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How Large are My Installed Windows 8 Apps?

If you install a lot of apps on your Windows 8 system, there will be times when you’ll need to know how large they are and uninstall some. This won’t be much of an issue on a Windows 8 computer with large hard drives, but important when trying to maximize space on a tablet.

To see the size of the apps you have installed, on the Windows Start screen use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + C to bring up the Charms and click Settings. Or if on a touchscreen device, swipe from the right bezel to the left to bring it up and tap Settings.

Charms Bar Settings

Then click or tap Change PC Settings.

Change PC Settings

Now select General in the left column under PC Settings. In the right column scroll down to Available Storage and click the View App Sizes button. Windows will start to find the apps installed on your system and their sizes.

Determining App Sizes

There you go! The results are shown in order from largest to smallest.

Windows App Sizes Displayed

You can use this list to help determine which apps you’ll remove to free up space. Games typically take up the most space, so if you’ve already beaten it or don’t play it anymore, you can get rid of it. Also, remember that any app you uninstall from your system can be reinstalled again from the Windows Store whenever you need it.

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