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Based in the UK, Adam has served as an editor for since 2022. With more than a decade of experience in the field, Adam has a comprehensive background that encompasses a wide range of technical subjects. His areas of expertise include everything from Windows to Linux, Microsoft Office and Google Apps, Apple iPhone and Mac, and a long list of tech services and platforms online.

Adam is also a big fan of smart home tech, and is constantly tinkering with his Home Assistant automations. He’s a firm believer that automation, rather than voice or app control, is the way to make your home truly smart. Rather than having to press a button on a dashboard or ask Alexa to perform actions, the ideal is to have these actions happen automatically without any interaction. A simple example is a very basic Shortcut on his iPhone that sets the volume to 50 percent whenever he opens the Duolingo app. It requires no interaction to fire, and performs an action that he found himself doing manually every day before creating his Shortcut.

Adam studied Engineering at university, and despite having been tinkering with tech for as long as he can remember, has had his sanity saved on more than one occasion by well-written how-to guides. He enjoys writing content that provides clear instructions about how to solve specific tech problems, in the hope that he can save others from hours of frustration, too.

A particular strength of Adam's is his ability to write detailed, long-form how-to tutorials on almost any tech subject. He strives to offer clear, actionable guidance, aimed at helping readers understand not just the how but the why. His articles on are designed to demystify complex processes and provide practical, useful solutions.

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