How to Enable Guest Mode on Chromebook


If you need to hand someone your Chromebook, you don’t want them snooping on your data. Here’s how to enable guest mode on Chromebook.

If you ever lend your Chromebook to someone, it’s good to use guest mode. You can give them your Chromebook and use the Chrome browser with guest mode, but they can’t see your personal data.

Like with your Android phone or personal computer, you don’t need people sniffing around through your private data. The good news is we can fix the issue by using guest mode so they can use your Chromebook or Chrome browser on your computer but not see your personal data.

Here’s how to enable guest mode on Chromebook and the Chrome browser.

Guest Mode vs Incognito Mode on a Chromebook

It’s important to note that there is a difference between incognito mode and guest mode on a Chromebook.

Guest mode is a temporary account on your Chromebook that deletes all browsing data after being used. When the guest ends the session, their data is erased. So, anything the guest does won’t be saved. Instead, you can browse as a guest in Chrome.

Incognito mode is best when browsing privately on your computer using Google Chrome. It doesn’t store cookies, browsing history, or other browsing data. When you close the browser, all your browsing data disappears.

Don’t think of incognito mode as a stop-all privacy method. Websites and your internet provider may still see sites you visit and ads you engage with. Also, incognito Mode does not hide your IP address. For something that hides your IP address, take a look at a VPN such as Private Internet Access.

How to Browse as a Guest in Chrome

To browse as a guest in the Chrome browser:

  1. Launch Chrome and click on your profile picture in the top-right corner.Enable Guest Mode on Chromebook
  2. Select Guest from the guest chrome
  3. Now you will see a message letting you know the user is browsing as guest. Note that a new window opens for the Chrome guest account.browsing as guest
  4. You will also see Guest where the profile picture typically is.Enable Guest Mode on Chromebook
  5. To close out of guest mode, click the Guest profile icon in the top-right corner and click Close Guest. All browsing data will be deleted.Enable Guest Mode on Chromebook

How to Browse as a Guest on a Chromebook

Browsing as a guest in Chrome is straightforward, and so is browsing as a guest on a Chromebook.

To browse in guest mode on a Chromebook:

  1. To begin, sign out of your profile before logging in as a guest. You have to sign out before you can allow a person to browse as a guest.
  2. From the Sign-in screen, click the Browse as Guest.Enable Guest Mode on Chromebook
  3. Now, you’ll see that you’re browsing as a guest – just like the Chrome browser.Guest Mode Chromebook
  4. Using a Chromebook in guest mode is a limited experience. It is limited to the functionality of apps on it.Guest Mode Chromebook
  5. To log out of guest mode, click the time button in the system tray and select Exit Guest from the top.log out of guest Chromebook

Browsing as a Guest on Chromebook

Once the user has completed their session, all cookies, browsing history, app usage, and other data will be erased. Using guest mode on a Chromebook is an excellent way to check email or visit a site quickly. It’s not meant for an entire workflow session. Also, note that when a guest is on the Chromebook, they won’t have any access to the owner’s user files.

Guest mode is an integral part of computing, and it isn’t just for Chrome and Chromebooks. So, for example, you can enable guest mode on Windows, and if you have an Android, you can enable guest mode on your phone.

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