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How to Find and Use Amazon Instant Coupons

Did you realize you can save even more money while on Amazon? There’s a full section that is dedicated to coupons on Amazon, which is useful for all types of items, from household supplies to electronics and of course, books. No coupon clipping is necessary; it’s all done digitally on the site.

Amazon Instant Coupons

To find them, just go to the Amazon Coupons page. There you’ll find a plethora of instant coupons for virtually every type of product available for sale on the site.

Amazon Instant Coupons

On the left-hand side, there’s a navigation pane where you can browse coupons by item categories.

Amazon Electronics Coupons

When you find something that interests you, just click on the “Clip this Coupon” button. Every coupon you “clip” is saved to your profile and can be used when you check out. Just like if you were handing coupons that you cut from the Sunday paper to the cashier.

Clip Coupon

In the cart details, you’ll see that the coupons you clipped will show the amount deducted from your total.

Discount added Amazon Check out

This is yet another way of getting the most bang for your buck on Amazon. For another important money saving tip for the site, check out getting price-change refunds:

If you find some good coupons for the products you buy from Amazon and save a good chunk of cash, leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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