How to Enable Dark Mode on the New Microsoft Edge

Dark mode is all the rage these days and the new Microsoft Edge comes with it. Here’s how to enable it on desktop and mobile.

Ah, dark mode. Most everyone loves it and most apps and operating systems have it. You have been able to enable dark mode on Windows 10 for a few years now. Apple includes a dark mode for macOS Mojave or later. And it recently added Dark Mode with iOS 13. You can enable a system-wide dark mode on Android, too.

So it should come as no surprise that the new Microsoft Edge browser comes with a dark mode as well. Here’s a look at how to turn it on.

Enable the Dark Theme for Microsoft Edge on Desktop

After installing Microsoft Edge you can turn on its dark mode or theme by clicking the Options button (three dots) in the upper-right corner of the browser and click Settings.

Then choose Appearance from the left column. Under the “Customize browser” section, change the theme from “Light” to “Dark” from the dropdown menu.

You can also switch it to System default which will change the Edge between light or dark mode based on how your system’s theme is configured.

Tip: To get to the Appearance section easier just copy and paste the following path into the address bar and hit Enter:


Enable Dark Mode for Microsoft Edge on Mobile

You can enable the dark theme on the mobile versions of Edge, too. On iPhone head to Settings > Theme and there you can select from four choices: Default (Microsoft Edge), Device, Light, or Dark.

On Android, it’s a bit different. Head to Settings > Appearance > Theme and there you will have the same four choices to choose from as you do on iOS.

Remember that Microsoft Edge is now truly cross-platform. It’s available for Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, Android, and iOS. Microsoft says a Linux version later this year, too. Windows 10 users will get the new Edge via Windows Update. But anyone can download Edge now to their device of choice.

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