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How To Enable Two Factor Auth for Google Apps Users

Yesterday I explained how to enable two factor authentication on Google accounts however if you’re a Google Apps user, you probably noticed the 2-step verification feature (another name for two factor authentication) wasn’t visible in your account settings. By default the feature is disabled on Google Apps Domains so before you can enable it, your systems administrator will need to enable it in the Google Apps Admin Dashboard. Here’s how they do it.

Login to the Google Apps Admin Dashboard.

Manage Google Apps Domain

Click the Advanced Tools Tab.

click advanced tools

Check the box Allow users to turn on 2-step authentication.

Note: Once the box is checked, the 2-step auth. feature will be instantly for all Google Apps users on that account.

check box allow users to turn on 2-step authenticiation

Test the setting by going to the Security section under your Account. You should now be able to enable Google 2-Step Verification.

2-step verification available for google apps


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