Create Custom Laptop Low Battery Audio Alerts

When busy working on your laptop, you’re not always keeping your eyes on the battery level. Here’s how to get a custom low battery alert when you need it.

Most laptop computers will let you know when their battery percentage is getting low – either by an audible or visual alert that’s usually set to around 5-10%. But what if you would rather know where your power is at an earlier state, thus giving you more of a heads-up?

When you’re busy getting things done, chances are you’re not constantly keeping your eyes on the battery level on the taskbar. Here’s how to get a low battery alert when you need it.

Create Custom Low Battery Alert

Go to Control Panel > Power Options and Change Plan Settings for the plan you want to tweak, and then click Change advanced power settings.

Change advanced power settings

Or to get there easier in Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, search for “change power” and select Change power-saving settings.


In the Advanced Power Options window, scroll down the list and expand Battery, then Low Battery Level, and click the one you want to change – when plugged in or not – and change it to the custom percentage you want; then click OK.

Advanced Battery Options

Notice in this section you can change other percentages like Critical Level, and even choose what happens when the battery gets to a particular state – for instance: Do nothing, Sleep, Hibernate, or Shutdown.

battery settings

When you’re traveling and trying to get work done, the last thing you need is to be surprised at how low your battery is and have a frantic search for a power source!

By setting the level alert to a custom alert setting like 20-25% versus 5-10%, you’ll have a better chance at knowing when you need to plug in and power back up.

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