How to Fix Discord’s Rate Limited Notification Issue

how to fix discords rate limited notification issue

Have you been rate limited on Discord? If so, all is not lost. Learn how to fix Discord’s rate limited notification issue in this guide.

Discord has grown from an app aimed at gamers to a huge collection of servers covering almost every topic imaginable. It’s a great place to hang out with like-minded people—until it stops working, that is.

One reason why you may not be able to enjoy Discord to the full is if you’re rate limited. But what is a rate limit notification on Discord, and what can you do to get back on track?

If you want to know how to fix Discord’s rate limited notification issue, here are some things you can try.

What Does ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ Mean on Discord?

Rate limiting is a method numerous apps and websites used to reduce the risk of harm to user accounts or to the site or app itself. It works by stopping someone from interacting with the site for a set period of time. This can help to stop people from spamming sites or trying to use brute force to hack login codes.

On Discord, rate limiting is used in a couple of situations. One of the most common is when you are asked to verify your phone number. You’ll be sent a six-digit code to enter. If you enter this wrong a few times in quick succession, Discord may inform you that you’ve been rate limited.

In general, this is a good thing. It means hackers can’t use software to try every possible six-digit code in quick succession to try to gain access to your account. If it happens to you when you’re trying to sign in to your own account, it can be frustrating. Trying one of the tips below may help.

Another situation where you might receive a rate limit notification is if you post too many messages in a short space of time. Normal Discord use shouldn’t be an issue, but if you use a script to post multiple messages in a short space of time, you may receive a rate limit notification. You’ll be unable to post another message until a set amount of time has passed.

Once again, you can try some of the fixes below if you see this message and haven’t been deliberately spamming Discord.

How to Fix Discord’s Rate Limited Notification Issue

There are numerous ways that websites and apps can identify you in order to rate limit your account. This may be through the use of cookies, or they may use your IP address. There are a few steps that you can try in order to get around these methods. However, you do so at your own risk.

While there’s nothing specific in Discord’s terms of service about using any of the methods below to get around temporary restrictions, evading permanent enforcement actions is against the rules.

Sit and Wait

The simplest and safest thing you can do is just wait out your restriction. There’s no set time for how long you will receive a rate limit notification, but 10 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to wait. Sitting and waiting may not be ideal, but it ensures that you’re not breaching any rules, and eventually, your restriction should be removed.

If you try after 10 minutes, and you’re still receiving a rate limit notification, try leaving it a little longer before you try the next time. Don’t just keep on trying over and over again in quick succession, as this may only make things worse. Eventually, you should no longer receive a rate limit notification.

If this goes on way longer than you would expect, you’ll need to contact support following the steps given later in this article.

Try Private Browsing

Since cookies are one method that sites can use to rate limit accounts, you can try using the private browsing mode of your web browser of choice. Doing so should mean that any cookies that cause your rate limit notification won’t be present, and you may be able to get around the restriction.

Different browsers have different names for their private browsing modes. For example, private browsing is called Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.

To use Incognito mode on Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click the three-dots menu icon.
    chrome three dots
  3. Select New Incognito Window.
    chrome new incognito window
  4. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows or Cmd+Shift+N on Mac.
  5. Try signing in to Discord again and see if you still receive a rate limit notification.

Try a Different Browser

Another way to ensure that cookies aren’t causing your rate limit notification is to sign in to Discord on a completely different browser. Since you weren’t using this browser when you received your rate limit notification, any cookies used to identify your account won’t exist on your other browser.

Sign out of your Discord account on your original browser, open a new browser, and sign in again on that browser. If you still see a rate limit notification, you’ll need to try one of the options below instead.

Use a VPN

A simple way for companies to ensure that they’re rate-limiting the right person is to use your IP address. This is the unique address that identifies your home router so that the discord servers know where to send their data to.

Since this IP address is unique to your home network, applying a rate limit to that IP address ensures that it only affects the people connected to that network.
using a vpn

The simple way to get around this is to change your IP address. You’ll see many sites suggesting restarting your router as a possible fix. However, whilst doing so might change the internal IP address of your specific computer, it’s unlikely to change your public address.

Since it’s this IP address that Discord can use to rate limit your account, the chances of resetting your router and fixing the problem are slim. If you want to guarantee a change of IP address, the simplest way is to use a VPN.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Instead of your computer connecting directly to the Discord servers, your traffic passes through a VPN server. This makes it appear as if your traffic is coming from that server, rather than your own computer. VPNs have a whole range of benefits, from privacy to the ability to stream location-restricted content, but they also provide you with a completely new IP address.

Using a VPN may allow you to bypass your rate limit and access your Discord account more quickly.

Use Mobile Internet

If you don’t want to use a VPN, another simple way to access Discord from a different IP address is to use a mobile device. If you connect your mobile device to your home network, it will be using your home router, so your external IP address will remain the same.
discord on mobile

However, if you disconnect from Wi-Fi and use your mobile internet data, your traffic won’t be coming from your home router, and your IP address will be different. This may allow you to get around the rate limit and access your Discord account.

Contact Discord Support

If you’ve tried all the methods above, including just waiting it out, and you still can’t access your Discord account after a few hours, then you’re going to have to bite the bullet and contact Discord support. Explain that you’re seeing a rate limit notification that doesn’t seem to be going away. If you’ve tried any of the other options above, it may be best not to mention them, just to be on the safe side!

Provided you’re not breaking any of Discord’s terms of service, support should be able to fix the problem and remove your rate limit.

Using Discord Responsibly

Learning how to fix Discord’s rate limited notification issue can help you to get through your restriction and start enjoying Discord in full once again. If you do receive a rate limit notification, it’s worth thinking about what caused it and trying to avoid that action again.

If you’re looking to take your Discord experience to the next level, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can check out some great soundboard apps for Discord, make your own Discord emojis, and even play music in your Discord server.

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