How to Fix Google Play Not Working on a Chromebook

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Struggling to run Android apps on your Chromebook? If Google Play isn’t working on your Chromebook, follow the steps in this guide to fix it.

Using a Chromebook is great for browsing the web, sending emails, and occasional word-processing projects. In addition, you can download apps for various things like gaming, streaming, entertainment, and other computing tasks.

It’s also important to note that you can do more with Chromebook, like run Android apps. To use apps, however, you need the Google Play Store to work.

Sadly, your Chromebook isn’t always going to work how you expect it to. If you have problems with Google Play not working on a Chromebook, you’ll have to try the fixes we’ve outlined below.

1. Why Is Google Play Not Working? Check Chromebook Compatiblity

While most modern Chromebooks support Google Play out of the box, older devices may not. If you don’t see Google Play or it’s grayed out, your Chromebook may be too old to support Android apps.

To verify your Chromebook support Google Play and Android apps, check your Chromebook model against Google’s list of Chromebooks that support Android apps.

Not supported? Unfortunately there is now workaround. So, you’ll need to consider upgrading — sorry.

2. Update Your Chromebook

Google Play may not work due to bugs in the currently installed version of Chrome OS on your Chromebook. Your Chromebook should update automatically, but you may want to check for updates manually. For example, an update from Google that could fix your Play Store problem might be waiting for you to install.

It’s a straightforward process to manually update your Chromebook. To update your Chromebook, go to Settings > About Chrome OS > Check for updates.

about google OS

Remember, your Chromebook will need to restart after an update, so ensure your work and other files are saved.

Note: If your work or school manages your Chromebook, the option to update may not be available. So, you’ll need to contact the IT department to ensure it’s up to date.

3. Update Google Play App

If your Chromebook is up to date, and Google Play still isn’t working correctly, you can update the Google Play app. All you need to do is use the following simple steps.

How to Update the Google Play App on Your Chromebook

  1. Launch the Play Store and click the profile icon in the top-right.
  2. Choose Settings from the menu that appears.Chromebook Settings
  3. From the Settings screen, expand the About section.
  4. Click the Update Play Store button under the Play Store version section.Update Play Store on Chromebook
  5. Wait for any Play Store updates, restart the app, and see if Google Play is working.Google Play Store is up to date

4. Restart Your Chromebook

Assuming your Chromebook supports Android apps, you might run into a situation where Google Play freezes up or won’t launch. So a good place to start troubleshooting is to restart your Chromebook.

To restart your Chromebook, click the clock to open the Quick Settings panel in the lower-right corner of the screen.

How to Restart a Chromebook

After the menu opens, click the power button, and it will immediately shut down. Wait for your Chromebook to completely power off and restart it by pressing the Power button.

Chromebook Power Button

Once your Chromebook restarts, sign in and check to see if Google Play is working.

5. Verify Google Play is Enabled

Another reason that Google play isn’t working is that it hasn’t been enabled or was disabled for some reason.

How to Enable the Play Store on Chromebook

  1. Click the clock icon in the lower right corner and select the Settings icon from the Quick Panel.settings chrome os
  2. When Settings opens, select Apps from the left panel, and you should see Google Play Store in the right column.Settings Apps
  3. If you see the Install apps and games from Google Play on your Chromebook option, turn it on.
  4. Once you verify it’s enabled, open the Launcher, and you should see the Play Store app.Play Store Chromebook Menu

6. Log Out of Guest Mode

If you have enabled Guest Mode on your Chromebook, the guest user cannot install or uninstall apps. Therefore, Google Play won’t show up.

If you’re in guest mode for some reason, exit out of it and sign back in with your Google account credentials. After that, you should have access to Google Play to install apps.

log out of guest Chromebook

7. Clear Google Play Cache

Like clearing the cache on Android to fix apps crashing or freezing up, you can clear the cache for Google Play on Chromebook.

How to Clear Play Store App Cache

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps.
  2. Scroll down and click the Play Store option from the list of items.Settings Play Store
  3. Choose the More settings and permissions option.More settings and permissions Chromebook
  4. Click on Storage on the App Info screen.Play Store App Info Storage
  5. Next, click the Clear cache button.Chromebook Clear Cache Button
  6. Click OK when the verification message appears.Chromebook Delete App Data
  7. After verifying the option to clear the cache, you’ll see the User data, and Cache entries will show 0.Chromebook Play Store Cache Cleared

After clearing the cache, open Google Play and see if it works.

8. Check Chromebook Diagnostics

It could be a deeper issue if you continue to have problems getting Google Play to work. So, consider running a diagnostics scan on your Chromebook. A diagnostics scan will help detect problems with your Chromebook’s hardware, such as the CPU, RAM, battery, and other components.

The Diagnostics tool allows you to test individual components and help narrow down which one is having trouble. If you can determine the troublesome component and get it working, try relaunching Google Play.

For more on running a scan, learn how to use the Diagnostics tool on Chromebook.

Chromebook Diagnostics tool

Get More from Chromebook

If you have problems with the Google Play Store not working on your Chromebook, using one or two of the above options should get it up and running. If you don’t see Google Play and can’t enable it, it might be disabled by your IT administrator from your school or workplace. In that case, you’ll need to talk to the admin to get it switched on.



  1. Anthony

    November 29, 2023 at 11:31 am

    Thanks! I forgot to update my Chromebook when I bought it. PlayStore wouldn’t load. Your suggestion(s) fixed that!

  2. Andrew Przelucki

    February 14, 2024 at 7:41 am

    Yeah, I got this issue since a few days. All of a sudden the Play Store app force closed and since then I’m unable to open it again! Tried everything. Maybe the next ChromeOS update will fix it, otherwise I’ll have to reset my Chromebook! I tried installing apps from my smartphone onto my Chromebook via the options to install on other devices, and I get the information that my Chromebook isn’t connected to the internet – but it is and ChromeOS, Chrome and the Linux subsystem do have internet connection. Thankfully my Android apps do work on my Chromebook and I still have the option of sideloading apps. But it is worrisome that a core app isn’t working, I use the Play Store often on my Chromebook.

  3. Andrew Przelucki

    February 16, 2024 at 7:10 am

    YES! Google fixed the issue!! I just got the ChromeOS update and immediately, upon rebooting the Play Store is up and running!! Phew, glad that’s over. Fortunately it was only a few days, Google really quickly fixed the issue – it’s like you said in this article, it was most likely a ChromeOS bug, and most likely due to the fact that they are now restructuring the OS. So far ChromeOS has proven to be a very stable and reliable system – and integrated with the Android and Linux subsystems it is a really robust ecosystem!

  4. Andrew Przelucki

    March 4, 2024 at 2:25 am

    It’s happening again! Feb 16 was fixed and now, since Mar 1, the Play Store app is not working again. And this time a few apps are also refusing to work: Link to Windows and Best App Sales. The first won’t open like the Play Store, the second opens but is stuck at loading. I can’t even update Play Services – maybe they’re getting updated in the background, but I doubt it because the last time nothing got updated in the background. So this is the second time this is happening. If this keeps on repeating than Chromebooks are going to loose their reputation as being stable….

  5. Andrew Przelucki

    March 7, 2024 at 6:47 am

    Just got the ChromeOS update. Everything up and running back again. Sheesh, took about a week but hopefully this is going to be rare in the future Nothing gets updated during such calamity, it’s not possible to install anything, even through another device.

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