Find All Devices Connected to Your Home Network the Easy Way

If you have a ton of computers and smart devices connected to your home network, the Fing app makes finding their IP address a simple affair.

When it comes to connecting PCs and other smart devices to your home network, you’re letting them pull a dynamically assigned IP address from your Wi-Fi router. And, there might be times when you need the IP address of another computer or device, so you can remotely access it. Or, maybe you have a smart speaker or other IoT device that’s conflicting with other devices on your network, and you’re trying to troubleshoot and resolve conflicts. There are many scenarios where you would need the IP address of a device or want to monitor what’s connected. Whatever the reason, you want a fast and easy way to do it, and the free Fing app gets the job done.

We previously looked at the free utility Advanced IP Scanner that you run on your PC. It will scan your network and provide a list of all connected devices and their network name and IP address. The Fing app is similar because it shows you everything connected — from printers to smart plugs — down to the device type and manufacturer. It’s a robust networking tool that works straight from the palm of your hand.

Use Fing to Find the IP of All Connected Devices

Fing is a free app available for iOS and Android. Once you install it, launch the app, and it will scan your home network. The amount of time it takes will vary depending on your network speed and the number of connected devices. If you have a lot going on, you might be surprised to see the number of connecting things to your network.

It’s also worth noting that Fing can be your security app. This will help detect unwanted intrusions from nearby devices from your neighbors, for example. It can even be of use while you’re on vacation! There have been creepy stories of Airbnb owners spying on renters by hiding cameras and other listening devices in the house. If you’re concerned about that, fire up Fing and scan the network to verify a rogue device is not accounted for in the home.

There’s a lot more to Fing than just discovering IPs. It includes a host of other network admin tools like Wake-on-Lan, traceroute, DNS Lookups, Port Scans, and more. The company also sells its own Fingbox device for $129.99. It’s a plug & play device to secure and troubleshoot your smart home. But the most helpful part of the app — finding all your devices — is free. If you’re a hardcore IT geek, you might want to look into the advanced network monitoring services the company offers.

Give Fing a try and let us know what you think. Or, if you have a suggestion for a different network discovery tool, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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1 Comment

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    Fing is Removed from Google play store

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