How to Get Price-Change Refunds on Amazon Purchases (Updated)


If you purchased something on Amazon and the price drops within a week of buying it, you can request a refund on the difference! Here’s how.

Since it’s that time of the year where so many of us are purchasing items from Amazon, we thought it would be a good idea to help make things easier by reminding you how to get price-change refunds from items purchased around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Amazon Prime Day from Amazon. The program is similar to price drop refund programs offered by most major credit card companies; however, it’s a bit of a process.

Get a Price Change Refund from Amazon

Have you ever bought something on Amazon only to see the price drop shortly after your purchase? For example, I purchased a new Sonos Play 1 to see the price drop $20 a week later. Most likely, it’s happened to just about everyone who buys something on Amazon. So many, in fact, that Amazon had to change its policy regarding price changes from 30 days down to 7 days. So right now, if the price changes, you can only get the refund if it’s within one week of your purchase date.

Here’s how to do it:

Note: This Amazon price-change refund policy only applies to items shipped and sold by Amazon. If you’re buying from a different vendor selling on Amazon, you’ll just be directed to contact that vendor if the price dropped.

Update 11/24/2017: Amazon continues to update its policies, and more readers are reporting difficulties with refunds in the comments. With this in mind, it’s safe to say Amazon is no longer giving price change refunds. See the 6/19/2016 update below for more details on getting price drop refunds from Amazon and other vendors from your credit card company.

Update  6/19/2016: According to recent feedback from readers, it appears Amazon has changed its policy on offering price-change refunds on all items other than TVs. So, if you see a price change on TVs, you should get the difference. Therefore, we’ve published a new method for getting refunded from both Amazon and other retailers. Enjoy! 

Get Price-Change Refunds on Amazon


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From the Amazon Return and Refunds page, under the Help section, click Need More Help? Followed by the Contact Us link. If you want an easier way to get there, click the “Contact Us” button on the right side of this page.

If you’re logged in to your Amazon account, you may be able to add the order automatically by selecting it. Under section 2, for an issue, select Returns and refunds, then for Issue Details select Other return or refund issue. Then type: partial refund, price change into the summary, and select how you would like to contact Amazon. You can call Amazon or start an instant chat, but a simple e-mail will usually work just as well.

price change refund amazon

If you go the email route, add a friendly message to request (not demand) for the price change.

within 7 days

Now, wait and see what Amazon says. Chances are, you’ll receive the price difference without any hassle (see hundreds of comments below). If you prefer the chat option, that works also. I’ve personally never been denied a refund using chat.

Summing Up

The key is always to be polite and respectful. The customer service agent is only doing their job. In most cases, they will take care of you if there’s something they can do. Why? Amazon’s customer service organization is second to none. Taking care of the customer is in its DNA. It’s actually the #1 principle in the company’s published leadership principles.

Customer Obsession

Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. They work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers.

As long as your claim is legit, you should be just fine.

If you’ve had a positive (or negative) experience with Amazon and price changes, drop a comment below (update, comments have been disabled for this post) and let us know how it went. I’m sure our readers would love to hear about it! Some readers are reporting that they are still able to get refunds by being persistent.

If you’re looking to save some extra money on Amazon, make sure to check out our article: How to Find and Use Amazon Instant Coupons.



  1. Tim

    Had a similar occurrence. Purchased a CD for £9.00 (which hadn’t yet been dispatched), discovered an MP3 version for £4.99. Told via email and was refunded the difference. You can’t beat that for fairness!

    • Austin Krause

      Very groovy!

      • Webster

        No luck for me. I checked and had a few items I’ve ordered in the last 2 weeks that dropped in price (anywhere from $5-50 each), emailed just as you instructed, I’ve long been an amazon prime member and order thousands of dollar of stuff from them every year, they wouldn’t give me any adjustment at all!

        • Steve Krause

          Another option might be via your Credit Card –

          A solid alternative (although not as convenient)…

        • Lynn

          No joy here either. $5 price drop off an $11.44 item. The idea of sending back the item to rebuy it was particularly stupid. Here’s the transcript:

          Initial Question: Hi. I just ordered the Sylvania light bulbs two days ago, and they now cost exactly $5 less than what I paid. Could I get the price adjusted to that price, please? Thank you.

          01:40 PM PDT Saravanan(Amazon): Hello, my name is Saravanan. I’m here to help you today.
          01:41 PM PDT Saravanan: Thank you for being a Prime member.

          Let me connect you to a member of our Pricing team. It will only take a moment.
          01:42 PM PDT Samala(Amazon): Hello, my name is Samala. I’ll be happy to help you.
          01:42 PM PDT Lynn: Hi Samala.
          01:42 PM PDT Samala: We work hard to find the best prices and match them for all customers. With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.
          01:44 PM PDT Lynn: I would like to speak with a supervisor
          01:44 PM PDT Samala: Sure, but you’ll get the same information from them too.
          01:44 PM PDT Lynn: In the past, Amazon has always price adjusted when they drop the price by almost half in less than two days.
          01:44 PM PDT Samala: Would you still want me to transfer the chat?
          01:44 PM PDT Lynn: Yep
          01:45 PM PDT Samala: Sure
          01:46 PM PDT Stuart(Amazon): Hello, this is Stuart, the member of leadership who will be assisting you today. It is my understanding that you wanted to talk to me. How can I help you?
          01:47 PM PDT Lynn: I purchased a pair of Sylvania light bulbs on July 6, today, July 8th, they are listed as $6.44. I paid $5 above that. I would like to ask that the price I paid be adjusted to reflect the current pricing.
          01:54 PM PDT Stuart: Thank you very much for waiting Lynn. I was reviewing the previous chat and I apologize for this, but as the previous agents stated, we have very strong policies and we can’t honor the price if it changes.
          If you want, I can provide a return label and you can send it back and reorder it if you want.
          I know it sounds like a hassle, but we don’t have any other option.
          I do get your point and I will surely pass the feedback on here in Leadership.
          01:55 PM PDT Lynn: When did this policy change. I may need to seriously rethink whether or not to order as much from Amazon in the future.
          I’ll share this knowledge on social media as well.
          01:56 PM PDT Stuart: I cannot provide that information Lynn.
          but currently we don’t offer any price match or honor.
          If you want I can still provide a prepaid label.
          01:59 PM PDT Lynn: Wrong choice.
          02:00 PM PDT Stuart: Please let me know if you have any other questions Lynn.
          02:07 PM PDT Lynn: How does it even make sense for you to pay for a return label, reship, at your cost, instead of just refunding $5? You guys understand math? ]
          02:08 PM PDT Stuart: I told you before, I know it sounds like a hassle, but our policy doesn’t offer that option, nonetheless you can always opt out for a return and take advantage of the new price, that”s why I mentioned that.
          I do get your point, but we can’t skip policies.
          02:09 PM PDT Lynn: Uh-huh. Put me in touch with someone who can read beyond the policy to the common sense, could you?
          02:11 PM PDT Stuart: Sorry Lynn, but I am the one in Leadership in charge right now. I can’t transfer you over.
          It’s not a matter of whom you talk to, it’s a matter of respecting the policies we have, and there won’t be any change on this.
          Is there anything else you could need? if not, I will have to disconnect this.
          02:13 PM PDT Lynn: I’ve forwarded the chat to your higher ups.
          02:14 PM PDT Lynn: Thank you for your time.
          02:14 PM PDT Stuart: I understand Lynn.
          You’re more than welcome.
          Happy weekend ahead.

          Best regards.
          Thank you.

          • Bub

            perhaps it was your attitude that the customer service rep did not want to tolerate. a prepaid label to return the item and purchase a new one is a perfect solution.

          • Lynn

            Sure, Bob, if you want to go another 4 days without the item you ordered, and you don’t consider it actually would cost less for them to refund the $5 outright than to pay for return shipping, and re-shipping and repackaging it makes perfect sense. It would have been nice to have some notice they were changing policy before they randomly did so.

            As it is, when I did fill out the return info this morning, after debating whether or not it was worth the hassle(not really, but there’s a Wal-mart where I can buy the same thing in easy driving distance), and filled out the info to do the return, including that the lower price was at, instead of either sucking it up and accepting the higher price, or printing a return label, they gave me a full refund and said I didn’t have to ship the item back. That, of the three, makes the least sense, but clearly is the option I should have gone with first. I could have avoided so much drama.

            And you’re right, I should have been more polite when it was clear I was chatting to someone who was not capable of going off script.

          • Jenna

            “perhaps it was your attitude” Huh? Lynn seems to have been perfectly polite, especially to the “customer service rep”. It was only to the “member of leadership” (haha) that a slightly impolite but IMO perfectly reasonable question of “understand math?” was posed (the guy –a manager!– was saying it makes more sense to him to stick to policy when it was clear there would be more cost to Amazon than just refund, leave alone the inconvenience to the customer).

            Bub seems to have read the transcript with a huge helping of preconceived ideas/bias. Goes to show how deep bias affects conclusions even when evidence is right there to see.

    • Bob

      Worked for me. I just started a chat online and in less then 5 minutes they issued a refund for the difference including tax. Definitely needs to be within 7 days and it must be an order fulfilled by Amazon. Thanks for the tips.

      • shen

        Oh yeah it worked for me too! Just use chat and the representitive refund me the difference because today is a ligning deal. problem solved within 5 min. If you have time, dont email, use chat! :D thanks for the tip.

    • nlargent

      Austin. Thank you. I did exactly what you suggested and yes, Amazon emailed me back within hours and issued a $10.59 refund to me, the amount that the priced had been reduced by.

      Thank you very me for your detailed information.

      Btw, Amazon does not mention the adjustment policy anywhere in their return policy. If not for your information, I would have not known how to go about requesting the difference in price change.

      (I even used your wording in my email to them)

      Thanks again,


      • Steve Krause

        Awesome feedback Nlargent! Thnx for sharing the story and I’m glad it worked out!


    • Darcy

      I tried today, I went through the chat process. They were unable to help me (even got a supervisor) because the price drop was due to Deal of the Day. But I might just buy it & return the original. It’s a $56 difference. Thanks for your page…helped so much!

      • Sandy

        I was not aware that Amazon changed their policy to only 7 days to get a price adjustment. That little bit of knowledge just cost me $30. If I had known, I would have waited to make my purchase. Disappointed in Amazon, who has always had the best customer service prior to this.

        • Allan

          That doesn’t make sense to me. How would waiting to make the purchase have helped you? Did you know when the price change was going to happen? If so, why wouldn’t you wait until the price has change then purchase the item? But if you didn’t know when the price was going to change then what you said doesn’t make any sense. Or at least it doesn’t to me.. Its to my understanding that if the price changes within a week of the purchase date for an item that you bought that you could get a refund for the price difference. Is that correct? And amazon’s customer service shouldn’t be judged on a policy like this. You’re lucky that they even have a policy like this cause most places wouldn’t refund you if a price drops. Be disappointed with amazons customer service because the people you talked with were rude, not helpful, misleading etc..etc… Its dumb to be disappointed at them for a policy that you couldn’t benefit from because you didn’t have all the facts.

          • Sandy

            Way to berate someone for having a different view. The Amazon I have dealt with in the past refunded the difference within 30 days if the price went down. I have been dealing with Amazon for at least the last 15 years. What I said was, Amazon had the best customer service before this. BECAUSE of the policy changing. As to waiting to purchase, I would have waited until Black Friday to purchase (it’s not hard to figure out what I meant)

          • Ash

            Don’t feel to bad, I can’t figure out what she’s trying to say either. Her response just makes it more confusing!

          • OK - Dee - Raidy

            What do you mean most places wouldn’t refund you if a price drops?
            Best Buy, Target, Walmart ALL have a price Adjustment policy for a certain period of time for not only their own stores & online but competitors.

  2. cruelas

    I tried with my order and it didn’t work out, but it could have been because it was over a week and there was another seller involved. Since the order was fulfilled by Amazon and it had been 8 days, I decided to give it a shot. The seller told me to contact Amazon, but Amazon just sent me a long email about how they try to give the best prices they can each day with the information they have. Basically, they said they don’t do that, but they called it “price matching” so maybe they misunderstood my request for 59 cents :). I may try again when my case fits the example above.

    Anyone get this to work lately?

  3. Jason

    Just worked for me. Purchase was four days ago, and I only had to request a refund. I used chat, and it couldn’t have been easier. Great work Amazon!

  4. Heather

    I just tried this and it worked, although they made it seem like they were making an exception for me. Background – I purchased something for $269 and a few days later the price dropped by $20. I emailed customer service immediately and politely asked if they would refund the difference. Here’s an excerpt from the email I received from them:

    “I’m sure it’s disappointing to see a lower price on the [product] you recently purchased. Unfortunately, we can’t honor post order price difference. Because we constantly receive new data from our suppliers, our prices regularly change.

    However, as an appreciation to your valuable business with us, as an one time exception I’ve requested a refund for the price difference in the amount of $20.00.”

    So it worked this time but I won’t be surprised if this is the only time they do it for me. Good luck to everyone else who tries it!

    • cathay mc

      Yaaay. It just worked for me tooo. I bought a kindle fire a few days ago and then saw where the price dropped by $10 . I politely asked for a partial refund for the difference and the agent on the chat said he was sorry to inform me that Amazon never offered any price drop before and after the deal however as I am valuable customer,he would issue me the $10 refund.
      Amazon is the BEST.
      Quick and easy.

  5. Hafiz

    Just contacted them and I’m happy to say it works. Used the chat function and the customer service guy was very helpful. Very easy and fast, and they updated my order details immediately. This is my first purchase from amazon and it’s the best online purchase experience so far.

  6. Jo

    This has just worked for me! I purchased two items 5 days ago and noticed this evening that they had been reduced by £1.50 per item. I received a reply extremely quickly which offered a refund but the Amazon rep stated that this is very much a one off and is against their standard policy. Whatever the case it’s £3.00 more in my pocket :)

    • Steve Krause

      Thanks for the feedback Jo and the story! I would be curious what Amazon would do on day 8. My guess is they would still do the hook-up.

  7. Kevin

    Just used Amazon’s live chat to get a refund of £10 on a smartphone I ordered 7 days ago. The assistant was very courteous and quick to offer to refund the difference in price back on to my payment card. Satisfaction!

    • Steve Krause

      Personally — I rank Amazon customer service right up there near the top. I’ve purchased ” A LOT” of stuff from Amazon over the past 2 years and each time there’s an issue, it’s always a no questions asked policy.

      Amazon has it figured out. Awesome to see you’ve been having the same experience Kevin. It’s feedback like this which is why I have no problem talking about them here on groovyPost!

      Thanks for the story Kevin!

  8. r0ck

    I just tried… they couldn’t refund mine because I used my gift certificate account to place my order…

    • Samir M

      May be the Customer rep who dealt with your case was not kind enough.

  9. Marjorie

    Saw this morning that the price dropped by $20 on an item I purchased a few days ago. Contacted Amazon immediately via the e-mail route. Checked my e-mail within an hour and was pleasantly surprised to receive a response from Amazon that I would be getting a refund (including sales tax).

    This is great customer service from Amazon. I will continue to purchase from them.

  10. Barry

    It worked for me too!

    I ordered a digital camera 2 days ago, and before it shipped the price dropped by $15. I chatted with customer service and they immediately refunded me the price difference. Thanks !

  11. Jill

    What a pain! Bought a pair of boots for $65, they dropped to $55 the next day and my boots hadn’t even shipped yet. I bought them from Amazon Warehouse. The customer service person I was talking to was very slow to respond to everything and did not even say things like “Give me a minute”. She claimed I ordered a “Mint” item when my order details clearly stated “Like New” (I’ve never even seen “Mint” items on amazon…which I pointed out to her). She said the price drop was for Like New items so she could not give me the refund. Again, my order details said LIKE NEW. It was a long process and she only offered the refund after I told her how much money I spend on amazon each year, and that if she didn’t give the refund I would just order the cheaper ones and return the more expensive ones which would just waste more of Amazon’s money. Ugh.

  12. David

    Just worked for me too after a £40 drop in price on a Kindle while item still in transit. Contacted them via live chat and they were straight on it, no fuss

  13. Martin

    BEWARE, fellow Groover!
    I personally love Amazon and spend a lot of money there, but I was just given a lesson to remember (and to share with you): MAKE A SCREENSHOT of the lower price.
    While I was chatting with the support, the price went back to the very same original one! Coincidence? Conspiracy much? Who knows, but without any proof on hand we certainly had little to talk about with the otherwise polite and pleasant support clerk.

    PS. The difference was significant +-10 per cent of the price actually ($15 on a $160 pricetag) and the fluctuation was due to the fact, that “The price of the item changes constantly according to the price in the market”

    • Martin

      UPDATE: Amazon refunded me the difference I claimed. I just wrote another email including all the detailed info on how much I appreciated their business so far and blah blah blah… Just don’t get put off upon first negative response and KEEP IT POLITE. It will work.

      Very fair attitude towards costumers. I continue to be one!

      • Austin Krause

        Great to hear Martin! Thanks for the update. It’s almost beginning to feel “Amazon can do no wrong.”

      • Ajit

        I ordered a robotic vacum from India. It got delivered after some 11 days. And I noticed a price change yesterday(12 days from the day the order was delivered) to which they refused a refund.

        Thanks for the Tip Austin and Martin….

        • Martin

          Glad it worked! :)

          Amazon Rocks!!

  14. Priya

    Thank you so much for this! Just worked. ;)

  15. PamPamPam

    Order purchased 10 days ago and Amazon still refunded. Contacted me back nearly immediately. Always give it a shot and be courteous.


    • Austin Krause

      Woo! Awesome Pam. Glad to hear it worked past the normal 7-day policy.

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome! Great story. Thnx for the FYI Pam. Yeah, love Amazon.

  16. Kai Ryan

    Man, I was so upset when I saw the price drop on the order I placed yesterday. The price was the most contributing factor in making my decision to buy in the first place. I just went the chat route with Amazon and with my order number handy, a quick copy and paste into the chat box, my refund was issued to me before our chat even ended. Took less than 5 minutes!

    • Jawahar Adityan

      Kai Ryan, I too had a sad feeling with my order which i ordered couple of days back,,whn i searched in google i got this URL for price drop refund policy of amazons, just now tried it and the representative was good enough to refund back the 50$ difference ;)

  17. Anon

    My girlfriend just did this for a book that dropped 10 dollars in two days. Went on chat and had the money refunded almost instantly. Just make sure to be polite and request instead of demand. If you demand you’ll get your money eventually, if you request you’ll get your money immediately.

  18. Jill

    This is brill and works!! I got a gift which went down 25% in 2 days, did as above and within 2 hours (just before midnight) I had received an email saying they would make a one time exception and refund the difference, fab!! But even better when I read this email (4am -feeding newborn) I then saw that something else I purchased just yesterday had been reduced so thought I would try it again, didn’t think I would get a refund as they stated before it was a one time exception but to my surprise I have awoken to another email pretty much identical offering a refund!! More money to purchase another Xmas present! Bonus!! Never hurts to ask!

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome Jill! Thanks for sharing. 25% wow. That’s worthy!

      Reminds me I need to keep an eye on this. I buy soooo much from Amazon I’m sure I’m leaving cash on the table.


  19. Samir M

    That worked great. I had already found on how to contact Amazon to request refund but was looking for the forum if Amazon refunds price difference for product brought almost a month ago.

    I had purchased a Brita water filter exactly a month ago on 13/10 for £30. I was browsing to buy another product when I saw the price of this product down to £23.50. Took a chance and contacted Amazon customer service via chat. The customer rep agreed to refund without any issues. This is what he replied:
    “In general, our prices change from time-to-time basing on different factors so we do not have a price guarantee locked to this purchase.
    However, Under the circumstance and as an exception to our standard policy, I will request the refund in price difference.”

    The fact that it was over 30 days old purchase (32 days to be precise) and on a gift card, I was astonished to receive the refund. I received a confirmation email even before closing the chat.

    Though it’s a small amount, I appreciate the fact that Amazon refunded the amount without any questions.

  20. Terry

    I just failed… the item was delivered 10 days ago and now the price is $60 less. I did a chat session and they were polite, but didn’t even cave in when I typed this,
    “Yes,it was more than 7 days. I believe it’s still eligible to be returned and I suppose I could do that and buy a new one, but I was hoping to avoid that process.”

    Thanks for the advice.

    • Nat

      I would send Amazon a polite email. It may or may not work. It will depend on the agent answering the emails at the time.

      • Steve Krause

        @Terry / @Nat – Yeah I agree. I would try an email and possibly even…. state that you want to avoid returning it…. And see what they say.

        Do you also have an Amazon Prime membership. It’s $70 a year my guess is that’s why Amazon has always been so cooperative for me as well.

  21. Carm

    Thanks for the advice! I google searched this too and I was glad to see this was so recent. I called them directly because I bought an item 3 days ago and already the price went down $30! They gave me no problem at all. Less than 5 mins!The guy said it’s a one time thing though, so I guess if the price drops again we won’t be seeing another refund. That’s a big chunk of change though and to think I was about to just suck it up and let it go. Cheers!

  22. Mike

    I bought a mobile phone and within 2 days the price had dropped £15, followed your info above and managed to get that money refunded.although they did state this was in exceptional circumstances.cheers

  23. Roger

    Bought an expensive headset and price dropped $33.00 called and asked politely if I could get the price adjusted and because it was within 7 days they did it although agent had to get manager approval. Thx!

    • Steve Krause

      Wow, $33 is not chump change! Great story Roger. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Suzette

    It worked! :) Bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 on sale for $159.99 and a couple days later it dropped to $149.99. I requested a $10 credit by email and received the yes answer within 15 minutes. Excellent job Amazon.

  25. Sean

    Right before I read this post, I got a $50 refund on a laptop that had just been delivered a few days ago. The rep I chatted with said that my delivery date was within 7days, so I think they might be using delivery instead of order date as the 7 day window start period. I have had nothing but great service from Amazon… Its hard shopping in retail stores these days, when the online experience blows away most large retailers service.

    • Steve Krause

      I couldn’t agree more. I just bought a new Sonos Play 1 – When I bought it a few weeks ago it had a promotion where they were giving away a free bridge. Now they are giving away a $20 credit plus the bridge!

      I started the process and within about 10 minutes, they gave me the $20 credit as well!

      Love Amazon!

  26. Laura

    I bought a security system last week and it was part of the Black Friday flash sale for $52 less than I paid. The price was discounted for only a few hours, but during that time I chatted with customer service and they refunded the price difference! It took about 5 minutes–pretty awesome.

  27. Tiffany

    I bought my item 12 days ago and noticed that the price dropped on Black Friday so I emailed them this morning after reading your thread. Even though it has been more than 7 days since my order (less than 7 days since delivery) and the item actually already went back up to normal price today, they honoured the Black Friday price and I got a reply about my refund processing in less than 10 minutes. Extremely pleased with Amazon!

    • Steve Krause

      Very nice! Glad we could be of service. We get half right? :) :) :)

      Welcome to gPost!

  28. BB

    This worked perfectly via Chat. Thanks!

  29. Lucky

    The chat option is convenient and time saving, I think you can get service at any time. I just received reimbursement for an order I had placed and received in less than a week, though the service rep seemed hesitant at first, it wasn’t a problem after bringing up the 7 day low price guarantee!
    here’s how the conversation went:

    Initial Question: Hello Im contacting customer service because Ive noticed a substantial price decrease in an order I’ve recently placed and received within the past day, I am wondering if amazon will honor the sale price since I have just received my order
    08:16 AM(GMT) Amazon(CSA): So the item price has dropped and you want to know if we will honor the price for you?
    08:17 AM(GMT) Amazon(CSA): Please allow me a few moments to research this for you,
    08:19 AM(GMT) Amazon(CSA): Im terribly sorry he item price only dropped after you placed you order, would you mind while I see what I can do for you?
    08:20 AM(GMT) Lucky: I have heard of amazon honoring the sale price for up to a week after recieving the order I have only just recieved it yesterday and it has dropped nearly $20
    08:22 AM(GMT) Amazon(CSA):
    Thank you for your patience.
    yes I do see this and because it has not yet been 7days I will gladly sort this out for you, would you like the amount to be refunded to your method of payment or would your like is as a Amazon credit towards your next purchase and sold by amazon

    • Steve Krause

      Hey thanks Lucky! That’s great you provided the chat history. Love the fact you got the “7 day confirmation” from them as well.

      Welcome to my blog and Thanks for sharing!

  30. Fatih Suzer

    WOW thanks for the tip man. It worked perfectly and easy. Here see it yourself, couldn’t be any easier

    10:37 PM(GMT) Kiel(CSA): Hello, my name is Kiel. I’ll be happy to help you!
    10:37 PM(GMT) Fatih Suzer: Wow thats great to hear Hi
    10:38 PM(GMT) Fatih Suzer: I purchased this item with the order# 113-7091543-1305821 less than 7 days ago and price has changed
    10:39 PM(GMT) Kiel(CSA): I will be happy to credit your account the $10.35.
    10:39 PM(GMT) Fatih Suzer: Thats so good to hear thanks a lot !
    10:39 PM(GMT) Kiel(CSA): I’m issuing a $10.35 promotional certificate to your account. This amount will automatically apply the next time you order an item shipped and sold by You won’t need a claim code.
    Your welcome! Is there anything else I can do for you today?

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome Faith! Thank you for sharing the chat history also.

      Yeah, they adjusted my purchase recently when I bought a Sonos Play1 speaker (I think it’s called) and they gave me the Amazon Credit as well. Still, I buy so much from them I’ll take it!

      Welcome to my blog Faith! Thanks for reading the sharing!

  31. Matthew T

    This is awesome! Just got a $109.99 back on a camera I ordered earlier this week. Thanks for the post about this!

    • Steve Krause

      Dang! $109 price drop! Must have been a nice camera Matthew ;)

  32. Oge

    I just had a conversation, was polite about it. I bought something for £122.50 and wanted to get another for my brother and noticed the price drop to about 87.50, just a day apart. They have initated a refund to me. It was easy.

    Thanks on the tip

    • Steve Krause

      Yeah you bet. And welcome to gPost!

      Amazon has a very very very high focus on customers and customer service. They understand the big picture. Granted, they are in business to make money (which is why they will always have limitation on this type of program) and many will try to abuse the system. That being said, for real customers who are not abusing the program, I’m confident Amazon will usually make the right call. ;)

      -Steve (very happy Amazon customer).

  33. Becky

    I bought several items 3 days ago and 3 of them dropped in price. I read all the helpful insights on here. Chatted with customer service (via live chat) and they will be refunding me in 24-48 hrs!! Thank you for the help!!!!!

  34. Bethany

    I searched Google to see if Amazon gives price difference refunds and found your post. I did buy my item less than 7 days ago so I just submitted the request via email. They got back to me literally 2 minutes later and have refunded me the difference! Thanks for your help!

  35. Kim

    Well I found your site in Google search! I found item I purchased 8 days ago $20 cheaper sold by 3rd party (didn’t realize it was 3rd party). I contacted customer service and received $20 credit as courtesy.

  36. Evan

    Just wanted to let people know my purchase from 13 days ago had a noticeable price drop ($15 to $10) and they provided me the difference using the said method in chat. Thanks a lot for the article! Amazon is amazing.

    • Steve Krause

      You are very welcome Evan! Thanks for the comment and welcome to gP.

  37. CConner

    I ordered a video game as a Christmas gift on December 9th, and today the same game was listed on the front page of Amazon for $30 less. Thankfully I found your website and did what you said and got the $30+tax refunded to my credit card. Thanks for the tips!

  38. Katherine

    Another success story– found out that a gift I ordered less than 24 hours ago had dropped $25 in price. Used the chat function and asked politely for a refund (after reading this post!) and the customer service rep assured me that the refund would appear on my credit card account in 2-3 days. Thanks all for the advice!

    • Katherine

      Ah, and I should mention– it was a 3rd party seller but Fulfilled by Amazon. No hesitation, they refunded the difference right away and without any caveats (i.e. one-time deal, courtesy, etc).

      • Steve Krause

        Nice you got a refund vs. a credit AND even despite it being a 3rd party. Thnx for the share.

  39. op

    I googled and found your site. I sent the email per your instructions. Ten minutes later I got the response that I would receive a refund for the difference! The order was 5 days ago and the price had dropped $20.


  40. Richey Miller

    Thank you, I followed your instructions with an email. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last week and the price dropped $20 dollars yesterday. They sent me an email this morning stating they are processing my refund for $21.06.

  41. Jason

    I ordered a Pentax Optio camera for Christmas and later noticed the price dropped by more than $35! I followed your advice and sent Amazon a polite email request for a partial refund. Happy to say that they are refunding me the difference.

    Here’s the kicker, I ordered the camera over a month ago. November 13th to be exact. Of course, I plan to spend that $35 at Amazon anyway.

    Thanks for your very useful post.

  42. Emily C.

    Thanks for the tips! I just used the suggestions for Christmas gifts purchased in the past 10 days that have dropped and used the chat feature with success for a quick refund.

    • Steve Krause

      Yeah you bet! As we’ve mentioned many times in the past – Amazon’s customer service is amazing. I’m glad it worked out for you.

      Welcome to the site Emily!


  43. Shea

    I just had success with getting a price adjustment over the phone. The gal was originally pretty firm about it being past the 7-day window (it was 12 days past) and I, frankly, wasn’t in the best of moods for unrelated reasons (lol). Nonetheless, I asked if she would simply escalate the request to a manager for an exception … since I buy a TON of stuff on a yearly basis from Amazon, long-time customer (since 1998) blah blah blah AND delivery was late (2-day arrived in 5 days).

    The refund was approved in short order. So maybe if you initially run into someone who is not inclined to grant the refund, just ask if they will get a manager’s approval. Good luck to all you savvy shoppers out there and thanks for the groovy post(s) Austin and Steve. :)

  44. Stacia

    This worked out perfectly for me!

    For several weeks I have been trying to decide whether or not to buy a guitar on amazon listed at $121.12. I finally ordered it two days ago, and have been waiting until the weekend ended for my order to ship out. I have amazon prime so the package was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday (it’s currently Sunday night) but today I noticed the price lowered to $84.99. I emailed amazon and they immediately issued me a refund to my bank account for $35.29.

    This was the email I received:

    I’m following up with the recent conversation on chat.
    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on the guitar. I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.
    I’ve issued a refund for the price difference in the amount of $35.29. This refund will be processed once your order ships out, and will be credited to the payment method used for the order. You’ll also receive a confirmation e-mail when the refund has been processed.
    Once processed, you’ll also be able to see the refund request here:

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Best regards,
    Ranjeetha M

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome story! Thanks for sharing the experience AND the email. That’s great. Oh, and congrats on the new guitar. ;)

  45. George

    I am trying it with an item that has dropped $30, but I purchased it 9 days ago. I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk router for $199.99. It is a Gold Box deal today for $169.99. What I don’t understand is that I could purchase the new item and as soon as I receive it, return the original order with the closed box I received in the second purchase. All at no expense to me, since shipping is free.

    Let’s see how this goes!

    • George

      I have already gotten a response from Amazon that they are going to refund the difference (plus tax!) Thank you so much, Steve for this article. It is exactly what I was hoping to find.

    • George

      Message From Customer Service


      Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (R7000) . I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.

      Since the price of the item has changed within seven days of the delivery of the order, I’ll issue a refund for the price difference in the amount of $32.28. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days.

      Once processed, you’ll also be able to see the refund request here:


      I’m glad I was able to help you with this. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

      Best regards,
      Efren G.

  46. Vik Sundaram

    I recently purchased JBL floorstanding speakers for $199 each and after 5 days the price dropped to $144. I contacted customer service via. their chat and the rep immediately refunded the difference. Happy to save $110 on my purchase.
    Amazon has great customer service.

  47. B B

    I had an order placed 3 days ago and noticed the price drop today.
    so I just contacted support chat and got the refund without any hassle. Thanks for the tip.

  48. Glen

    This happened to me today. I ordered a new Kindle Fire HDX 7″ on Friday night for $229 and by Monday the price had dropped to $199. I did an online chat with Amazon and politely asked for a refund of the difference ($30) and they gave it to me. Amazon rocks!

  49. Heather

    I found this information through Google and did just as posted above for baby bedding that I bought just less than a week ago and amazon email me back saying they will refund the difference of $22!

  50. Bridgett

    Bought a crib mattress for the new baby on Feb 15, noticed today the price dropped. Chatted with them after finding your site and they were more than happy to issue a refund for the difference of $22.71

    Thank you for the info!

    • Steve Krause

      LOVE IT! $22 dollars baby, that’s what I’m talking about! hehehe…

      Just an FYI — Amazon also has a price-match policy as well…. just saying (because I’ve not had time to write-that-up).

  51. Chuck

    Thank you for posting this! I noticed a ~$60 price drop on a vacuum cleaner I had purchased less than a week ago and followed the steps you listed out to send an e-mail. Less than 20 minutes later I had a reply that said the following:

    “As per our price policy, If the price drops within 7 calendar days of delivery date, we’ll honor a price reduction. Hence to make things right for you, I’ve issued a refund for the price difference in the amount of $62.41. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days.”

    According to that it’s 7 days from delivery, not order placement.

    Amazon rocks!

  52. John

    Bought a computer. Delivered on Tuesday. Price dropped on Thursday. Called support and they said I had to send the open computer back and order it again. Really didn’t feel like doing that. I’m surprised they’re willing to take the hit on that. Referenced this website and then she caved and refunded me the $60. 7 days isn’t a long time. I know Best Buy’s policy is 30 days. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Steve Krause

      Hi John, thnx for the update. Nice to know we have a little pull with Amazon these days. ;)

      And yeah — I agree. 7 days is not enough. Still, nice to hear you got $60 back! Nice!

  53. Hellfire

    Thank you for the information. I hope this works. I wouldn’t of mind if it was a dollar difference. But a five dollar difference within a few days is a big deal to me. I had ordered the item on Tuesday and delivered by Thursday. Looked today to write a review and noticed the huge price difference.

  54. Linda

    I’m so glad that I found this site and took a chance to contact Amazon about a price drop. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting them to give me a price drop refund. Here’s why: I bought an Ouya media console on 21 April (delivered on 23 April) for $89.99. Today, 22 May, I saw it for $75. So, it was outside the 30 day PURCHASE time, but not out of the 30 day DELIVERY time. I contacted customer service via chat, politely asked if they would honor the price drop difference, and he issued it immediately, without question or the “one-time deal” spiel. I’ve been an Amazon Prime subscriber for several years, and I order a LOT of stuff from them…and with customer service like that, I will continue to be an Amazon fan for many years to come. :)

    Here is the e-mail confirmation that I received:

    I’ve requested a refund of $14.99 to your Bank Account.

    Since you paid using your checking account, it can take up to 10 business days for your bank to process the refund and post it to your account.

    Once processed, you’ll also be able to see the refund request here: (link removed).

    Interestingly, Amazon’s signature line defines themselves as striving to be “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.” I think they are pretty darn close.

    • Steve Krause

      I’ve always said — Customers service can make or break a company. It’s cases like your Linda why I buy almost everything from Amazon today. I love the customer service. Best period (next to Les Schwab that is…). ;)

      Thanks for the story and I’m glad our groovyPost was able to help you get $14.99 back!


  55. Steve

    Never had an issue with price difference refunds, but today I was told this:

    You’re now connected to Judith R. from

    the item that I’ve ordered has reduced in price since I paid for it

    Judith R.:Hello, my name is Judith. I will be glad to assist you with your order.
    I understand you are referring to the game “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic”, right?


    Judith R.:thanks.
    I see from our records that the price has lowered by GBP 1.
    Our prices do change from time to time, based on a variety of factors, and normally we would be unable to adjust the price of your order, but as you are a valued customer, I’d be glad to arrange a one-time exception for you, Mr Peace.

    Me:That’s great thank you. However, I thought it was amazon policy that if a product reduces in price within 7 days then you are able to refund the difference?

    Judith R.:I am sorry about the confusion, Mr Peace. We normally do not offer a refund for the price difference, as there are a number of factors for this change.

    Me:I have been told by amazon advisors in the past that if the price changes within 7 days then the customer can have a refund of the difference. The policy used to be within 30 days, but then it changed to 7. Does this policy no longer exist? If so, when did it change?

    Judith R.:I am sorry for the confusion. There are certain criteria for the 7 day price change, one of which is that the change would need to be no less than GBP 10. As this has not been met, I’ve arranged an exception for your order.

    Me:Ok thank you. I have received partial refunds for less than £10 in the past, has this changed recently?

    Judith R.:This has been in place for quite some time.

    Me:Ok Thanks

  56. Cass

    I used to really like Amazon and their customer service, but lately depending on the person it seems to be declining.

    I purchased an item on on May 14th, delivered May 22nd and today (May 26th) this item is now a gold box deal for about $10.55 less over 35% price drop for the item. This is outside the 7 day time frame from purchase date so maybe that is the issue. I asked in a chat if the difference could be refunded, which I forgot to copy, but the customer service person said that they fluctuate throughout the day and it depends on the contracted amount with the company and the only time they do refunds is if it was a TV purchase. She said I could return it and buy the new one though. While starting to do this I noticed I would pretty much eat the cost anyway in paying to ship it back to them, so it wasn’t worth it to me. This is the e-mail I received after the chat:


    I’m sure it’s disappointing to see a lower price on the Transformers Trilogy you recently purchased. I’m sorry, but we can’t offer you a refund for the price drop offered with this promotion.

    Although prices fluctuate, our service does not. I hope you’ll give us another opportunity to serve you in the future.

    Best regards,

    • Steve Krause

      Perhaps try again and talk to a different Rep?

  57. Brian Alward

    This worked for me fantastically. Below is the email I received from them.


    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on “Lifetime 22123 6-Person Folding Picnic Table, Hunter Green”. I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.

    I’ve checked your order and confirmed that the price of your ordered item is changed.

    Since the price of the item has changed within seven days of placing an order, I’ve issued a refund for the price difference in the amount of $38.99. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days to your MasterCard.

    So cool! Thanks for the info!

  58. HY

    It worked for me! The offered to refund my gift certificate balance. The price dropped in 2 days for the item I bought, so I emailed them and they got back to me in less than an hour. Really satisfied with their customer service!

  59. Marie Erickson

    I just had a refund ( $12.48) granted in under two hours of sending an e-mail message to Amazon. I purchased the item on 6/28, but they refunded it by connecting the ship date, not the purchase date, to the 7 days policy. Thank you, Austin, G-Post, and contributors!

  60. Courtney

    Thank you so much for this post! I had been watching prices on a humidifier for 2 months, the price never budged. So I bought it and the very next day it dropped by $8! The next day it went back up. But I found this post so I decided to give it a try anyway. I emailed them and told them i knew the price had gone back up, but it was still upsetting. I got ZERO resistance, they issued me the $8 plus sales tax the same day. Thank you again!

  61. yaho

    Thanks for the tip; I just finished chatting with a service rep regarding a price drop. The price dropped $6, I ordered on 7/16 and got it 7/21, within the 7 day limit but the item was sold by another vendor, fulfilled by Amazon. I wasn’t 100% sure if they would even consider my request but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

    They weren’t able to refund me but did give me a $5 promo code for future purchases on Amazon, although not good for purchases of non-Amazon vendors or for shipping. Despite that, I think it was a great act of customer service. I would gladly shop again on Amazon so the $5 promo will definitely come in handy.

  62. Rick

    I ordered a $1,020 generator after the price dropped to $945. I had a price alert to be notified if it dropped below $900 but decided to get it at $945. 2 days after I ordered it and before it was delivered I received an alert from camel that the price had dropped to $844. A Google search for “Amazon price change” brought me here where I followed the instructions to send an email requesting the partial refund. 3 hours later there was a reply from Amazon that they were processing the refund and 3 hours after that my refund for $101 was complete, all happening overnight while i slept.

  63. FredC

    I purchased an item at $60 around 20 days ago and the price dropped $10. The item was still within the refund period. Chatted with an Amazon representative and they offered me a $5 refund. Meh I’ll take it.

  64. VJKUMA

    Price Drop worked to the Tee – Amazon is a great place to buy stuff and thanks to your site – i got back $8.90 on my OBi100 device.

  65. Dan

    Cool Stuff,

    I just got 10.97 pounds back. Try chatting with customer service. Its easier that way.

  66. Jimmy Rustle

    Missed out on $5 or so because it was over the 7 day delivery time. Actually held out for a week or so waiting for a price change too.

    At least they made their policy clear.

  67. Neil

    Worked for me yesterday but today I was told it is not policy as prices fluctuate due to demand. After informing the custom support member of the day before and being told this is amazons policy to refund any reduction in price the reply was yes this applies to a 7 day limit and my order was 8 days ago. To be fair this was true but the day before I did ask for clarification off the time limit to request a refund of price difference and was told it’s a 30 day limit so somewhere down the line I was misinformed.

  68. Manish

    Thank you. it worked for me. i noticed the difference 2nd day of my order while i was tracking it. Thanks.

  69. Danielle

    Thank you so much for this post. I recently made a $42.00 purchase from Amazon only to have the total price drop almost $10.00, 4 days later. Sent them an email like you suggested and they adjusted it immediately. Thanks again!

    • Steve Krause

      You bet! Thanks for sharing your story on gPost!


  70. Brittany

    Worked for me! I bought a car seat for my son 9 days ago and it dropped $34 today on their lightning deals. Even though it was past the 7 days I figured I’d try anyway. Well I’m glad I did because I just received an email from amazon saying they’re refunding me the $34! Thanks so much for the tips!

  71. Jimmy Rustle

    Bought some books on the 22nd. Wasn’t until today that I saw a coupon for 30% of any book started on the 26th and ends on the 1st. Got a $10 refund even though the most expensive book was $17. It also says it can be applied to only one book. Think if you buy often it might help with a refund.

  72. Phillip

    Picked up two copies of a video game on the 1st, the price dropped $10.00 on each one on the 3rd. Contacted Amazon via email and was refunded the price difference with tax in less then 10 minutes.

    This is why I use Amazon for anything that I don’t need right away, they know how to take care of the customer.

    Thank you very much for the article, it really helped.

  73. kokebon

    It worked for me! purchased a bag on the 1st, price went down on the 8th. The guy gave me a price adjustment on the spot. thanks for the heads up!

  74. Fatadams

    The email method worked for me, 3 days after purchased. I followed the example at the beginning of this post. Got an email reply in just a few minutes, from Amazon customer service:

    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on the item “Oster Versa 1400-watt”.
    I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.
    Since the price of the item has changed within seven days of the delivery of the order.
    I’ve issued a refund for the price difference in the amount of $50.00. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days. We can only honor one price drop per item.

  75. sky_tree

    Thanks to your tips, I got a refund for the difference for an item I purchased 10 days ago from a 3rd party seller via the email method. Pretty awesome customer service there, Amazon!

  76. carol

    I just followed your email instructions (and wording) and got the following response almost immediately: – thanks – i would not have know how to do this without your help !!!!! Having a Happy Holiday because of you and amazon customer service !!!


    From your message, I do understand your concern, I’m here to help you with this.

    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on the items. I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.

    I’ve issued a refund for the price difference. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days. We can only honor one price drop per item.

    Once processed, you’ll also be able to see the refund request here:

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,
    Dinesh R.

  77. shirin scott


    I orderd a phone for £120 then after a couple of days I receieved an email from Amazon notifying me that my account needs updating. When I updated my account I didn’t notice that the price had gone up to £145 and I ordered the phone.

    I wonder if I can ask amazon to refund the difference?

    Many thanks,

  78. shirin scott


    I orderd a phone for £120 then after a couple of days I receieved an email from Amazon notifying me that my account needs updating. When I updated my account I didn’t notice that the price had gone up to £145 and I ordered the phone.

    I wonder if I can ask amazon to refund the difference?

    PS this is the first time I am writing at this site, Thank you very much for your help!

    • carmen

      First of all, it doesn’t hurt to ask :), but most likely you will not be returned any money if you completed your purchase after the price went up. In most cases above, the price went DOWN after the purchase.

      • Steve Krause

        Yeah, I agree with Carmen. Your only hope would be to look to see if the price is lower on any other sites or stores and ask for a price match. Here’s a link to the Price match Page on Amazon.


  79. N.

    I tried the steps above on an item I bought for $119 in early November, but which had dropped in price to $83 as of the end of December 2014. Even though I was way outside the supposed 7 day window (and the price drop occurred about three weeks after I bought the item), Amazon refunded the difference almost immediately upon my request. I wasn’t optimistic because my request was so late and the price drop was well after 7 days, as was my request, but this post unexpectedly saved me $36. Worth a try!

    • Steve Krause

      Are you a regular customer at Amazon and a Prime Member? I think it makes a lot of Sense for Amazon to provide that “extra” bit of customer service to ensure good customers keep coming back (and keep telling their friends how they love Amazon). That’s one reason I keep a little banner on top of the blog here — Amazon service is top notch and I have no problem recommending it to all my readers here at groovyPost.

  80. Sue

    I did just as you said and received a reply within 5 minutes…yes they will refund me the difference!
    Thank you for posting this…it made it super easy to do!

    Amazon rocks! :) Happy New Year!

  81. Mark

    I ordered a Garmin Vivosmart on December 16th and today I saw that the price dropped $20. I contacted Amazon through chat and was able to get a refund for the difference even though it was outside of the 7 days. I order from Amazon often, usually if I see something I want in the store or online Amazon is the first place I check. I’ve also been a Prime member for two years. Their customer service is great, I can’t say I’ve dealt with any other customer service so helpful.

  82. David

    This worked great, although the screenshots should be updated because the process is slightly different now. Instead of pasting in the order, you use radio buttons to select the item(s) in question.

    Otherwise, this worked great. I bought a dashcam for $60 only to see it at $50 a few days later. I was within the 7 days and I used this guided document as a way to help me make a claim.

  83. Mickey

    Wonderful article and tips worked like a charm! I am so appreciate of the support to we consumers. Thank you!

  84. Helen

    Got ~$10 back using the chat option for an item I purchased 2 days ago. Their policy is that they can process price adjustment for the difference if the item was “delivered” to you within 7 days.

  85. Maria h.

    The response I got a price drop one day later.

    Your Account
    Message From Customer Service

    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on the item. I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.

    I’d love to waive the price from the order to make the item costs as $2.99 but due to technical glitch I’m unable to do it. Please accept my sincere apologies.

    In this case I’ve made a follow up for you, once I waive your item cost I’ll notify you.

    We look forward to see you again.

    Best regards,
    Vimalraj R.

  86. shame really


    Having just spoken to amazon customer service and can confirm that they are indeed the best customer service. They are issuing a price difference refund, I am very pleased and will remain an amazon customer.

  87. p.j.m

    Hi, I’ve just tried that and I got a email back saying,

    “Under the circumstances, I’ll make a one-time exception for you and issue a refund for the price difference.

    Please understand that I’m issuing this refund as an exception and that this is against our standard policy”

  88. Noel Hayward

    Congratulations on a very useful article. We are in the US for 3 weeks visiting our daughter and ordered and had delivered a Kindle Fire HD7 reader. The unit was delivered yesterday and since ordering, the price went down $15, we wrote to Amazon last night requesting a price drop refund and in the morning we had confirmation from Amazon of the refund. That is good service, Thank you Amazon and Groovey Post.

  89. tony r

    it worked. I bought a tablet, and noticed today it had gone down in price by $30. and today was the 7th day. I e-mailed amazon, and not even 20 minutes later, I get a response, telling me i’ve been refunded

  90. Leah

    I just found an item that I ordered 2 days ago has dropped $20. I found this site, followed your directions, and within 3 minutes of sending the email, I received a response. They will refund my $20.04 immediately and thanked me for shopping with them. Amazon really has this customer service thing figured out. And thank you for the information!!!

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story Leah!


  91. Ivy

    Tried this and even though Amazon was not the seller they refunded me the $5.03 difference as a “one time exception” due to being a valued customer! I was very pleased and it shows it never hurts to try.

    • Steve Krause

      Thanks for sharing Ivy. It’s a good point that Amazon, like any company with great customer service will make exceptions to every rule when dealing with a long-time customer. Especially one who spends $$$ w/Amazon Prime.

  92. Mish

    Thanks for your post! I actually did not read this UNTIL I emailed Amazon but your post is REALLY helpful. I would have followed your exact steps if I read this before. Anyways, I’d still like to share my experience.

    I purchased a backpack on Feb 11 and item was shipped Feb 16. Today is Feb 27 so it’s well passed 7 days. However I saw the price of the backpack dropped couple times AFTER I finally ordered the backpack with it sitting in the shopping cart for 5 days. So I decided to email them to ask.

    And you know it worked! I got the reply within an hour and they’re going to give me the $8.85 refund! :)

    From now on, I’ll sure to keep an eye on the price after I make any orders on Amazon :)

  93. Nishanth

    Does not work in ! They say they don’t have such a policy. Also asked me to cancel the Order and place the order again.

  94. Serraqual

    Great service from Amazon! I ordered an Anker bluetooth speaker 2 days ago, and just received it this morning, and *bam* I saw a promo for it on Kinja Deal, for $15 off. Couldn’t be more happy when I found this article, so I tried Amazon’s chat support, and they honored the price difference with a $15 credit on my account (Prime). Like what everyone else is saying, doesn’t hurt to ask :)

    • Steve Krause

      Thank you for sharing Serraqual. This is why I always recommend Amazon Prime to my friends, family and “readers” of course.

      Glad the article helped you out. Be sure to share it with your friends and family. :)



  95. misha

    Thanks for this article and to all those who provided valuable feedback. I just tried it via chat. I used the “partial refund- price change” subject line and didn’t even have to repeat the request or provide further explanation once the chat began. There’s got to be an app for this, right? SOmething that tracks the price of stuff you’ve just bought on Amazon and alerts you to price reductions….

  96. Mohamed

    Easiest thing ever! I sent an e-mail 15-minutes ago, and just happened to be in my account looking at orders as I wanted to leave reviews. Did a refresh and I saw a “Refund Total” – talk about quick!

    Amazon Customer Service does a great job – it’s just impossible to get mad at them! ;-)

  97. Derick

    I purchased a Portable grill on sale from $210 down to $186.99 and today they lowered it to $149.00. I tried your method and in 20 minutes received an email indicating I would get a credit to my Amazon gift card balance of $49.86. I would have preferred a credit to my Amazon Credit Card instead but I don’t want to email them again and push my luck.

  98. viggy

    I bought a DJI Drone for 860$ and within few days it dropped to 720$ on amazon, 699 on copter shop actually. I asked them for a refund, but they said the sellers are different, and their original seller (amazon inventory) is still at 860$ (the price diff/match actually is per seller ? – i felt they explained it wrong)
    This happened over phone, supervisor also said it can happen only if i return and buy new product again. I am unfortunately leaving the country now and cannot order/return the new/old one.

    will give a shot tomm on chat since first attempt was on phone and got rejected.
    I just feel instead of doing the return from me, and one more purchase which will take lot of days – they could do the inventory swap between vendors at no loss for themselves and let me keep my existing product and still get the refund.

  99. Alientech

    Thanks for the info and I wrote some info on it but got an anti spam message when I submitted it. I was just saying my item will take another week to get here and its already been over 7 days but they said okay.. I have done this with frys and target at their customer counters as well when prices drop after I buy something. Did not want to return it and buy it again. Which wastes everyones time and costs a lot.

  100. SandroM

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
    I just claimed $20 off my kindle purchase using their Chat Customer Support once I saw the promotion:
    (2 Days Only: $20 Off Kindle Paperwhite ($119) for $99).
    Amazon’s Customer Support Service is brilliant. It took less that 10 minutes to go through the process.
    No wonder they are the flagship business in online shopping.

  101. A. Ediger

    13 days out on a kindle bought as a gift and bang zoom refunded $20. The only problem there was no way to say thank you for the good service. Well done Amazon.

    And thanks to the posters here this made the process even easier.

    – AjE

    • Steve Krause

      I always say — give credit where credit is due! I bet your customer service rep would love it if you shot an email into their support team. Knowing Amazon, it will probably make its way to the right shift manager.

      +1 Amazon Customer Service!

  102. Alex Malikov

    Awesone!! Got $200 back today from Amazon.

  103. Mishawn

    The price of the Kindle just dropped by $60 (Gold Box deal) after I paid full price 9 days ago. Asked nicely for a partial refund thru the chat and got it easily. Great service! And thanks for the info on how to make the request!

  104. Craig

    Amazon as always has great customer service and this tip worked perfectly for me. Here’s a copy of my chat with them in case anyone finds it useful.

    Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:
    Initial Question: I bought two of these less than 7 days ago and the price dropped by over $30 each. Can you please refund me the difference?
    03:08 PM PDT Amazon: Hello, my name is Vinay. I’ll certainly try to help regarding your concern.
    03:09 PM PDT Craig: Hi Vinay, thank you.
    03:09 PM PDT Amazon: Hi Craig, let me take a look at the order right away ,.
    03:11 PM PDT Amazon: Just to confirm, you’re referring to the ” BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light, Silver”, right?
    03:11 PM PDT Craig: Yes, the price is now $201.67
    We ordered two
    03:11 PM PDT Amazon: Thank you for confirming that, Craig
    I’ll issue a refund for the difference immediately.
    03:12 PM PDT Craig: I really appreciate the help
    03:12 PM PDT Amazon: You’re most welcome. Kindly allow me a minute.
    03:13 PM PDT Craig: Ok
    03:14 PM PDT Amazon: I appreciate your patience.
    03:14 PM PDT Craig: No problem
    03:14 PM PDT Amazon: I’ve issued a refund of $77.70 to your original payment method and you’ll see a refund in 2-3 business days.
    I hope that helps.
    03:15 PM PDT Craig: That’s great. Thanks again for the help.
    03:15 PM PDT Amazon: You’re most welcome and it was a pleasure assisting you.
    Would there be anything else I can assist you with today?
    03:15 PM PDT Craig: That’s all.
    03:16 PM PDT Amazon: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to assist you. Have a great day and we hope to see you again :)
    03:16 PM PDT Craig: You too and you will…
    03:16 PM PDT Amazon: Take care. To close this window, please click the “end chat” button with an X in the upper right corner of the window.

  105. JJ

    Here is a little trick I use to keep track of prices. I use the Android app, not sure if the web or ios app is different. After you checkout, add the same items back into your shopping cart. Then click “save for later”. Each time I go to my cart, a notification will pop up if any of the items have a change in price. After a week, just remove them from your cart altogether. Hope this works for you too!

  106. daisy

    price dropped later on the day i ordered. Waited til dispatched and emailed. Got the same as pjm ‘
    Please understand that I’m issuing this refund as an exception and that this is against our standard policy.’

    Does this mean the policy has changed or they just want to discourage use of it?

    • Alientech

      They sent me a comment link and I told them that if the item was not shipped yet, I should by default get the new lower price since I can cancel the order and place it again which I did twice but I lost the price while I was browsing for other things to add to make up for the savings, by which time someone bought the entire bunch and I lost out. To prevent such things I should be able to adjust the prices and quantity at their page, they allow you to cancel stuff before shipment. I don’t see what the big deal is, many places will refund you the money if you take in the receipt and ask for a refund. Never once had I to return something and buy it again to get the lower price, the manager was the one who told me to just get the adjustment rather than my idea of returning and rebuying it.

  107. Cathy

    Thanks for the information. I got a kindle whitepaper delivered one day and next day price dropped by $20. I was so upset. Googled and found this site. Using your directions and chat functions, got $20 refund.

  108. Mahantesh Khairate

    Didn’t work for me :(.

    Called Amazon INDIA, they said this policy is not applicable in India. Hmmmm sad….

  109. Alientech

    I don’t think amazon india sells much. Most of their offering are from 3rd parties in which case you have to contact the 3rd party and it would be rare for them to even take your call. But amazon itself offers a 30 day money back guarantee so you should be be able to get it in that 30 days. Other wise send it back and reorder it. I went through some of that with sears where they had a return policy but they would not refund the difference, the thing was the returns were on the ground floor and far easier than trying to get a price difference refund anyway. Maybe that’s why they had to close most of their stores by now. Compared to places like target they were very hard to deal with. Also with amazon you can still return stuff after 30 days with a restocking few. Which is not actually worth it unless the product was rather useless.

  110. Dave

    Thanks for the info, my wife purchased an LG phone 9 days ago and noticed that the price dropped by £16 today. She started a chat with Amazon UK and they refunded the difference. It took a few minutes while they checked and we though they were going to say no (as it was 9 days past) but they were fantastic and refunded the difference. Excellent customer service.

  111. André

    Just tried it with a live chat and it worked even though it had been 9 days, thanks!

  112. Becky

    I just tried this on an item I purchased two days ago. They sent me an email back in 13 minutes saying they would refund the difference. I’m glad I found this post :)

    • Steve Krause

      WOOT! Awesome — thanks for posting your story Becky. Glad the article helped ya save some cash!

  113. Roberto

    It is important to say, that you can only ONCE ask for the partial refund. In some cases, 3 days later you can see an item 20 $ lower. You ask for the refund. And 2 days later item could be even lower. In this case amazon would not honor a second price match. I am amazon shopaholic!! i need help!!!! hahahahaha (just kidding, but sort of ;=)

  114. Usy

    Just been on chat and I was told that they would refund me the differenceas a one time exception and that it is against their returns policy. I will check if that really is the case the next time i put a claim in.

  115. bob

    Just sent the email (I was at exactly 7 days after purchase). I wrote word for word your directions, got the refund an hour later!

  116. Chris

    Just gave this a try and used almost word for word in your directions and within 5 min…. via Chat, i got a amazon credit to my account, just as good as i buy items off amazon all the time!

  117. Tiffani

    I just followed your instructions and this is the transcript…

    “I’d like to know if I can get a partial refund on my order as the price dropped over $30 between Sunday and today.

    It says that I should be receiving my order tomorrow.
    Santiago: Hi Tiffani, my name is Santiago. I’ll be happy to help you today. Please allow me a few minutes to look at the order’s information and I’ll get back yo you as soon as I can!
    I’ll process the $37.7 refund immediately. And just for you to have a back up on this resolution, I’ll send you a confirmation e-mail in the next few minutes; as soon as I finish typing it.”

    Done deal. Thanks.

  118. Seth

    Thank you. I tried these instructions. Amazon got back to me via email within 1/2 hour.

    “As a valued customer and as much as I want to help you, I’ve issued a refund for the price difference … as a gift card. You should see the refund in the next 1-2 business days. We can only honor one price drop per item.”

    Good enough.

  119. Louis

    Worked perfectly! Thank you so much! The chat was an easy solution at work without tying up the phone or waiting for an email response.

  120. Jack

    Thank you very much for this guide!
    I managed to pull it off on a order 8 days old, and I was on live chat for all of 5 minutes.

  121. Matthew

    I JUST did this with an amazon sale of a MacBook Pro that jumped from $1999.00 to $2299.00 from the time I was looking at it to the time I made my purchase; the price dropped back down to $1999.00 the day after I made my purchase. The agent I chatted with was great, very helpful, and worked immediately to process the refund of the difference in price. The computer was a gift and I was disappointed to see it go up in price, but I needed it by the time I leave for a trip. The computer is still in transit to me right now, so it was great that they so quickly resolved the problem and changed the price for me to match the lower price.

  122. Ten

    I just got a refund for $20 within a couple hours of sending an e-mail. I was so scared I was going to get rejected too haha. (I don’t have Amazon Prime and I sent it to Amazon CA.)

    Thank you so much for this article! :)

  123. Jeramy

    I purchased a garbage disposal for $125 four days ago and it is a Deal of the Day for $88 today. I used the email option and received a refund of $37 within an hour. Thanks for your instructions!

  124. chas

    Thanks for the “how to”. I am a Prime user who just got a price difference refund (about $12) on a Prime Patio Storage Box purchased about 15 days ago. I used chat, When asked for order number, I mentioned that shipping back the original and shipping a new Box would certainly cost Amazon more than the $12. After a few minutes, CSR said refund is in process and never mentioned the 7 day rule.

  125. Krat

    Fantastic info. Just tried this for a Kindle I had bought a week back from Amazon India, and within 2 minutes, I was gived the refund in my Amazon account as Gift card balance!!

    Fantastic policies and customer service from Amazon India – frankly I was not really expecting this here!! :)

  126. Jim

    I purchased LG bluetooth headphones 11 days ago for $57. Today the price dropped down to $47. I chatted with an agent following the instructions above, and received a $10 credit towards a future purchase.

  127. Gil

    Awesome! Thanks for this thread! I never even thought about asking big nebulous Amazon for a price adjustment. But it worked and took less than 4 minutes. Only a buck-fifty refund mind you, but quick and painless. Follow the directions laid out above. Amazon doesn’t make it obvious how to open a chat with them. Good luck with your refund! Cheers!

    • Steve Krause

      You are VERY welcome Gil! Thanks for sharing. Be sure to share this article link with all your friends. A lot of people don’t realize they are leaving cash on the table.

  128. shelly

    Hi.. This worked for me. bought a product exactly 7 days ago which fell by 15 $. Had a cha session and got the difference refunded. Amazon rocks

  129. Dan

    Amazon was great about a refund today. I bought a Nvidia Android TV and just received it about 5 days ago. Then, yesterday, I discovered Nvidia offered a coupon by email in their newsletter that gave $50 off. I wrote Amazon, explaining the situation and they credited me back the $50 and thanked me for choosing to purchase with them because they know I have choices.

    Great customer service experience.

  130. Rhiannon

    I just got a $20 refund on a dog bed I bought 3 days ago. My email was replied to within minutes :)

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome. Thanks for Sharing Rhiannon. It’s going to be a wild ride at amazing over the next few weeks with Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  131. Jag

    Took less than 30 minutes to get the $23 refund on a Xmas tree I bought 2 days ago! Thanks for making it so simple with all the links and format to follow.

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome! Thanks Jag for the feedback. Since we found the tip a few years ago we’ve been keeping it updated on latest steps. Glad it helped you save some cash!


      • Jag

        A day after I got the refund, the price on the same item went UP by $115! Glad I didn’t wasted a minute after reading your article. Thanks again!

  132. Cara

    Works on Amazon UK….I had five items that had changed price, inquired politely using online chat and got a refund of the difference (£28). Chuffed to bits, thanks for the advice :)

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome! I “think” you are the first report of Amazon adjusting prices in the UK. Thnx for FYI!

  133. Tom

    Thanks for the tip! I got a $5.01 refund because the price dropped on two of the Indiana Jones Blu-rays that I ordered yesterday. It only took half an hour to get a response from Amazon!

  134. will

    Got a $15 refund from a Fire Tablet that I bought about 2 weeks ago. Paid $49.99 and now its $34.99 for black Friday.

    Was going to return it because the learning curve is tougher than I expected but with the discount, I will just have to work on learning how to use it better.

    Similarly, a mouse pad dropped in price after buying it and they refunded the 26 cents difference.

    They mark the refunds “goodwill”.

    About to buy a printer and maybe a cat scratching post. Going to keep looking for 2 more days for the best cheap printer deal.

    Im not a prime member and I don’t like that they seem to be having so many prime only deals. And it makes little sense for them to sit on orders for 5 days just because we are not prime.

    But. overall, Im pleased with Amazon.

  135. Alan

    I bought a radar detector on the 25th for 329.99 and it dropped down to 279.99 for black friday. I did the chat and email at first they said they couldn’t because they don’t match deals just price drops so I told them that I thought they did black Friday deals all week cuz I got a notification saying they did. They still said they couldn’t and apologized so I did the call back and talked to a guy and he had no problem refunding the difference to me. I didn’t know it was actually in there policy because I talked to someone and they said they will before it ships but not after and knew that didn’t sound right so I Googled refund from amazon for price change and found you so thank you :)

  136. Anonymous

    I bought an item worth 60$ a few days ago. And it dropped to 50$ and i found this blogpost and sent them an email asking if a price reduction was possible. They responded in less than 20 minutes and have processed a partial refund.

    Thanks random-blogpost-i-found-on-the-internet-guy.

  137. Anonymous

    This worked for me as well. I bought a laptop for $850 and 3 days later the price dropped to $800. I used chat functionality and followed the given advice. The refund for the difference was given with no questions asked :)

  138. Terra

    Thank you so much Austin!!! You helped me save $31! :D :D :D

  139. Rachel

    Thanks for your help! A laptop I bought on Black Friday dropped $100 today on Cyber Monday. I followed your steps and got an email fifteen minutes later saying I’m getting a refund! Thank you!

  140. Az

    Thanks, saved me $20 on a CPU that had it’s price dropped for 24hours 2 days after I purchase.

    I used the email method.

  141. Mr. T

    Worked for me as well through the chat. (Just follow the script posted on this page). Price difference wasn’t huge but since it had dropped literally seconds after placing my order, I was a bit pissed.

    Thanks a lot !

  142. Darryl

    It worked for me, Amazon is awesome. I purchased 4 Dorel Living Bailey Upholstered Nailhead Dining Room Chairs, the original price was around $217 per chair on sale for $99. I jumped at the price. 2 weeks later I saw that the price had gone down to $49. Amazon refunded me $212. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

    • Steve Krause

      Wow! That’s a massive price change. Congrats on the refund! Glad we were able to help ya at groovyPost!

  143. Alex

    Worked great, refund in 12 years

  144. Faith

    Just got a refund for lights I ordered on 11/27. I had ordered 3 sets at 85/each and then they went on sale to 50/each. Used the chat feature and got a refund for the difference! No hassle at all. Love me some Amazon!

  145. Bandora

    I e-mailed them less than 24 hours after ordering when I saw that the item was the deal of the day. CS replied to my e-mail within the house making it sound as if they were making an exception just for me and gave me the difference as promotional credit.

    • flad

      Was it under 7 days from the change? or can you get more?

  146. Joshua

    I received positive refund results based on a deal of the day lower price 2 days after my order and after having received my product. It was not dictated as an exception either.

    My email via “Contact Us” button:
    I would like to request a partial refund in regards to this order I just made in the past 2 days due to the change in price. It is currently listed for $xxx.xx. Otherwise, I will likely need to waste time and resources on both ends by purchasing again at the new cheaper price, and then return the one I already purchased at the higher rate.

    Much appreciated!

    Customer Service reply:
    Hello from Amazon,

    I’ve requested a price difference refund of $xx.xx to your Original payment method.

    You’ll see the refund within next 2-3 business days.

    Once processed, you’ll also be able to see the refund request here:

    (Link removed)

    Thank you for taking time to contact We hope you’ll keep us in mind for your future purchases.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    Best regards,
    Dinesh S

  147. kevin

    I followed the instructions above and chose the email route. I had ordered a Kindle Paperweight 2 days ago (still not arrived at home) and the price dropped $20 today. I received an email back 75 minutes later stating I would get the $20 refund (plus a little tax). The automated response acknowledging my submission stated to allow 12-24 hours for a response…so they were extra quick this morning (a Sunday)

    Thanks for the easy to follow instructions!!

  148. David

    Tried this today on an order that was over 7 days old but was less than 5 from ship date and they refunded the $27 difference.

  149. Penny

    I just had a very favorable experience with Amazon.
    I made an original purchase on November 30 with a Lightening Deal, today the same item was $22 less, also on a Lightening Deal. I contacted Amazon with ‘chat now’ and they refunded the difference without any problem.
    I am an Amazon Prime member and make a LOT of purchases throughout the year.
    I can’t recall a negative experience with them. It’s true that sometimes the item can be found cheaper elsewhere, but that’s why I shop around first. But reputable service and convenient shipping can definitely be a factor on where I decide to make my purchases.
    I’m a “YAY Amazon” supporter!

  150. ShieldsCW

    Just worked for me too. Priced dropped from $40 to $32 on an item purchased three days ago.

    The “one time” deal just means that they will only refund you one time for THIS item. You can’t come back the next day and say that the price dropped again. It does not mean you can’t get a refund on the next item that has a price drop in the future.

  151. Gary C.

    Hello. I purchased a GPS for my wife for Christmas on 12/14/15 and today (12/17/15). I saw that the price had dropped by $30 dollars. I contacted them to get a refund and they gave me a $30 refund. Even though they were hesitant, I feel like they will always give you a refund back but they are just required to say that they don’t do that.

    Here is the Transcript of the Chat.

    Gary: Hello, 7:41:57 AM
    I recently bought a 7:41:57 AM
    “Garmin nüvi 2797LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic” a few days ago. The price dropped to $199.99 and I payed $229.76, I have yet to receive my item and was wondering if I could get a refund for the difference. 7:41:57 AM
    CSA: Hello, my name is Shivani. I’m here to help you today. 7:42:03 AM
    Gary: Hello Shivani. 7:42:29 AM
    CSA: Please do not worry. I will definitely help you to fix this issue. 7:44:08 AM
    May I have your order number ? 7:44:50 AM
    Gary: ORDER # 114-8424288-####### 7:45:15 AM
    CSA: Thank you for providing me the order number. 7:46:07 AM
    Could you please hold for a minute or two while I research for you to resolve the issue ? 7:46:38 AM
    Gary: No Problem. 7:46:53 AM
    CSA: Thank you for waiting. 7:59:56 AM
    CSA: I am sorry to tell you that we do not refund the difference of price match. But as a one time exception, I will issue a refund of price match. 8:01:08 AM
    Gary: So will you be refunding me the difference, correct? 8:02:05 AM
    CSA: Yes, I have issued a refund of $30 for you. Funds will be credited to the original form of payment and may take 2-3 business days to process. 8:03:26 AM
    Gary: Awesome!!! Can you send me the transcript chat for future references? Thanks! 8:04:15 AM
    CSA: Sure. I will send you the chat transcript but after the chat. 8:05:00 AM
    Is there anything else I can do for you today? 8:05:09 AM
    Gary: No. That is it. Thanks! 8:05:26 AM
    CSA: We look forward to seeing you again soon. When you’re ready, please click the end chat link. Have a great day! 8:05:50 AM
    Gary has left the conversation.

  152. Eric

    I purchased a Moto X Pure (32gb) phone on 11/30, Cyber Monday. I paid $399.99 (original price was $449.99 but there was a $50 a credit given that day).

    But today there was a Deal of the Day which dropped the price to $349.99.

    I used followed the directions from the top of this page, and used the chat option. And within maybe ten minutes, Amazon refunded me the difference of $50. Quick and painless. I am a Prime member, and I probably average about $1k spent per year.

    Here is a partial transcript of the chat:

    Me: Partial refund due to price change

    Amazon: Hello, my name is Melanie. I’ll be happy to help you.
    I understand that you want to be refunded for the price difference of your item. No worries, I’ll be happy to assist you today and see what I can do to help.

    Me: Hello, I purchased an item that was delivered on Dec 2, which cost $399.99. and today the item is selling for $349.99. Will you please refund me the difference?

    (omitted boring stuff…)

    I can confirm that the price of the item on the website changed. Thanks for letting us know about this.
    Typically, we can only honor the refund for the price drop on the website if it’s still within 7 days policy upon receiving the item. But as one time exception, since you are a valued customer, I will refund you for the price difference of your item.

    (omitted me heaping praise upon them…)

    I’m processing your refund now.
    So there you go, I’ve successfully requested a partial refund of $50 to your credit card. You’ll see the refund in the next 2-3 business days.

  153. Bill

    Bought an X-Men blu-ray for $14.99 and price dropped to 9.99 about 4 days later. Went on chat and got the difference refunded in minutes as a “courtesy promo.” This works perfectly.

  154. Shandy

    You just saved me $75 on a dyson vacuum I had just ordered two days ago–only to open my amazon app today and see it had dropped $75! Through the chat they refunded the $75 no problem (in an amazon gift card, but still….)
    Thank you so much for this post!

  155. Jon

    I can confirm another positive experience with Amazon’s customer service in this matter!

    I am a Prime member of 3 years. CS has always been gracious to me, even when I oncehad a rather ridiculous return request 1 whole month after the return window closed. As the item was “unused” (a non-wear item) & stopped working after a week, they agreed to accept my return.

    But I digress.

    I purchased some expensive waterproof, insulated leather work boots 7 days ago. The particular, unique size I needed was at a deep discount (reg ~$260 down to ~$105), so I jumped on them immediately. As I went to check out, I noticed a coupon was available for 25% off select clothing and footwear, and that my boots were included! So, I gleefully purchased the boots for ~$80.

    The boots are real winners, BTW (Irish Setter Elk Trackers WP/600g Thinsulate). Comfortable and extremely warm. I’m very happy with them.

    Anyways, randomly this morning, I clicked on their product page again and discovered that the size I ordered was now only $85 (pre coupon) (my purchase resulted in there only being one remaining in that size, likely the reason for the deep discount)! I googled “Amazon price adjustment” to see if such recourse existed, and this article was the top result. How fortunate!

    Fast forward to this evening when I get home from work. It’s day 7, last day for a price adjustment, so I follow your instructions and select the phone option to “call me now” seeing as time is of the essence.

    I briefly and politely explain my request to the rep who called me, carefully noting that I had a coupon at the time of purchase which I would like them to apply to the current price. That would make my final cost ~$64 with coupon, down from ~$80. A refund of $16.

    Here’s where it gets good. The service rep states that she needs to check that that is ok, and puts me on hold for a minute. When she returns, she tells me that they will simply
    ***refund me the $20 difference between the discounted but pre-coupon price of ~$105 and the current (pre-coupon) price of ~$85, bringing my final cost paid down to ~$60!!!***
    I’m not sure if they went this route because it was too difficult to apply the coupon post-sale & adjustment, or the rep didn’t realize that this would give me a greater discount, or they didn’t care, or what, but it worked out in my favor and I wasn’t going to complain :)

    Thanks for this super helpful article! I’ll file it away for reference & tell friends and family. Cheers!

  156. Roy

    Worked for me!
    Thanks for the info saved $23

  157. Sam

    Purchased a TV on Amazon (waited for the price to go down first), and while it was preparing for shipping the price started dropping – eventually down $42. I was able to cancel and reorder at the new lower price.
    Several hours later the price was still dropping, so I tried to cancel/reorder again (going the easy route), but was unsuccessful as it was ready to ship. Even before it was delivered the price dropped another $70 before the price started *climbing* again, and the price settled at $20 *above* the price I finally purchased it at.
    So I thought I’d try anyhow: I emailed Amazon and requested a refund of the amount I had seen it go down to ($70). They actually refunded $100 !!!
    Thank you for the tips, and thank you Amazon!

  158. Joy

    Wow, the instructions from this post totally worked like a charm! I bought a camera on Amazon 5 days ago, received it yesterday and loved all its bells and whistles to justify the expensive amount I paid for it. Today, when I logged on to Amazon to search for a better case for my camera (the generic one I ordered originally does not fit well), I was bummed to find out the price of my camera had already dropped by $50 since I purchased it just a few days ago! Luckily, I found this post, had a chat with an Amazon representative, politely requested a refund and the rep immediately agreed to issue me a refund! Thank you so much for this post!

  159. S

    Used this article to help me, chose the chat feature, and a few minutes later, I got my partial refund. Thanks so much! -S

  160. Adrian Williams

    It worked for me – a saving of a further £12 on a ‘todays deal’ Refund arranged within minutes using live chat. Braun 5040s shaver RRP 199.99 down to 59.99. I’d paid £71.99 3 days earlier.

  161. Bill A

    Thank you so much for this. The DVD set I ordered yesterday went down $5.96 this morning. Using your info from this site, I got the difference refunded within an hour of my request. Again, thanks for this info.

  162. jamesk

    I can confirm this works. I bought a deep fryer 3 days ago price dropped by a large amount. Did what the info said. They refunded me my $37.85

  163. ItsAdam

    Doesn’t work for me.

    I bought the item from a seller and it was fulfilled by Amazon.

    A day after receiving the goods I click on the link from my orders and see the sale item I purchased had been reduced by a further 15%???

    Spoke to amazon and they said since its not the sale seller its tough luck! Even though the site URL is identical and links directly from my orders page and my order was originally fulfilled by Amazon!

    The amazing thing is, when I said I’ll send it back and then buy the cheaper version they said:
    To help you better I will create a return label and provide you with the link. I will issue advance refund. You can place the new order. Once you get the new order please return back the item to us within 30 days time period.

    Absolutely shocking. I told them I’d save them the hassle and I’d hold on to the item but buy from a seller that stands by their policies and has an understanding of what good customer support is.

    Basically they’ve sat, said tough luck, you push your luck saying you’ll return, they know full well by the time you’ve done that you’re no better off because of the return shipping price and just call your bluff.

    I, personally would have credit sub £5 without flinching to keep a customer, Amazon it seems doesn’t care.

    Bear in mind I spent nearly £650 with them during the Xmas shopping period.

  164. Adrian Williams

    Are you a prime member? I know it’ll cost you £79 but if you’re a regular user, you’ll get the value back. Also returns are free so, do as i do. Re-order the item at the reduced price, return the original one for free and get the full value refund. i know it’s all extra effort but you’ll recoup the money you lost in the price difference. I recently bought a torch – needed it quickly. Prime delivered the next day as expected. There were accessories missing so i re-ordered it. The 2nd one arrived the following day. I returned the 1st one for free and will get a full refund. In my experience, Amazon after sales support is much better than your average retailer. I bought an air conditioning unit from Comet discount (before it ceased trading). It was faulty. I retuned the unit within 2 hours of purchase and they offered to repair it ! As soon as I asked for the manager and mentioned the sale of goods act, they soon changed their approach. I walked away with a replacement.
    I know amazon are becoming more of a shop window for other sellers, much like ebay. My advice is (especially using prime) look who sells the item. If its from amazon directly with a next-day delivery, you’re in a much better position if anything goes wrong. Also, you’ll not be waiting weeks for that bargain, thinking it was from amazon, but in actual fact is being shipped from china ! So much so, that I’m prepared to pay a pound or so more for the item.

    Back to your complaint, your contract is with Amazon, that’s who you paid. You’re out on a limb as the items were not faulty so its up to Amazon how they wish to deal with your price-match. Their offer of a return and advance credit sounds fair. I know it’s a bit of messing around so you’ve got to judge the cost of returning it (not sure if their return label was pre-paid) plus your time taking it to a collection point vs the saving you’d have made.
    Amazon are the only retailer in my experience that go that extra step and issue a refund. If i were you, I’d give them another call (or live chat) if the offer is still on. Start afresh, explain the price difference. you may get lucky and get a different response from a different agent. Mention the amount you spent over Christmas.

    Best of luck.

  165. ItsAdam

    Hi there.

    Amazon prime isn’t really that much of a bargain, especially for me. When it was £49 it was arguebly a good punt, at £79 now it’s not.

    The next day delivery is usually around £5-£6 a pop, so that’s 12-14 items a year that you can next day.

    The majority of stuff I buy I take the free delivery of, since I’m never in a massive need for it, its usually supplementd, bedding, curtains, phone cases, phone holders, screen protectors, cooking and gardening stuff…. All items I can wait for! I paid for about 2-3 orders for next day last year.. Two were for items we’d ordered for Christmas and the last was an item for a holiday.

    Prime TV is garbage anyway. Or at least was… Oooh this is a nice free extra… Ooooh can’t watch hardly anything.

    If you’re inpatient, buy loads of little cheap niggles where some times they add postage I’m sure prime is totally worth it, for me it doesn’t make sense though.

  166. ItsAdam

    Also Prime Items often are listed for more money than others – even the ones offering free delivery. You have to think paying a few quid extra here aswell of the £79/@ year – does it actually make sense.

  167. Adrian Williams

    Fair comment Adam. Prime isn’t for everyone. I do order lots of stuff and I don’t usually wait to create a multiple-item order so i do get my moneys worth on delivery alone. The video, music,ebook library etc etc wasn’t the reason for me to get prime. Sorry to hear you weren’t successful on the refund.

  168. Cheryl

    Thank you for this post. Very useful since this has happened to me a few times. I didn’t realize I could as for a price adjustment. I tried this today on an ebook, but they wouldn’t refund me the difference. However, they did refund me for the original book (purchased 3 days ago) and told me to repurchase the new one. Granted, not a great way to handle it (especially if you purchase a big ticket item or a physical item), but it still worked. I’ll keep this in mind for future purchases.

  169. El

    Helpful post, thanks! I just requested a price drop refund through chat. The Amazon rep was glad to assist and issue a credit in the form of an Amazon gift card. They say amount will post within 24 hours.

  170. ItsAdam

    Just to let you know, they did a charge back on something I got a refund for but didn’t have to send back. They charged because I didn’t return – they forgot to cancel it.

    Anyway spoke to the on live chat he refunded it and then mentioned the headphones and he credited me the difference….although it’s not showing on my account 24hours later.

    Even if he hasn’t refunded me it I’ve got it on a transcript so I will get it back – eventually! Just goes to show there’s some good customer service when you manage to find them.

  171. Adrian Williams

    Try this for an easy way of flagging up the chance of a refund. Install the camel camel amazon price checker. 2 reasons.

    1. If you’re looking to buy something, the camelcamel tracker tells you how much it’s been in the past. Is it the right time to buy ? If you can wait, you can set a desired price and if the items drops to that or lower, you get an email. If you take the vax cordless vacuum cleaner for example. The price has bounced between £199 and £99.

    2. If you buy an item from amazon, set the camel camel tracker to alert you if the price drops a penny below the price you paid. If you get an alert within the 7 days – get in touch with amazon for that refund. It’s a no-brainer !

  172. wheelsey_4

    you could check yourself every so often, or whatever/whenever. Put your purchase back into your Cart or “Saved Items” then check your cart. Amazon shows you price changes, up and down.

  173. Cody

    I’ve purchased the James Bond collection on Blu ray on January 30th and the price recently went down by about $5. Should I request a reduction now or once I get my order?

    • Adrian Williams

      Cody – Try now. All your options are still open to you.

      • Cody

        They got back to me after I emailed them and they said that they would be able to issue a refund once shipped. They also set a reminder to get back to me tomorrow. By the way, great advice about the camelcamelcamel website. I discovered that a few weeks ago when wondering if there was a site to track Amazon prices and it’s perfect!

  174. MikeT

    Followed the process outlined on this page. I just received a $15 refund on my FireTv ($99 changed to $85). Day 7 after the order. Thanks!

  175. Devon

    This is awesome! Thanks! Just saved $91 on a Dell desktop that I purchased two days ago (which I haven’t as of yet received). I noticed a price drop on the site, and through chat, some lady named Pooja was able to help me and in 2 minutes gave me a $91 refund on my order!


  176. Austin

    I used your template and it was successful. I received my product’s $50 price drop and the associated tax as an Amazon gift card. Thank you so much for sharing this tip!

  177. Robert

    Awesome!! thanks so much for the tip. I just bought a new dell computer 3 days ago. The price has now dropped by $100! I started a chat with an amazon rep, and within 5 minutes she had refunded my money.

    • Devon

      Yep! Just last month I too have a price drop on a new Dell PC as well. $91 in my case. Get that money back! LOL

  178. Robert

    Devon, was it the xps 8900? Mine went from 79930 days ago – 699 what an incredible price decrease it was 699 on Dell so I think Amazon wanted to match that but it took them a day or two to drop it. Definitely glad I saw this article and definitely glad I checked my order status to see the price drop

    • Devon

      Yep, it was the fully loaded XPS 8900. It went from like $1680 when I bought it, to $1589 two days later. You best believe I googled price match and that’s how I found this site! Glad you were also able to get the price match man!

  179. Nguyen

    Anybody has partial refund work on Save & Subcribed items. The items delivered on 3/16, I checked the website and see price drop from when I order (2/29), I ask them for a price adjustment and they say no, because S&S already has discount, they can’t discount anymore.Talk to 3 Amazon rep already.

  180. JFK

    Just got a refund on a HP monitor purchased 3 days before the price drop. Using chat, no fuss.

  181. Julia

    I used email to contact Amazon about a price drop that occurred the day after I ordered the item. I received a refund later that day. I requested an Amazon credit because I buy from them so often. No problem.

  182. Julia

    I also wanted to mention that it benefits Amazon to offer price drop refunds because it keeps people from reordering the item at the cheaper price and turning around and sending it back it at the original price. It saves them in shipping costs and employee effort.

  183. Jake

    Just don’t call them over the weekend or late at night unless you have a VERY straightforward claim. The call center reps in India are very nice and understandable, but it just doesn’t seem like they have as much latitude as the US reps do.

  184. Heather

    Well, as of now, there is still a $10 difference, but they refused me. Haven’t even gotten the mirror yet, but already have a return label printed out. This is after I had to send back a lighted mirror where the light did not work and I got sent the wrong item on another order. I am done with Amazon!!!

  185. w

    just got denied via chat for an item i ordered 5 days ago that’s 25% cheaper now.

  186. Rob Arroyo

    I was just told they do not offer post purchase adjustments and he threatened that I would be charged for a return. Screw Amazon:

    Initial Question: I would like a partial refund on these items. I just received them less than a week ago and now they are cheaper.

    09:49 PM PDT Surjya(Amazon): Hello, my name is Surjya. I’m here to help you today.
    09:49 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Hello
    09:50 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Are you there?
    09:51 PM PDT Surjya: Yes, I’m here.
    Yes, sure.
    09:52 PM PDT Surjya: Let me connect you to a member of our price match team. It will only take a moment.
    09:52 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Hello
    09:52 PM PDT Apurva(Amazon): Thank you for contacting Amazon Customer Service.
    I am apurva and I’m here to help you today.
    09:53 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: I just purchased two Fire Tablets less than a week ago and I just noticed the price dropped.
    I would like a partial refund.
    09:57 PM PDT Apurva: I can understand your situation Robert
    but We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.
    09:58 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Ok. Well I can just return the ones I bought and buy the new ones at the new price. But that doesn’t make much sense.
    09:58 PM PDT Apurva: but since it has not been an error from our end you will be charged for the return as well as a restocking fee Robert
    09:59 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Amazon offers 30 days returns
    09:59 PM PDT Apurva: We do offer that
    but it would be a free return if there is any error from our end
    10:01 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: I think you are wrong. There are free refunds for new and unopened items
    I’ve never been charged for a return before
    10:04 PM PDT Apurva: what were the reasons for the return Robert
    10:05 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: No longer needed.
    10:07 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: I am not trying to be rude. I am long time customer and prime member.
    I would just like a credit for the difference.
    10:07 PM PDT Apurva: let me just check on that Robert
    10:08 PM PDT Apurva: I ma sorry but price match is not possible Robert i am just checking about the return for this
    10:08 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: I’ll take care of the return myself.
    10:09 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: It just seems ridiculous to return the items I already bought and then buy the new ones. It is going to cost Amazon more for shipping.
    10:09 PM PDT Apurva: I understand that Robert
    10:10 PM PDT Apurva: We are also working on this and trying to find a best solution for this
    10:19 PM PDT Apurva: I haven’t seen a response within the past 5 minutes, so I’ll close this chat session. Please try again at a time that is more convenient for you.

    10:19 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: what response?
    What response do you need? I thought you were working on it.
    10:20 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: You said you were trying to find a best solution. I would just like a price adjustment of $10 per item.
    10:22 PM PDT Apurva: I am sorry but price adjustment is not possible Robert
    I have just re-confirmed on that
    10:22 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Ok. I will start my return and re-purchase and the new price.
    10:23 PM PDT Robert Arroyo: Goodnight.
    10:23 PM PDT Apurva: Thank you for understanding us
    we will surely work on this and get back with a solution for this
    Thank you.

    • Christine

      Yep, had the same thing happened to me! I am so disappointed with Amazon! I have been their customer for ages and a prime member and that’s how they treat us! Just disgusted! I am also returning and purchased again. Got free return and the reason it was Better Price available and the comment section I wrote that Amazon dropped price and did not want to give me a credit for the price difference and was told by customer service to return and purchase again. still got free returns because it was a pair of shoes. I hope you got your free return!

  187. N8

    This is no longer amazon’s policy. They now only price match televisions. My items were purchased 6 days prior and were shipped and sold by amazon items. I was tracking when I noticed a $22 price drop. Called and was told to return for free and re-purchase to get the lower pirce. Called back and was told the same. I talked to 3 people total and all said the policy change was very recent.

  188. Robert Beistel

    Well sorry that sucks for you guys that you weren’t able to get partial refunds feel bad for you I’m glad I was able to get in on it couple months ago before they switched it. I got $100 back on the computer I purchased in March.

  189. K2

    I called amazon today, 5/2/16 for an item I purchased on 4/29 and went on sale 5/1/16. They said that their policy has changed, it used to be within 7 days and now they no longer do it. The CS agent said that they were just notified today of this recent change from last week.

    • Steve Krause

      That’s new info…. Did you ask to speak with their manager?

  190. Bibbi

    Bought a Nikon dslr a few days ago and less than a day later the price dropped by more than $40 and continued to drop, I tried live chat and was told flat out no, then I tried calling and was told no again (because the price miraculously changed back to the original price while i was speaking to them)so I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that none would be available until 5 am but they would pass on the info and contact me. I did not give up though because I also tried a well detailed email and was surprised to wake up and learn they would refund me $50 !! Thanks for the info… I was going to go with BestBuy near my house as I needed the camera for graduation asap but decided that amazon has always had better customer service so i paid the extra $10 for same day delivery, glad I wasn’t disappointed ! Don’t give up is the gist here…

    • carmen

      I’m thinking Jake’s comment above “don’t call them over the weekend or late at night” might be good advice after reading the latest comments. Maybe a “detailed email” is the way to go. Glad to hear your persistence paid off Bibbi :).

  191. Christine

    Ok, yes they changed their policy on this as I was always getting credit for price drops, including two items I purchased in March. Now they said that it was exception that they never changed the policy and this applies to TV only. Spoke with 5 different customer service people over the chat and they all said the same thing. I purchased a shoe that dropped just $5 but I asked them, so do I have to return these and purchase again? That makes no sense because it’s free shipping both ways for me, and if they issue a credit that will go back to amazon purchase anyways, still they refused to give me a credit and the customer service person did say to do that. just dumb! so i am returning and purchased again, just to make a point and save $5! lol

  192. AlexG

    @Steve – I think you guys need to update the article to remind ppl to call during USA Business hours based on some of the latest updates.

    I just got a guy on chat (May 3rd, 2016) and didn’t have an issue with the price drop. It was only $8 but hey, that’s 3 days of coffee for me. :)


    • Steve Krause

      Heya Alex – yes, I’m monitoring the comment threads. Just waiting for a few more comments from users before I go ahead and update the article. Looks like you had no issues on your side. We get a lot of feedback on this AND, Amazon customer service is fantastic. That said, things do change. Hopefully for the better and not worse. :)

      Thanks for the FYI.

  193. BobbyBo

    I just had the same “no price adjustments except TVs” chat after a $30 price drop on an item I bought 6 days ago. I’ll be making the point to return and repurchase just to show them the idiocy of losing money and gaining customer frustration on this policy change.

    • Steve Krause

      Well, as I’ve said in the past — Amazon has the right to change their policy as they see fit. No doubt they had a reason for the change. I still highly recommend them. From a customer service standpoint, I still love the service.

      With this program coming to an end, I recommend you check out this new article I’ve written on how to get price change refunds from your credit card company.

      It’s a benefit many don’t even realize they have. Take a read and hopefully, your bank participates in the program.

  194. MagicFlute

    I just went through the same denial. They left the chatting room saying “I’m so sorry, but we can’t offer any additional insight or action on this matter.” They didn’t even say Thank you or Bye. I will also return and repurchase.

  195. Jeremy

    I also just had them deny me a price drop refund over chat (in the PM hours). To make matters worse, I was promised the refund last week after noticing the drop the day after I placed the order. But because it hadn’t shipped yet, the rep couldn’t do it then…had to wait for it to ship. It shipped yesterday, so I started a new chat to check on the progress of the refund and was flat out denied it. Escalated it to a supervisor who also denied it, even after I explained the last rep promised me it (and I have the emailed chat to prove it). Wouldn’t honor their word at all. I’m very disappointed. I’ll try the email or call during the day method before going the route of returning and re-ordering. Ridiculous!

    • Jeremy

      Update: I sent an email last night explaining the situation, but got denied yet again. Then today I called in the afternoon and explained the whole thing over the phone. Probably should have done it this way first. The lady was really nice. After some back and forth she still couldn’t offer it, especially because I’d already been denied by a supervisor. But I asked about a credit on my account and she agreed…although it was only for $10 (the price drop was $15). I debated seeing if she could transfer me to a senior manager, but decided I’d had enough and will settle for the $10. Now that I think about it, I could still return the original item and buy the discounted one with the $10 credit. This would work even more in my favor, although more of a hassle. We’ll see. Either way, I’m still upset that they couldn’t honor what they originally told me. That’s not good customer service in my opinion.

  196. Mark

    I had (3 days ago) ordered a bluray boxset that dropped in price the day after my order.
    I contacted Amazon (UK) to get a partial refund as I have in the past but the customer services representative informed me that they had recently changed their refund policy and no longer will refund the difference.

  197. Patti

    I just spoke with an amazon rep via chat and I was also denied a $7 refund. I explained that this has happened in the past and they have always given me a refund or amazon credit but I was told flat out no exceptions.

  198. Jillian

    I tried to get a partial refund from Amazon today and was denied. This was my chat exchange with a customer service person:

    Suraj Babu: Please allow me a quick moment while I check this for you.
    Thank you for being on hold. We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. We don’t offer post-purchase adjustments for products other than TVs. It has been our long-standing approach not to offer post-purchase price adjustments except on TVs. We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time.

    Me: Does this mean that Amazon no longer offers a price protection policy?

    Suraj Babu: Yes absolutely we do not offer it. It has been our long-standing approach not to offer post-purchase price adjustments except on TVs.
    You’re welcome.

    Please click “End Chat” to close this window.

  199. Katherine

    Comments:Hi ,

    I purchased 2 Google Nexus Tablets on May 2 for $358 each. Today, the price dropped to $339. In the past I have always received an Amazon gift credit for any price drop. I purchase many items from Amazon, almost daily. Not having to worry about price dropping after purchase is why I choose to buy from Amazon for not only personal use products, but for work as well. I would really dislike having to return the tablets to take advantage of the lower price. If you could please assist me with getting a gift credit for the overage I would be grateful.

    Thank you



    Thank you for contacting us, I’d be glad to help you out today, I understand your concern you have related to your Google Nexus Tablets, I’ll try my level best to serve you.

    I’m really sorry to hear that you have paid $358 for your item and now the price of the product gets down to $339, I’ve also checked and found that your product is sold by “One Plus Tech Inc” one of the sellers on our website and it is fulfilled by Amazon.

    In this case I’d have love to price match the item and refund you the difference amount, however because of new policies for products fulfilled by Amazon, I won’t be able to make it possible. I know this must be really annoying that buying two products for that high cost and after that the price goes down and you couldn’t get the benefit. I apologize to you from the deepest of my soul, Please understand that at times we are also bound with certain policies.

    However to make this convenient for you I have an alternative, you can return the product to us and order a new one with this lowered price with one day shipping to enjoy the benefit and also we’ll waive off the shipping charges for you.

    I know this additional step might cause extra trouble to you, However we believe in providing customers the best alternatives possible.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience.

    In case you need any further help please feel free to contact us we are here 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your assistance.

    Thank you for writing to us. We look forward to see you again soon.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    Best regards,

  200. Richard

    Just went through the same customer service nightmare last night too. My family easily spent over $10K a year on Amazon (for over 10 years now too) and now they are refusing a $16 credit for something I just bought last Friday. I got declined by two chat room rep, 3 phone rep, and a rude US “supervisor” that put me on never-ending hold when I asked to speak to his manger. Worst of all, when I asked why not just process the refund, when I can just return it and buy again he threatened to charge me re-stocking fee on the item, saying it’s a long standing policy to charge restocking fees (BS!) too. I am afraid Amazon had reach to a point that it realized it had its customer locked and now can simply turn on its ugly side. I’ve already wrote an email to Jeff Bezos and told him that for $16 I will now transition my family purchases to other retailers such as Jet. The whole thing is so crazy because price adjustment is honored by almost all retailers out there,,,

  201. Richard

    Emailed Jeff Bezos and this is the reply I got back, looks like something penned by any one of the Indian based customer service center. In my experience emailing a company CEO over customer issues almost always get escalated to at least a person in the management/supervisory role so this again just shows how Amazon doesn’t care about its customers anymore. This is how the treat a customer just had easily spent well over $100K over the years.

    Dear Richard,

    I’m Vijay Kumar from Jeff Bezos received your email and asked me to respond on his behalf.

    I’ve reviewed your account and understand you’re concerned about the recent price drop on Adopter. While I know you’re disappointed with our stance on this matter, I want to assure you the information you received from our customer service on May 05 is correct.

    As mentioned, we’ll not be able to make any post-purchase adjustments.

    I’ve forwarded all your comments as a feedback to our appropriate team. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve our store and offer better service to our customers.

    I’m sorry for any disappointment caused and appreciate your understanding. While we won’t be able to comment further on this matter, we’re always happy to help if you have any other questions – you can click a button to contact us by e-mail or phone from any Help page on our website.

    Best regards,

    Vijay K.
    Thank you.

  202. Adam

    I tried today 5/8/2016 on a purchase on 4/22… here is the response i got from the chat from someone in the Pricing department.


    We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.

    However, you can let us know about a lower price by clicking the “tell us about a lower price” link in the Product Details section of some product pages.

    To read more about our pricing, go to our Help pages.

    We hope to see you again soon.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    Best regards,

    I then emailed them.. i’m not sure what their response will be.. i’ll know in 12-24 hours.

  203. Jeff C

    I tried with a call and then with a chat. No dice on either account. Since their own price change is about $80.00 USD I chose to return the product for a $15.00 fee and buy the same thing at a reduced price.

    Makes me rethink if I am going to continue with Prime.

  204. Gabriel

    I bought the item last week, just 5 days, and the price was reduced 15% more today. I tried with chat and mail. same answer from the customer service team. No price match and no refunds.

  205. Jared

    Attempted this last night and got no dice with chat. However, a customer service agent on the phone was happy to refund me the difference. I recommend attempting this way as it seems to get more traction.

  206. Kayleigh

    Interesting. I had the same thing happen – no partial refund on the price difference, no exceptions (except if it’s a TV, whatever). So I decided to return the item at their expense and reorder. Granted, it was a piddly $4.35 item that dropped to $3.61, but it’s the principle and they’ve always honored refunds in the past. So I went through the process of returning due to “Better price elsewhere” and instead of simply giving me a $0.74 credit I get the message:

    We are processing your refund. You don’t need to return the item back to us!

    I get to keep said item and I get a full refund on top if it. Amazon, you are seriously screwed up.

  207. Diamond Goddess

    I noticed a diamond necklace I bought on Apr. 25 was cheaper by $24 today (5/13).

    My first inquiry about a price adjustment didn’t work.
    I read your article, and when I got the email survey from them about if I was satisfied I said No.
    They immediately asked me to contact them again.

    The CS agent on Live Chat at first repeated that they wouldn’t do a price adjustment so I said “The price has changed by $24” and he gave me a $25 promotional credit on my account!!!
    A slight amount of persistence plus manners worked for me!!!

    Thank You for Your Article.

  208. Chris

    I purchased a speaker system that dropped $20 in less than 36 hours from my order (I had not even received it yet), then another $10 two days later. After multiple e-mails, phone calls, and chats with customer service, there was zero flexibility on their part to offer a price adjustment. I’ve canceled my Prime membership and won’t be shopping at Amazon any longer after this experience. Shopping with Amazon has become consistently worse over the past few years. They regularly miss their “guaranteed” delivery dates, have recently changed their shipping policy for the worse, and, prior to me becoming a Prime member, began delaying shipment of orders for unacceptably long periods of time (1 to 1 1/2 weeks) to essentially force customers to sign up for Prime. Perhaps they don’t care, but they’ve permanently lost a customer of 12 years. They’ll regurgitate the same script a dozen times instead of attempting to truly address your concerns.

  209. Darren

    Same issue here. I have been a Prime member since 2011 and have always received a price adjustment as long as the price change was within 7-10 days. An item i purchased 8 days ago went down $10 (from $30.00 to $20.00) 33%! Chat session customer rep gave me the same BS statements about its ALWAYS been a policy to deny price change adjustments unless its a TV.
    Thanks Amazon, you just lost a 5 year customer with several items on Auto delivery.
    Good bye Amazon, Hello Jet

    • Darren

      Update: I received a call from Amazon customer support. They wanted to continue to let me know that this is a recent policy change on the customer exception for refunds. I was then forwarded to the “Price Change Team” in which I spoke to a overseas customer service rep who repeated the exact same line in addition to saying “You are more than welcome to return the item”. I politely told her that “ and other similar retailers allow for free returns within 30 days, you are going to charge me $7 to return on a $10 price change.” Her response “Well, you are more than welcome to shop at other websites. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

      I am absolutely shocked by her response and unprofessionalism. Every PRIOR experience with Amazon has been friendly and issue resolving. The fact that the customer service rep even suggested i shop elsewhere supports the other statements made here. Amazon has become cocky and no longer supports a positive customer service / serving mentality.

  210. whocares

    I have to think that widespread publicity of their prior refunds has led to them stopping the adjustments. And really, they have no way to gently do it other than by stopping refunds for price matches.

    I bought 4 tires last week and the prices dropped 20 cents each. Im not going to bother over the 80 cents.

    Im more concerned with the TV I bought not being in stock and they cant even give me a rough estimate of when it will be.

    Why cant they tell me when it will be available ? Is it on the boat or not. And if not, why even offer them for sale ?

    The TV prices don’t seem to make sense either.

    All identical TVs…
    TCL 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

    48 inch= $330
    50 inch= $398
    55 inch= $500

    I get it that they should cost more but how much more is the issue.


  211. Jared

    This no longer works except for TVs Amazon told me.

  212. Nonof

    The price match policy changed May 1st. No 20us refund nor credit for me. They told me to return and buy again (i do not live in the us) its just too complicated for me to do so. And this item was a gift.

  213. Anon

    I just went through this rigamarole. My e-mail got an instant reply saying no more price adjustments. I tried chatting with a couple agents and they “hung up” on me after announcing the policy. Not to be deterred, I had CS call me and they then had to transfer to the “pricing team.” After about ten minutes on hold, I spoke to an agent who again refused. I asked to speak to his manager. I explained to her, as I had to everyone else, that in 19 years of being an Amazon customer this had never been an issue and I would have appreciated some notice. She said there were no exceptions and that I would have to return the item. I objected again. She still refused. But after yet another objection she did give me promotional credit for the difference. So it is possible, but that’s 40 minutes I won’t get back.

    I don’t know what happened. Amazon’s customer service used to be pleasant and customer-friendly. Perhaps too many people have abused the system, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. I will be seeking them out, especially for items that fluctuate in price often.

  214. Stephen Eckert

    Having purchased a Brother printer 7 days ago and now finding that the price dropped $20, I followed the advice above. My email attempt didn’t result in anything except a canned response that was not helpful. I personally spoke with the Amazon department responsible for pricing and the lady was polite but held firm that regardless of circumstances, no credit or refund could be issued. I tried. No luck.

  215. CFR

    Had the same issue – purchased item (computer part) for $169 on May 26, and 2 days later, before item was even delivered, the price had been reduced $20 to $149. Item was “fulfilled”( or shipped) by Amazon, but not “sold” by Amazon. My specific seller no longer offered the item for sale, but just about every other seller (about 6 of them) selling the same item did reduce their price to $149 shortly after placing the order, and all were fulfilled by Amazon. This has happened maybe a couple times in the past, and Amazon has always been very responsive in issuing a credit to my card. But now you have to return the item for a refund, and repurchase the item at the lower price.

    It took me a while, and I had to talk to about 4 of their reps on the phone. One of their reps transferred me to their “pricing department”, who then transferred me to a manager who finally issued a store credit which can only be used for items “sold” and “fulfilled” by Amazon. Was it worth all the hassle for a store credit? Difficult to say – especially given that I still have to return and repurchase the item at the lower price. Iv’e noticed that other sites (i.e., B&H Photo) tend follow the same pricing trends as Amazon and also offer free expedited shipping. In the future if I might very well repurchase at the other website.

  216. Clint

    I have used the partial refund request successfully in the past. Today an item I purchased on May 27 dropped. I requested a refund of the price difference, as in the past, thru email but was denied.
    Not Amazon’s policy: “With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.”

    I then tried using “chat”, but was given the same reasons for not being able to give a refund.
    I asked how long this new policy has been in effect and was given an answer of “It has been our long-standing approach not to offer post-purchase price adjustments except on TVs.”

    So after returning to this web page and seeing the comments and new update (5/16/16), I decided to give it one more try using the phone. Wow, the lady was pleasant. Didn’t quote any post-purchase policy and accredited my account with the difference in price. Looks like I was one of the more fortunate purchasers, but it still took 3 tries. Not good Amazon!

  217. Nick

    I had the same experience as Clint above. Made a purchase and within a couple days the price dropped $10. Tried for a partial refund for the difference as outlined in the steps on this page but was denied:

    “With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.”

    This must be Amazon’s new policy. The item purchased was fulfilled through Amazon.

    I decided to return the item.

  218. abc

    My request for a refund just got rejected… the rep from an Indian customer service center told me Amazon no longer offer post-purchased price adjustments on items other than TV… The rep sounded very mechanical… when i told him I was always able to get post-purchase price adjustments and asked if that was a new policy, he just copied and pasted his original response… wth what kind of customer service is that?

    Amazon used to be my favorite online retailer because of the tax-free purchases, low free shipping threshold and post purchase adjustments. Now these perks are all gone. I guess there’s no reason to prefer Amazon over other online shopping site anymore.

  219. PLK

    I just got rejected for a partial refund.I will not pursue the issue any further.I received the standard email asking if my issue was resolved.I left the lowest rating I could except for being able to understand the representative.I left a comment stating that Amazon,that has rose to success of the backs of American consumers,has sold out the American people by outsourcing their customer service.I did not accept the opportunity to call or chat to another rep to resolve my issue.

  220. Chris

    I was just rejected on a partial refund. I placed an order for an item on 6/2 for $199.99, received the item 6/3 and noticed the price had dropped to $174.99 on 6/5.

    I emailed them first asking if I could get a partial refund, I got the same canned response about how they only do it for TVs. I decided I would try calling. The first person I talked to told me that they can’t do it and was sympathetic to what was going on and agreed with me that they should be able to issue a refund but that she couldn’t. I asked to speak to her supervisor, this woman was not very nice and refused to issue a partial refund. I then asked to speak to her supervisor and spoke to a nice man who flat out told me that it’s not even possible for him to issue a partial refund.

    I am now debating whether or not it’s worth my time to return the item and just re-order it so I can save the $25.

  221. Steve

    I just spoke to a rep. There is a one time exception now. Only once can you get a price match from them. I told them that instead of the $1.28 price difference, I’ll save my one-time price match for a later date. I told them that I’ll send this product back and reorder it for the lower price. I told them that they are going to pay more in shipping this back than to give me a $1.28 price difference. They refused and said that I can use my one-time exception. I said, nah, I’ll make you pay for shipping it back and I’ll save my one-time exception on a bigger product. Amazon is so stupid. I’m a Prime member and have already spend close to $5000 with them. Why not offer price match to Prime members only.

  222. Adam

    Unfortunately this did not work. Correct on the most recent update for 5/5/2016. I chatted with a rep and they refused to honor the the price adjustment. As suggested I called and it sounded encouraging, but they refused again. Love amazon, but they have customers pissed about this. The product I purchased literally changed pricing the next day.

    • Steve Krause

      Stay tuned Adam – I’m working on an awesome article which I’ll be publishing in the next few days which will explain how to get around Amazon’s new policy re: Price Change refunds. More details to follow!

    • Steve Krause

      Heya Adam – as promised, here’s the article I just published on how to get price refunds again from Amazon, and anywhere else you shop!

      Keep me updated how things go!


  223. Mason

    Same canned “tvs only” response. If they want to continue to compete with brick and mortar retailers they need to go back to price adjusting within a reasonable timeframe.

  224. Karthik

    I bought a product for around 50$ on May 31st. Found that,now its reduced to 40$. Tried the chat option but the CSR told the same ‘Only for TV’ . He told he is unable to do anything and i closed the chat. In few minutes i got a mail to respond to a survey. I mentioned not satisfied and gave the ratings as such. The survey ended with another opportunity to help me :-) and i chose chat again.

    This time another CSR offered me an 1 time exception after hearing my statements and going over the previous chat history. He returned the price difference as GC (asked me if i want refund back to the orig. payment method or will prefer a G).

  225. who cares

    The TV I bought and waited on for 3 weeks dropped in price by $30. They ignored my email for nearly a day so I went on chat and they tried to weasel out of it but I stayed on them and got a 1 time exception after asking for a supervisor. (but not getting one) The TV shipped last night. I could have cancelled & reordered with another wait I presume.

    I’m sorry, we’re unable to honor the price match as the TV is not available right now. The lower price you submit must be from a qualifying competitor’s online or offline store (which meets the distance criteria below) or offered by Amazon (each, a “Comparable Offer”). The Comparable Offer must be for a TV that is (i) the same model, style and color as the TV that you purchased, (ii) in-stock and available for purchase on the Competitor’s website or store (or from Amazon), and (iii) in new, unused, unopened condition (e.g., used, returned, refurbished, open-box and in-store display TVs are not eligible for the Guarantee). To qualify for the Guarantee, the Comparable Offer must be in effect and not expired at the time we attempt to verify it.

  226. JJShen

    Amazon customer service denied request.

    Priyanka: I checked the price already and I understand that the item is available at a lesser price now.
    I’m sorry we do not have any 7 day price match policy with us.

    Me: and have you checked my order i placed on satudday?

    Priyanka: I did.

    Me: so you can not do the price adjustment?

    Priyanka: Unfortunately we won’t be able to adjust price match.
    Please let me know if there is anything else apart from this, that I can assist you with today.

    Me: well, are you the supervisor? or do you have a supervisor?

    Priyanka: I’m from Amazon leadership team and I’m the last point of escalation. I won’t be able to connect to anyone else.

  227. crystal

    Denied price adjustment. Tried calling and then speaking to someone through chat

    I called yesterday about this order at 5:46pm EST and was told two different things by two different customer service representatives

    Amazon:I will certainly assist you.

    Me:One told me they would do a price adjustment but he had to transfer me in order to do it and the next person told me they could not do it
    They said I could return it for a refund and place the order again
    Which does not seem cost effective
    Also they have adjusted the price for me many times in the past

    Amazon:Crystal, could you please help me with the order number so that I can check and assist you better?

    Me:ORDER #

    iRobot Roomba 860 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
    I paid 499 and it is now 449
    I would be happy with an amazon only credit

    Amazon:Thanks for the order number.
    Could you please allow me 2 minutes while I check this for you?


    Amazon:Thanks for staying connected.
    Me:no problem

    Amazon:I’ve checked and would like to bring to your kind attention that, We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.
    My humble apologies for any inconvenience or frustration that you may have incurred due to this price-matching debacle, but please allow me to enlighten you.
    To read more about our pricing, go to our Help pages:

    I realize you’re disappointed and I regret we’ve been unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction. However, we’ll not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters, and any further inquiries on this matter won’t receive a response.
    Is there anything else I can help you with today?

  228. R Toliniu

    As of recently this service is no longer available:


    I see you purchased The Magic Tap which is sold by WallStickersUS and fulfilled by on our website.

    I’m sure it’s disappointing to see a lower price on the item you recently purchased, but we can’t offer you a credit for a price drop by this seller.

    Although prices fluctuate, our service does not. I hope you’ll give us another opportunity to serve you in the future.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

    Best regards,
    Swapna meri K
    Did I solve your problem?
    Yes No
    Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

    Thank you.

  229. Brian O

    An item I bought two days ago for $7.81 was delivered today. I checked the delivery confirmation email and saw the price is now $6.99. Since I bought two, the difference is $1.62. While annoying, it is not worth pursuing a partial refund (especially since their policy now precludes this) or returning the items. I understand that Amazon uses software algorithms to automatically adjust prices according to market conditions. It is good to know that they will make a one time exception to the policy if one pushes hard enough.

    Thanks for credit card info Steve. I use a Visa debit card, so I doubt if it qualifies for partial refunds. If I buy an expensive item in the future, I might want to use a regular credit card instead.

  230. Lucky Mofo

    Easy. Return item as defective. They pay for shipping both ways. Order item again with lower price. Tape return item label on new package, drop off at UPS. Done!

  231. AF

    this did not work for me. I tried calling 2x, chatting once, and emailing, and all of them, it didn’t work. They recommended I just send the product back and order a new one at the price. Such bad business for them, and such a hassle for customers!!! Not impressed at all with their customer service, 2 times I got transferred to call centers in South Africa and South America. I have no problem talking to other countries, but when I have an issue and the representative can only copy and paste a rote response or read it over the phone, and not really listen to the situation I have at hand, I’d appreciate talking to someone locally in the US about it. My situation involved a 5-bike carrier for my van, which I bought 3 days ago at $215, yesterday I notice the price dropped $50 to $165. Frustrating to say the least to have Amazon not be able resolve in a convenient, non-time-encompassing manner. We’ve been prime customers for years and order thousands of dollars of stuff each year. This is the first time I’ve used their customer service. Bad experience, and left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Brian Burgess

      It no longer works guys. That is why we made an update at the beginning of this article. There are other ways of saving money at Amazon, though.

      We have covered several of them. Also, you should be able to use your credit card to get a price difference, too. For more on that, check out the following article:

  232. Robert Kincaid

    It did not work for me, I received this response from amazon “I understand your concern about it Robert and am very sorry to say that With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments. We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.”

    amazon is not about giving refunds.

  233. Dave

    I hope Amazon enjoys paying to ship me the same 120 pound item just for me to deny delivery and get my $30 refund. What a waste of time for customers and money on their part. Pathetic customer service and ZERO common sense involved.

  234. RogerWilco

    It worked very well on today.

    I bought a product in the morning, and the price dropped by 3€ during the day (just 2%) I followed the steps described above and initiated a chat with an agent. He first offered 5€ discount, but after some pause he was very sorry that he could not adjust the order anymore, as it was in the delivery phase. Offered 10€ amazon credit, which I took.

    Very good service to boot!

  235. Jill

    Thanks for the tip!! I was considering retrurning an reordering an item because the price drop was substantial (about one-third), but I found and followed this advice (sent the request via email, not chat), and the difference was refunded within an hour with no question. Brilliant!!

    • Steve Krause

      Thank you for the comment, Jill. For many, it’s hit and miss. Glad to hear a success story!


  236. Mk

    I ran into exactly this issue. I had a long chat with the Amazon reps on this and here’s what they said –>

    I purchased the product last Friday (6 days ago)
    I purchased it ahead of the black Friday deals assuming if it went on sale
    I could get a price difference
    I purchased it directly from Amazon (not a reseller) because you have the best policies in the industry
    but now you are saying that you do not do price match, which *every* brick/mortar store does, and even many online sites. Even if this was within 7 days purchase?
    So given this…
    My alternative is to buy the new product with the new price, and then return the old one?
    : that is correct

    I’m completely stunned.

  237. Mk

    Btw my post above was the conversation I had with the rep. The first part is (ME) and the “that is correct” is what the customer rep said.

  238. Paul

    Just tried this and they ended up making a “One time exception” and refunding me the $30 difference on a coffee maker I purchased yesterday.

    • Steve Krause

      Thanks for the personal update Paul. Appreciate the feedback.


  239. Jack

    There was a price drop on a Camp Chef Explorer stove from $99.99 to $63.74 within two days of purchase. I both chatted and talked to customer service reps and they both refused to refund or credit the price drop difference. I told them, politely, that their company had grown so large that policy over-ruled customer relationships and that I would be buying local from now on. I will cancel my prime membership as well. They offered to have me return the item free of charge and then send me another at the lower price, but that seemed ridiculous to me, given the cost of shipping would likely equal the $32 partial refund. Moreover, I don’t feel it is worth my time.

    • Mk

      This is exactly the conversation I had with them. Btw, previously people were commenting that companies don’t typically do price matching. I researched this and found out that most companies *do* price matching. Amazon seems to have deviated from the norm; I’m not sure why. I hope they fix this.

    • Samson

      My item got a price drop of $23 in 2 days and the order is not yet shipped… However, as others reported here they cannot cancel the order and refuse a price matching refund over the Live Chat process, their suggestion as below:

      “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to cancel the items you requested and these items will soon be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      You can track your package at any time. If you no longer want these items, you may refuse delivery or return them after they arrive. You can visit Your Orders to start a return”

      So I contact the Amazon reps again over the phone, she attempt to cancel the order for me but also failed, she said the item maybe on it’s way to the carrier facility and she cannot stop the shipment, there is nothing they can do at this moment,. So, she suggest me to call them back once I get the tracking number and they might able to stop the shipment and make a “Return to Sender” request by that time.

      Instead of wait another few days until the package deliver to it’s destination to make a “Refuse Delivery” I think this is a good alternative for all of you out there to speed up the refund process.

  240. Phil

    I just tried to do the same thing today with an item that I purchased yesterday that had not yet been shipped. The item dropped in price by about 26% but unfortunately I got the same answer that everyone else has been getting (request denied). I was also given the same script about canceling my order, or returning it if it had already shipped, and to then reorder the item. About an hour later I received an email from the same online support rep. stating the following: “Amazon’s Deals Week is a special event and we want you to benefit from the lowest price of this item, so we’ll happily refund the difference to the original payment method used for this order.”. The email did not specify the exact amount of the refund or when exactly I should expect to receive it so I opened up another chat session with online support. I asked how much the exact amount of the refund would be and well…a long story (1 hour, 9 min) short he refused to honor the email that the first rep. sent me. Their price match dept and a supervisor both also refused to honor the price match refund that the first rep. had promised in the email that she sent me. They just kept repeating themselves like a broken record saying that it’s against policy and there are no exceptions. Sowmya Prasuna, an online customer service rep said: “Earlier Amazon used to refund the difference as a part of policy, but due to some internal issues we had to stop that.”. I gave up at this point and called customer support and asked to speak to a higher up supervisor or manager. After 20 minutes on hold and another 25 minutes speaking to the supervisor she finally gave in and issued me the price difference. It was more about principal than it was about the money, and I made that very clear to the supervisor on the phone. If I can’t trust that a company will stand behind what their own employees put in writing than I have no trust for the company as a whole and will take my business elsewhere. It was only then that the supervisor said that she would give me the price difference.

  241. Sharon

    I ordered an item in mid November 2016 less than a week later the price dropped about $15. I started a chat with Amazon and asked about a price adjustment and was told that Amazon does not issue price adjustments but I could purchase the item at the reduced item then return the one that had been purchased at full price. Well lesson learned my refund for the return will be minus about $6 for shipping so my $15 price dropped is only $9 now and I have the hassle of getting it to a UPS drop station home pickup would be $12 so lose lose not happy with Amazon about this. I will now not buy anything expensive from them and just get it at a site that has a brick and mortar that I can return it to at no charge or will reimburse the price difference. I feel that they could build better customer rapport by changing their policy for all customers and not just a few. They can post the conditions to their website so at least all their customers are getting the information and treated equally.

  242. Yona

    I’m having this issue now. They had a PS4 for sale and bought it Thursday (day before Black Friday but sale had started). Friday they marked it as shipped (shipping label created, UPS shows only information received. Monday morning (cybermonday) the price had dropped even more. I contacted Amazon by e-mail asking for a refund, they declined. I gave negative feedback, so they asked for a second chance to help via phone. I spoke to a woman who had first told me to return the item and buy it again. I’m living international so I have to pay import fees. She was seeing if she could get me free shipping back and a refund of import fees. After some time, she gave me to her boss, who refused to help me. I said that fact that Amazon lowered the price of something already on sale made me feel like I was getting screwed by Amazon. He told me he understands how I feel that way, and when the PS4 arrives, to claim it was damaged, and then I will get import fees back, but Amazon covers only up to $20 for shipping, and where I live, it will be more than $20 and a headache. I told the supervisor or manager that this was ridiculous and asked to speak to someone higher at Amazon. He said he is the highest person I can speak to. From the accents of everyone, it was a call center in India or Pakistan. I went to my credit card saying that it is crazy that I need to lie and say it was damaged and go through this entire ridiculous process to return the item for my money back, and to buy it at a lower price. My credit card refunded me the difference, and now Amazon sent me an e-mail saying that I agreed to a purchase, so they have the right to charge me. They want to know why I requested the refund. Until now, they have always been nice and helpful. I don’t know why the change all of a sudden.

  243. CarolynK

    I ordered 2 Lego sets and less than 24 hours later the price changed. I contacted chat because it was a $10 decrease on each item and I would not received them for another day. Chat sent me to price match rep and his name was Ahmed and extremely rude. Said no dice and ended the chat abruptly after being unresponsive in chat and then apologizing he had too many chats. He just ended the chat. I was pissed. Contacted chat and asked again, again they put me to price match who told me no. I asked for issue to be escalated to management. The chat agent said they are going to tell you no, do you still want to be transferred? I said, yes.

    The other chat agent said you bought these yesterday? I said yes. She said, okay in that case I can refund the amount. Would you like it credited to your original payment for or an amazon gift card.

    I was very happy because otherwise I would have filed a chargeback with my bank. They really need to get on the ball with this, it is leaving a sour taste in my mouth and it keeps getting worse. They think they are too big to fail but need to look at history. Empires fall and so can they. Jeff Bezos needs to get his head out of his butt and back in reality.

    • Yona

      They used to be very kind and helpful. What makes no sense to me is that most of the time, instead of just refunding the difference, they say return the item at Amazon’s expense, and reorder it for the lower price. Amazon wants to pay to ship it, return it, and ship it again, plus the slight extra labor in the warehouse to pack it, and return it, just so that they don’t have to give a slight refund…apparently they make enough money that they don’t care about wasting it, but that is not good business. And the rudeness…that is awful.

    • Steve Krause

      Glad it worked out Carolyn! Thnx for sharing your recent story.

  244. McKenzie

    I am on the phone with Amazon customer service right now trying to get a price adjustment for a kitchen item that dropped in price $40 since yesterday! My first call was disconnected during the transfer to management. Now I am on my second call, getting transferred to the pricing department, to have the conversation again before being transferred to a manager (hopefully for a successful price adjustment).

    • McKenzie

      Nope. Did not happen for me and as a final attempt I even mentioned Carolyn’s experience above, which occurred only a few days before today. I spoke with 5 people overall, and was friendly with each of them. They want me to ship it back to process a refund. Once the item is received they will process the refund and take out shipping fees from the final amount. What a horrible policy. Moral of the story is, don’t purchase from Amazon unless you are SURE you won’t get a lower price, there or elsewhere.

  245. Katie Smith

    We ordered a printer from Amazon that was already a good price, and in 3 days, it was almost $100 cheaper! As my husband is going into business for himself, every penny counts, and that is significant. I too got no help from chat and was told that shipping back would be on my dime since there was no error from Amazon’s end. I then called Amazon customer service, and the very helpful rep called FEDEX (the item hasn’t arrived yet) and attempted to refuse delivery for me. He said if it is successful then the item will be shipped back to Amazon where a full refund will be issued, and even if it isn’t we just refuse delivery when it comes tomorrow. Meantime re-order the item at the lower price. He assured me I won’t be stuck with the cost of two printers. Fingers crossed. It doesn’t make sense that they want to make matters more difficult from their end but oh well. I’ll save $100 any way I can.

  246. Osh

    Ordered Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells earlier in the month. Regular price is $249 + tax. Less than two weeks later, it dropped today to $191. I’m not returning this item using scam reasons, because it’s over 100 lbs and a hassle. The proper thing would be to get a partial refund or account credit for the difference. Started a chat for order issues and got firmly denied with a script. Fine Amazon. That’s the last order you’ll get from my account and I immediately cancelled my Student Prime. Customer service has gone downhill in the past year…

  247. Jeremy

    I attempted this today, Nov. 16th, 2017. I purchased the item 3 days ago and the partial refund was denied. Here is their response.

    I’ve reviewed your comments and understand your concern about the price decrease.

    Please allow me to explain this for you, we work hard to find the best prices out there and make sure our prices are as low or lower – changing our prices instantly if we find a lower offer somewhere else. Therefore, we don’t offer post-purchase adjustments.

    To read more about our pricing, please visit our Help pages

  248. CaptCaveman

    No joy for me on Nvidia Shield that I purchased. The price dropped by $30 on the day I received it.
    The response was along the lines of: prices fluctuate all the time so we won’t be able to price match.
    Oh well. Not a big deal. I asked for a refund. I repurchased the item at the lower price. the new one will come in and I will open the shipping box, stick in the return form, and drop it off at UPS.
    I lose $8 of the $30 I would have gotten back.
    If I want to be a stinker I can open the Shield box so they have to sell it at open item but I don’t think I’ll go through the trouble.
    On the return request I did select: found a better price. It asked where and I stated “Amazon”.

    • Steve Krause

      Just a reminder – Using your credit card to get price drop / price protection refunds is also an option. Perhaps check this out next time.

      • CaptCaveman

        This purchase was made using the Amazon store card. So I’m out of luck on that front.
        Again, not a huge deal. The item is already setup, I’ll simply send back the new one that I get at the reduced price. I still end up saving $22 bucks (instead of the full $30) and I have to pass two UPS stores to get to anyplace I normally head to on any given day anyway.
        You’d think this would be a no-brainer for Amazon customer service and other stores wouldn’t bat a eye at asking for a price match for something you’ve had for less than 24 hours.

        • Steve Krause

          Yeah – disappointing for sure. Ppl here have been reporting a mixed experience since 2016. I’ve updated the article now to explain that the program is likely no longer available.

          As a workaround, take a look at this article. Many credit cards have price protection and you may be able to get a refund going down this path.

  249. Melissa

    No luck for me today. The tablets I bought 4 days ago went down in price $20. I sent a very polite email (with no luck) and then chatted with a rep (with no luck). Both times I was told there is no way for them to give me a price adjustment partial refund, but I can always return the tablets and repurchase them at the lower price. Doesn’t make sense – more work for them to process the return and reprocess the purchase I would think. Frustrating when you’re a loyal customer that spends way too much money with their company. Frustrating too that instead of $20 savings, I have to pay the return shipping. So down to less than $15 savings. Seems the least they could do is cover the return shipping in this scenario.

  250. qwertyqwerty

    Tried chat, and phone, didn’t work.

    Bought two Sonos One @ $175 each just two days before it dropped to $156.50.
    Both customer service agents told me to reject delivery and reorder.

    But guess what? Another store is selling it at the same price without taxes.
    So guess which store isn’t getting the new order.

  251. Michael

    2017.11.23 – tried via-chat didn’t work. Item purchased via-Amazon, less than 24 hours price dropped on Amazon. They would not issue a refund. Send me a link to a page just saying Amazon doesn’t fulfill price matches- said it’s new as of September. Their solution was to return the item + re-buy at the lower price. Seems like that would cost Amazon more in the end warehouse/shipping wise. But I’m sure they’re just hoping most people won’t go through the process. The price difference was significant enough that it was worth the effort for me. So returning and re-buying.

    • Steve Krause

      Hi Michael – thanks for the comment.

      I went ahead and updated the article to let everyone know the program has officially been updated and price change refunds are no longer available directly through Amazon.

  252. Sergei

    I also wasn’t very lucky with Amazon. I purchased WoWwee Chip on 17th November just because of note “Only 1 left on the stock”. As you can guess, the price dropped by $10 on the next day, then by another $10 and finally today by the last (or maybe not) $10.
    Email didn’t work, phone call too.

  253. Shelly

    I tried today on an item that dropped $10 three days after I purchased it. The item hasn’t even been delivered yet! The Amazon rep informed me that their policy has recently changed to a no price match policy. I was told I can ship the item back (at my expense) and repurchse at the lower price. They said too many people have been price matching, so they changed the policy.

  254. Steve Krause

    Comments have been closed – For more details on receiving price protection refunds, please see this groovyPost tutorial which details a popular program supported by most credit card providers –



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