How to Create Booklets Using Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word is primarily known for its word processing features, but it has some surprisingly decent desktop publishing functions, too.

A couple of years ago, I was tasked with revising the rulebook for students at a local high school. I had two choices, Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word. Knowing I would be collaborating with fellow colleagues on the project, Microsoft Word turned out to be the best choice; since everybody had it installed. Microsoft Word is primarily known for its word processing features, but it has some surprisingly decent desktop publishing functions too. You can create flyers, newsletters and of course, booklets. In this article, we show you how to prepare one using the latest version, Microsoft Word 2016.

Prepare a Document as a Booklet in Microsoft Word 2016

Before you can start entering content into your booklet, you need to setup Microsoft Word first. Click the Layout tab then click the Page formatting options button. This will bring up the Page Setup modal dialog.


Click in the Multiple pages list box then select Book fold; you will notice your options have changed.


A preview of what a booklet will look like is generated. You can make further adjustments for the Gutter, which is a fancy name for the margins within the middle of the page. You can decide how close to the center you want the text to be.


If you enable the ruler View tab > Ruler, within the show group, you can then manually adjust it to your satisfaction. After setting up the page, proceed to enter your text and graphics.


When you are done, you can preview what your booklet looks like and make appropriate adjustments for printing. To do that, click File > Print. You will get a visual idea of what your booklet looks like, if you want to make further adjustments, just click the Back button then make your changes.

When you are ready to print the document, click in the Pages list box under Settings and select Manually Print on Both Sides. If you have a printer with duplex support (print on both sides), just click Print, and it should take care of it automatically.


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  1. For an 8.5″ x 11″ paper size when I click on “Landscape” Word assumes I want an 8.5″ tall page for the booklet. When I click on “Portrait” Word assumes a 4.25″ tall page.

    I’m wanting my booklet to have an 11″ tall page with the corresponding narrower width (in other words, the center crease would run “vertically” along the 11″ dimension of each page) … how do I get that? … or does Word simply not provide that functionality?

  2. SShannon2  

    At times I need to print just a few pages from my booklet. This was not possible in previous versions of Word. Is it possible in Word 2016 to print, for example, pages 5-10 (with their corresponding facing pages and back pages)? Thank You.

  3. wheelsey_4  

    Would love a few lessons in Excel, Andre. I really need to learn how to work with spreadsheets. Soon, I’m going to have to start taking over my attendant care payroll.

  4. Nicole Jordan  

    There is no little arrow in the corner of the layout tab, so I cannot even make my way to step two…

    • Demi Taylor  

      same anyone help please!!!

      Also i’m using mac.

  5. Amy  

    Are there any options to print a booklet that is 5.5×4.25 (1/4 sheet size)?

  6. LeNore  

    Hey, I used to do this all the time in my previous version of word. Now with 2016 I can’t get it to physically print in book page order. It puts page one in a weird random place. I’ve tried printing to PDF, sometimes this helped with older versions of word and publisher. I can’t get any of the old tricks to work with word 2016. When you print it does it print in the order you need it to copy front to back and staple into booklets?

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