How to Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

Chromium-based browsers like Edge can hog many resources, but you can enable Efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge to help performance.

The Microsoft Edge web browser has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Recently, Microsoft added a new Efficiency Mode to the browser that is meant to improve the browser’s overall performance on your PC.

Efficiency mode helps to enhance battery life and reduce system resource usage. For example, browsers built with Chromium like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are infamous for hogging RAM and CPU cycles.

So, to mitigate system resource gluttonous behavior, battery life is saved, and Edge is more responsive. So, here’s how to enable efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge.

Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

Edge put background tabs to sleep after five minutes of inactivity with the performance-enhancing efficiency mode feature. It also helps in reallocating CPU and RAM resources. If Edge struggles with performance and responsiveness, turning on efficiency mode can help.

To Enable Efficiency Mode on Edge, use the following steps:

  1. The easiest method is to use the toolbar icon. Click the ellipsis (three-dot) button in the upper-right corner.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge
  2. Select Performance from the menu that appears.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge
  3. After clicking the Performance option, the Efficiency mode button will appear – toggle it to the On position.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge
  4. If you want the Efficiency mode button on the toolbar for easy access, click the Tack icon to pin it.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge
  5. Or, you can click the ellipsis button, choose Settings, and select Appearance from the settings on the left. Then toggle on the Performance button under the Select which buttons to show on the toolbar section on the right.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge
  6. Now you can click the Performance button and ascertain the amount of performance gained using Efficiency mode.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

You can also enable or disable efficiency mode directly in Settings. This process takes a few steps, but it will work if you don’t want to clutter your toolbar.

To enable or disable efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge, do the following:

  1. Launch Edge on your computer and click the ellipsis (three-dot) button in the upper-right corner.Enable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click Settings.browser settings
  3. Click System and performance from the Settings list on the left. Toggle the Turn on efficiency mode button based on your preference.system performance
  4. If you’re on a laptop, there are a few more options. Choose Turn on efficiency mode when Unplugged, low battery, Unplugged, Always, and Never.laptop options

Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

There are a few things to note about Efficiency mode. First, it works differently on different platforms, namely macOS and Windows. On Windows, efficiency mode turns on when Battery Saver turns on. On macOS, it turns on when the battery is at 20%.

It’s also worth noting that efficiency mode only works when you have Sleeping tabs turned on. Also, while it’s an excellent feature, sometimes playing videos or animations will cause them to freeze up or buffer. In that instance, you’ll want to disable efficiency mode for best results.

You can do other things with the browser, like delete download history and clear cookies for specific websites in Edge. There’s also a hidden Math Solver tool tucked away in Microsoft Edge.

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