How to Fix Remote Procedure Call Failed Error on Windows 11

When errors occur on Windows, it can be annoying. If RPC isn’t working you can fix Remote Procedure Call Failed error on Windows 11.

Are you getting a Remote Procedure Call failed error while using an app on Windows 11? Remote Procedure Call, or RPC, facilitates communications between apps and other processes on Windows over the network.

Unfortunately, there are times when the service doesn’t work, and this will result in an error message. Luckily, there are some straightforward troubleshooting solutions you can use to get your System working again.

We’ll show you the common reasons the error occurs and how to fix the problem so you can return to being productive on your Windows system.

Remote Procedure Call Failed Error

The RPC error is associated with Windows Service Control Manager or related services. The error mainly occurs when you launch a system service or app.

For example, it may happen while using Remote Desktop, opening a Microsoft Office document, or using File Explorer. Whatever the reason, we’ll show you common ways to fix it in this guide.

An example of a Remote Procedure Call Failed error while launching File Explorer.

An example of a Remote Procedure Call Failed error while launching File Explorer.

Note: We’re using Windows 11 for this article, but the following options will also work on Windows 10 to fix the error.

Boot Into Safe Mode with Networking

A corrupt driver, app, or background service could be causing the error. Booting into Safe Mode launches Windows with minimal drivers and services. You won’t get complex graphics, sound card drivers, Windows effects, etc.

Still, you will have networking capabilities to connect to servers and internet locations to update drivers or retrieve specific files and apps. This will allow you to do additional troubleshooting without errors.

Safe Mode Startup Settings Windows 11

Check for Viruses or Malware

In addition, the error could be due to a virus or other malicious code. For example, running a manual scan with the Windows Security app allows it to quickly identify and delete or quarantine the malware.

To run a manual scan for malware:

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Search for Windows Security in the Start menu and select the top result.Remote Procedure Call Failed
  3. Click Virus & threat protection button.virus and threat protection
  4. Click the Quick scan button to check locations where threats are typically found.quick scan use windows security on windows 11 for optimal protection

If a threat is discovered, follow the onscreen instructions to remove it. If you still believe there’s malicious code, you can get a second opinion using a free third-party security suite like AVG Antivirus.

Also, in this section, ensure you configure Windows Security for maximum protection.

Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

If you are experiencing an error while running a Store app on Windows 11, you can run the troubleshooter to resolve the issue.

To run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter:

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
  2. Select System from the left column and Troubleshoot on the right.Remote Procedure Call Failed
  3. Select the Other troubleshooters option from the following 11 other troubleshooters
  4. Scroll down the settings in the right column and click the Run button next to the Windows Store Apps option.Remote Procedure Call Failed Windows 11
  5. The troubleshooter will run and find fixes to app problems so you can apply 11 store apps - detecting problems

Refresh Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service

The RPC service on Windows manages how processes communicate with each other. RPC handles requests and responses between apps and assists in performing tasks and sharing resources.

However, there could be a corruption error, or the service may unintentionally be disabled. So, restarting the service can get it working and resolve the RPC failed error.

To refresh the RPC service:

  1. Press Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog window.
  2. Type services.msc and click OK.Remote Procedure Call Failed Windows 11
  3. Right-click the Remote Procedure Call service and select Refresh from the context menu.refresh service in windows 11
  4. It only takes a moment for the service to restart. When complete, close out of the Services window and check if the RPC failed error is still present.

Refresh DCOM Server Process Launcher

Another service that could be the culprit of the RPC failed error is the DCOM Server Process Launcher. The service manages various processes and services on Windows – including RPC. If it isn’t working correctly, it can cause a problem with the RPC service. However, restarting (DcomLaunch) can help resolve the issue.

To refresh DCOM Server Process Launcher:

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog window.
  2. Type msc and click OK or hit Enter.Remote Procedure Call Failed windows 11
  3. Find and right-click the DCOM Server Process Launcher service and select Restart from the context menu.Remote Procedure Call Failed
  4. Like the RPC service, the restart takes a moment, and when complete, close out of Services and see if the error is resolved.

Repair Problematic App

If you are receiving the RPC failed error in a specific app, it could be corrupt and needs repairing.

To repair apps on Windows 11:

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
  2. Select Apps from the left column and click Installed apps on the 11 see installed apps
  3. Find the app giving you the error, click the three-dot button next to it, and select Advanced options from the menu that 11 see installed apps
  4. Scroll down to the Reset section and click the Repair apps - windows 11
  5. A progress notification will be displayed during the app repair process. Once complete, a checkmark will display next to the Repair button, letting you know it’s finished.
  6. If you still get the error, reset the app by clicking the Reset button.reset apps - windows 11

If the repair or reset doesn’t work, uninstall the app and reinstall it with the latest updated version should resolve problems with it.

Run DISM and SFC Scans

If you are still experiencing problems with the error, an excellent final troubleshooting option is to run SFC and DISM scans.

You run these utility scans from the PowerShell terminal with elevated privileges. They will detect and repair corrupt system files. The scans will also detect missing system files and replace them automatically.

Remote Procedure Call Failed

Solving Errors on Windows 11

If you experience a Remote Procedure Call failed error during your Windows experience, you can get things working using the above solutions. Once the error is fixed, you can get things done.

Of course, there are other problems you may experience with Windows, but we have solutions. For example, learn to fix Device has Stopped Responding errors. Or, if you are archiving documents and other files, learn to fix Zip errors on Windows 11.

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