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Start menu

Windows 7: Add the Downloads Directory to the Start Menu

Open the Start Menu and right click on any empty area.  The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window comes up. Click Customize.  Scroll about half-way down the Customize Start Menu window. Under the Downloads category select Display as a Link.  Click OK to save and exit the Customize and Properties windows.  All done! The Downloads […]

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Hotkeys in Skype

Skype: Enable Hotkeys

Using hotkeys in Skype lets you use it more easily from your keyboard. Here’s a quick tip on how to enable them. Launch Skype. From the Menu Bar select Tools >> Options. In the options window. click Advanced Settings. Then click Hotkeys. Now set up Hotkeys to execute the following functions. Answer a call Answer […]

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Google Talk Shortcuts and Text Formatting

Google Talk is arguably the one of the best messenger clients for communicating with your contacts.  The only thing is, it doesn’t have a whole lot of features.  Though, if both you and your recipient are using  Google Talk, you can use “markup” to add some mild formatting to your text.  There are also some […]

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Administer Privileged Shortcut Bypassing UAC

How to Create an Administrator Privileged Shortcut that Bypasses Windows UAC

Last week we learned how to create a discreet total-computer-history erase button using CCleaner.  The only problem was, when Windows launched the shortcut it caused the UAC (User Account Control) security window to pop-up.  Fortunately, Microsoft inadvertently included a way to bypass the UAC prompts if the shortcut is ran as an administrator Task.  Let’s […]

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Twitter Tweet Button in action!

Twitter Releases It’s Own “Tweet” Button

When browsing our site and many others, you’ve likely noticed the “retweet” and other Twitter related sharing badges.  Up until now, if you wanted to quickly share a link on twitter you were required to use a 3rd party service who normally provided those share buttons/options to blogs.  Well yesterday this all changed when Twitter […]

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Rock out with Gmail’s Full Potential Unleashed

Everyone on the internet by now knows that Gmail is a free email service available to anyone.  Some people even consider it a religious practice to set up as many Gmail accounts as they can and e-mail themselves pretending they have friends.  Some people have asked me, “Why should I use e-mail when I have […]

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Clear Firefox 3 Browsing History, Cache and Private Data

My last few articles focused on How-To Clear IE7 Browser History.  I figured while I’m in a “Security” frame of mind, I would capture the same process for Mozilla Firefox.  Like IE7, the process in Firefox is incredibly easy.  Personally, since you can also automate the process and have Firefox clear the cached data automatically […]

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