How To Edit PDF Files for Free using Word 2013

With Word 2013, you can edit PDF files out-of-the-box with no additional tools needed. I’ve taken a few screenshots of the process including a groovy video demonstrating the new feature.

Word 2013 has a groovy new feature that allows you to edit, merge or split PDF files all for free. This feature alone almost makes the upgrade worth it IMHO… The process is fast, easy and the best part – Free for those with a copy of Word 2013.

How to Edit PDF Files using Word 2013 for Free | groovyPost TV


How to Edit PDF Files using Word 2013 for Free | Step-by-Step Screenshot Tour

Start by opening up the PDF file in Word 2013. Click File

word 2013 - how to edit pdf files

Navigate to where the PDF is stored and open like you word any other file.

word 2013 - how to edit pdf files - open your file

word 2013 - how to edit pdf files - open your file

Once the file opens, you can edit the PDF file like any other word document. Edit text, delete pages or add more pages as needed just as you would with any other word document. When you’re done, save the document as a PDF using the Save-As or Export Command

word 2013 - how to edit pdf files - save as a PDF


Being able to edit PDF files is a huge new feature in Word 2013. For me personally, it will be a huge time saver in the long-term. In my testing, text documents turned out perfectly have I did find that Word had a few issues when working with image heave PDF documents. In a few cases Word 2013 would screw up the format and make the document unusable without heavily modifying it.

I also found that if the PDF is larger than just a few pages, it can take Word 2013 a few minutes to open the file in edit mode. For example, I’ve been using this new feature to merge together a few personal legal documents which are each 50+ pages and even on my new PC, it took Word 2 – 3 minutes to open the files. Honestly, not a big deal considering how awesome this new feature is. Big thank you out to Microsoft on this one!



  1. Just tried it. Great and really useful stuff. Worked pretty fast, too.

  2. Oh wow! This is huge man. When I worked in IT the business dept always wanted to do this and we had to purchase Adobe Acrobat for all the seats…this is a reason to move to 2013 alone.

    • Oh yeah, cost savings and just a simplified workflow. Very nice update!

  3. Chris  

    Thanks for Video !!!

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