How to Enable Sleeping Tabs in Microsoft Edge to Save Memory

Sleeping Tabs is a new feature coming to Microsoft Edge that will help save RAM on your PC. Here’s how to enable and use the feature.

One of the most overlooked resource hogs on your computer is your browser. This is especially true if you have tons of tabs open all the time. Even if you aren’t using them, open tabs can be soaking up system resources. Microsoft is aiming to help alleviate that problem in its Microsoft Edge browser.

One of the new features coming to the stable release of Microsoft Edge is called Sleeping Tabs. This feature helps save on system resources by putting inactive tabs to sleep. You can already access this feature in the Dev and Canary builds of the browser. But you can enable and manage it now in the stable version of Edge. Here’s how to do it.

Enable Sleeping Tabs in Microsoft Edge.

To enable Sleeping Tabs in the stable version of Edge (Version 87 at the time of this writing) you will need to enable an experimental flag. To do that launch Microsoft Edge and paste the following path into the address bar and hit Enter.


The “Enable Sleeping Tabs” flag will be highlighted. Click the dropdown menu next to it and change it to Enabled. After that, you will need to restart the browser. Click the Restart button that comes up at the bottom of the page.

Once your browser is restarted click the Settings and more (three dots) button and choose Settings from the menu.

Edge Settings

Next, click on System from the list in the left panel. Under the “Save resources” section you can turn the Sleeping Tabs feature on or off. You can also choose the amount of time a tab is inactive before it is put to sleep. You can also add sites that you never want to put to sleep by clicking the Add button. Then type in the URL for the site.

save resources

When a site is in sleep mode it will be dimmed and less bright than your other active tabs.

sleeping tabs

When a tab is in sleep mode it will be less bright than the active ones.

If you tend to keep a bunch of tabs open in Edge, enabling Sleeping Tabs will help save system resources. And according to internal testing at Microsoft, sleeping tabs can reduce RAM usage by up to 26% on your system.

Try Beta Versions of Edge

Remember you can test out the latest features coming to the stable release of Edge by downloading an Insider build. Just head to the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels page. There you can choose from the Beta, Dev, or Canary channels. While the Insider builds give you new features first, keep in mind that beta builds of the browser will be less stable. But you can download early builds as a separate browser. That will allow you to test out new features first and still keep the stable build on your PC for your main browser.

And if you are looking for more features coming to the stable version of Edge check out how to enable startup boost.

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