How To Enable One-Tap Two-Factor Authentication on Your Google Account

Two-factor authentication is a great security measure, and I can’t recommend to you enough how important it is to enable it to your Google account.

laptop-securityTwo-factor authentication is a great security measure, and I can’t recommend to you enough how important it is to enable it to your Google account (and all other services that support anything similar).

However, always having to start an app and then typing a code can be quite annoying, especially if you’re always using shared devices, which translates into having to go through the process on a daily basis.

Well, Google must have thought the same way when it has decided to offer something called One-Tap Two Step Verification. Namely, you just tap Yes in a prompt that’s shown on your phone when you’re trying to log in, and you’re ready to go.

Before we take a look at how the feature is enabled, check out our guides about two-factor authentication:

Now, it’s essential to know that prompts will work both on iPhone and iPad, as well as Android. For the Apple devices, you’ll need to have the Google App installed, while for Android devices, the latest Google Play Services should suffice.

I will be going through the steps for Android, but the process is essentially the same in iOS.

To start things, you’ll first have to turn on 2-step verification (if you already have it enabled, you can skip this first part). You can do so at this address (you will have to sign into your Google account). Click Get Started – you may be asked to re-enter your password.

Google 2-step verification get started

You will be asked what number you want to use.

Google 2-step verification text

After you chose whether you prefer to get a code via text or phone call, you will be asked to input said code.

Google 2-step verification code

If it’s correct, you will be able to activate 2-step verification.

Google 2-step verification active

Once that’s done, scroll all the way to Google Prompt in the dedicated page (the one that’s shown once you’ve activated the security measure). Click Add Phone, then Get Started. Once you’ve added a phone, you can return here and add more, if needed.

Google 2-step verification prompt

Select your phone from the list (if you have more than one in your Google account). It only needs to have a screen lock in place – the page will tell if you whether it does or not.

Google 2-step verification phone select

Once you click Next, this window will be shown. Click Try It.

Google 2-step verification try

A prompt like the one below will be shown on the phone. Once you tap Yes, you’re good to go. The same prompt will appear every time you sign in from a new device.

Google 2-step verification phone notification prompt

You can, of course, choose to bypass this for devices you trust. Just tick the box next to Don’t ask again on this computer.

Google 2-step verification bypass

I believe that this is the easiest to use two-factor authentication method around and that Google has done a brilliant job implementing it.

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1 Comment

  1. Alex Leopold

    July 29, 2016 at 5:52 am

    Which app for IOS? Uh no link?

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