How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on LastPass

LastPass is an online company that has created a useful and secure password manager for your web browser. As a password manager, this is one account that you want to make sure is secure as possible. When it comes to online security there isn’t a much better way to go about it than using two-step authentication. We talk about Two Factor Authentication all the time. And if you haven’t heard about it yet, you won’t be able to say that for long. Here’s how to set it up for LastPass.

Enable 2FA for LastPass

Sign in to your LastPass account and click the Settings button from the Actions list at the left of the control panel.

LastPass Actions Settings

An Edit Settings window will pop up. Click the Security Tab and then click “Print your Grid”.

Edit Settings Security Tab print grid

LastPass will take you to a page with a number-by-letter grid. This grid is unique to your account and can only be used by you. Right click the page and select Print.

lastpass multifactor grid

If you’re using Chrome you can change the Destination to a PDF or just print it out on a piece of paper. Then make sure you put this grid somewhere that’s secure where you won’t lose it. Personally I chose to create a PDF of mine and email it to myself using my Gmail account which has  Two Factor security enabled as well.

print to pdf in chrome

Once you’re sure that you have your grid saved somewhere safe. Check the “Grid Multifactor Authentication” box and then click OK in the warning window that appears.

grid multifcator authentication

At the bottom of the page save changes by clicking Update. Then confirm changes by entering your Master Password.

updateconfirm master password

Now when you sign in to your LastPass account, it will require using numbers and letters from the grid. The log in process will look normal up until after you enter your username and password. After that it will prompt you to enter four digits that can be found only by using the grid unique to your account.

multifactor authentication login

Now your LastPass account is significantly more secure than it would be without the grid. Even if someone accesses your password and email address to log in, they still won’t be able to hijack your account unless they have the grid too. Groovy!

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