How to Fix Sound Not Working on Reddit

Can’t hear sound on Reddit? Troubleshoot the problem using the steps in this guide.

Reddit is the place to learn and discuss virtually every imaginable topic. In addition to text, you can consume videos, but if there’s no audio, you’ll need to fix the sound not working on Reddit.

Viewing videos is essential for the Reddit experience, and if a video plays without sound, it can be frustrating. It’s possible that Reddit’s sound option was disabled, causing videos not to play audio.

Also, Reddit mutes sound by default for certain videos. If you’re not getting sound from videos on Reddit, we’ll show you how to enable it on desktop and mobile devices below.

How to Fix Sound Not Working in Reddit on Mobile

Depending on your situation, loud sounds from a video on your phone or tablet can be annoying, and Reddit mutes audio by default. It’s also standard that NSFW videos have audio muted by Reddit.

If you use the Reddit app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and not getting audio from videos, you’ll need to unmute them.

To unmute sound on Reddit videos:

  1. Launch the Reddit app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.Crosspost on Reddit
  2. Choose the video you want to watch and tap the speaker icon at the bottom to unmute it.Sound Not Working on Reddit

How to Disable Reddit Video Muting by Default

Another setting to check is the option to mute videos by default. Turning it off can ensure you get audio from videos.

To disable Reddit video muting:

  1. Open Reddit on your device and tap your profile icon at the top.
  2. Select Settings at the bottom of the menu that appears.Sound Not Working on Reddit
  3. Scroll to the Advanced section and toggle off the Mute videos by default switch.

How to Enable Sound in Reddit on the Desktop

If you aren’t getting sound from the Reddit website on your desktop, there are a few things you can check.

To enable sound on the Reddit website:

  1. Launch a browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, head to the Reddit website, and sign into your account if you’re signed out of Reddit.Sound Not Working on Reddit
  2. Find the video you want to play, and if there’s no sound, click the speaker icon in the lower right corner to unmute it.

How to Check if the Reddit Browser Tab is Muted

You may have the tab muted if you are still not getting sound from videos on the Reddit website.

To unmute a Reddit browser tab:

  1. Open a browser and start playing a video on Reddit.
  2. Make sure the speaker icon is not muted.
  3. Right-click the tab it’s open in and select the Unmute tab (or site) option from the menu.Sound Not Working on Reddit
  4. Alternatively, you can click the speaker icon with an X next to it to toggle the sound back on.

How to Check Your Device Volume

You won’t get any volume from videos if your device’s sound settings are low, muted, or in silent mode.

Check the volume level on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to ensure it is turned up loud enough. Use the physical volume buttons on the side of your phone to increase the volume. You should see a volume indicator on the screen while adjusting the volume.

You can also adjust the volume slider from the Control Center feature on iPhone. On Android, press the volume up key on the side of your phone to disable mute mode and increase volume.

Sound Not Working on Reddit

Also, check your phone to ensure it’s not in silent mode. For example, on an iPhone, you can flip the Ring/Silent switch on the side to enable or disable Silent Mode.

silent mode switch on iphone

Check the volume settings on a computer to increase the volume level or unmute it.

How to Update the Reddit App

If you don’t get sound from Reddit on your mobile device, a bug could be causing sound issues. A simple update with the latest bug fixes and feature updates can fix it.

To ensure you have the latest version, learn how to update apps on iPhone or check out updating apps on Android.

Sound Not Working on Reddit

Getting Sound on Reddit

Whether you use Reddit on your mobile device or computer, you can fix sound not working on Reddit using the above steps. It’s also important to note that a user may upload a video without sound. So, in that instance, you won’t get audio at all.

There are other ways to get more from Reddit. For example, you can learn how to stay private on Reddit or check out how to leave or mute a community.

You might also be interested in posting messages across different communities. For that, look at how to crosspost on Reddit, and if you want to add an extra layer of security to your account, enable 2FA on Reddit.

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