl + Shift + O which will bring up “bookmark manager”; once up, Rt click and select “pin tab”?

        • Deb

          Yes, and pin tab did NOT appear. See my reply of 3/31. Deb

      • John

        Right Click on the top of the window on the tab itself. The part that has the name of the window. Just like on a regular folder.

        • Johanna

          That works but only on a new page. The favorites do not appear when you open a new tab/web page or your home page. What you end up with is a separate page with the favorites down the left side and the tab at the top has a * identifying it.

          That is better than nothing but what I would like to see is the favorites down the left side on any and all pages/tabs I open just like in IE.

    • John

      Thanks for the tip. It does work. Not as elegant as I’d like, but it works. Now if I could only get a quick access menu tool bar across the top like I had in Explorer.

      • Cherie

        Right Deb…I feel the same way. Google chrome does not have the menu bar! which sucks!!!!!!!

    • Johanna

      Didn’t work for me. The only way I could get “pin tab” was to right click on the folder tab that opened “Bookmarks”. The result was it shrunk the icon and description to just the icon which is a star. To get back the description portion was to repeat the process: right click on the folder tab select “unpin tab”

      The fact that some of these suggestions work for some people and not others concerns me. I assume we are all using the latest version of Google Chrome.

  14. Irene

    why can’t I copy all my Favourites toolbar content to Google like I can between Internet explorer and Mozilla? Surely I don’t have to recreate all my favourites, I am an office manager I have dozens.

  15. Judy Gauthier

    Go to the 3 dots at the top right of chrome.
    Choose ‘bookmarks’
    Choose ‘show bookmarks bar’
    Click 3 dots again
    Choose ‘bookmark manager’
    It appears on the left.
    Click on the folder ‘bookmarks bar’
    Right above it click on ‘folders’
    Choose ‘add folder’
    New folder will appear INSIDE bookmarks folder
    Name it Favorites or whatever you want to call it.
    It will now show on your bookmarks bar.
    Don’t know yet how yet to get the actual ‘links’ back. Going to try and find the bookmarks.bak file which is chromes backup of your saved web addresses.

  16. wheelsey_4

    Nice, Newbie! Now figure out how to customize the links into icons only, please?

  17. Kay

    It worked for me, now if I can really use it, that is the question?

  18. Gene

    I have a LOT of links in IE Favourites and not being able to access them in Chrome is the only reason I won’t migrate to Chrome. There are probably lots of folks who feel the same. I tried Chrome and went back to IE.

    Hello…. are you listening Google?

  19. Jordan

    i have a google chrome hisense computer and i’m trying to figure out how to add a couple apps onto my favorites bar along the side. right now i only have google chrome on there and id really like to add google docs gmail and pandora hopefully thanks for the help!

  20. cdg

    Bookmarks aren’t Favorites, even though they serve similar functions, and it is inaccurate and irresponsible to confuse the two.

  21. Susan Wells

    I tried your directions, also tried control, shift, B, but nothing worked. I have windows 10. I had the star favorites icon when i was on internet explorer but when i switched to chrome i cannot get it back. I even contacted microsoft help thru chat, they took over my computer to fix the problem i was having on somthing else and I asked her to fix the favorites which she said she did but when chat ended and my screen came back, there was no favorite icon. Any suggestions?

  22. Joe

    WOW Thanks for a simple concise answer and illustration for us technically challenged dummies. Tired of BS confusing answers from long way aroung techie idiots

  23. craig

    i think cdg is correct, Favs are not bookmarks and we are trying to force Favs to be bookmarks. this is something google should have fixed long ago – no excuse for it.

  24. Brett

    worked great great info easily explained

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