Change the Windows 7 Logon Background the Easy Way

Changed Windows 7 logon background easy

In a few of our previous tutorials, we’ve shown you how to easily change the start menu orb in Windows 7 and also how you can enable Dream Scene on Windows 7 . Today we’ll show you yet another cool and easy customization trick – changing the logon screen in Windows 7.

Although we’ve already covered this How-To using the Registry method, in today’s groovyPost we will use a simple tool to do the same thing.

Step 1 – Download TweaksLogon

TweaksLogon is a free tool for Windows 7 that allows you to easily change the logon screen hassle- and worry-free. You can grab your copy from this link and move on with the tutorial.

UpdateWindows 7 Logon Background Changer is another free tool you can use for changing your background.

tweaks download


Step 2

When you open the program, it should look like this:

launch tweaks

To change your logon screen, press the Change Logon Screen button…

change logon screen

…and then pick any image you want from your computer:

choose background

If your image is a bit too large, you might get the warning below, but you can simply ignore it and press the Yes button:

possible error

Your TweaksLogon windows should now have a slightly different look, as you can see below

login changed

…and, obviously, so will your logon screen (after you press the Test button, of course)!:



Here you go – fun and easy! Do you have any favorite Windows customization tools?  Which is your favorite Windows tweak? Drop a note in the comments or send your tips to tips@groovypost!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. gbulldog

    March 3, 2012 at 10:48 am

    The Tweaks backgound changer program contains adware/spyware. Do Not download…

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