How to Crosspost on Reddit

If you want an easy way to post messages across different Reddit communities, you’ll need to know how to crosspost on Reddit. Here’s how.

Crossposting on Reddit allows you to take a post from one community and share it with another. The crosspost includes an embed of the original post with the username, karma score, and community of the original post.

This option allows other users to find the original source content and gain more exposure. However, not all communities allow crossposting, and you need to be a member of a community to crosspost there.

In this guide, we’ll show you all you need to know about crossposting on the Reddit social platform.

How to Crosspost on Reddit from a Browser

Crossposting on Reddit allows you to post the same post in multiple subreddits simultaneously. It’s also important to note the difference between reposting on Reddit and crossposting.

When you repost on Reddit, you add a post to the same subreddit with the same content.

To crosspost on Reddit from your PC or Mac:

  1. Launch a browser on the desktop and head to the subreddit you want to crosspost from.
  2. Compose your post and click the Post button.Crosspost on Reddit
  3. Find your original post and click the Share button under the message.
  4. Select Crosspost from the menu that appears.Crosspost on Reddit
  5. On the following screen, click the Choose a community dropdown and select the subreddit you want to crosspost.
  6. Click the Post button once you have the subreddit you want to crosspost your message.Crosspost on Reddit
  7. Once the crosspost is complete, a Crossposted by tag will appear above the title.

How to Crosspost on Reddit on Mobile

In addition to crossposting on Reddit from a desktop browser, you can do it from the Reddit mobile app.

To crosspost from the mobile Reddit app:

  1. Open the Reddit app on your phone or tablet.Crosspost on Reddit
  2. Find the subreddit you want to crosspost.
  3. Create your post in the appropriate community and tap the Post button in the top right corner.
  4. Locate the post and tap the Share button in the lower right corner.Crosspost on Reddit
  5. When the Share to… menu opens, select the Community option.
  6. Select the community that you want to share the post to or search for one with whom you want to share the post.Crosspost on Reddit
  7. Tap the Post button in the top right corner of the following screen.

Once you follow the steps, the post will crosspost to your chosen subreddit.

Getting Your Message Out on Reddit

If you have a message you think belongs to more than one community, the crossposting option is convenient and saves the time of rewriting the same message. Remember, crossposting requires you to join the community; some subreddits don’t allow it. If they don’t, the option will be grayed out.

There are other ways to get more from Reddit. For example, when you search through Reddit, it accumulates a lot of search history—you can delete your Reddit history for a clean start.

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