How to Change the DNS Setting on Your Apple TV

If you’re experiencing slow performance on your Apple TV and nothing seems to work, try changing the DNS settings.

Have you been getting slow performance from your Apple TV? Perhaps apps are loading slow and streams keep buffering? You’ve probably tried the basic troubleshooting steps like rebooting your router and modem, checking cables, etc. But nothing seems to work. Well, another thing you can try is changing the DNS settings.

There are many alternative DNS services out there like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS. And just last year Cloudflare launched its DNS service. In fact, there’s even a Cloudflare DNS app. It allows you to change your DNS service on iOS or Android devices with a touch of a button.

But if you want to change the DNS service on your Apple TV you need to go in and do it manually. Here’s how.

Configure Your DNS Settings on Apple TV

  1. Fire up your Apple TV and head to Settings > Network and then choose your network. It will say either Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on how your Apple TV is connected. Then scroll down and select Configure DNS.

  1. On the following screen select the Manual.

  1. Now enter the address of the DNS service you want to use. So, for example, here I am using Cloudflare’s service. So, is entered in as 001.001.001. Or, if you were using OpenDNS you would set it to or

Whichever service you end up using after you set the IP address select the Done button.

That’s all there is to it. Now it’s worth noting that if you change the DNS setting while using Wi-Fi and you hardwire it later; the DNS setting will revert to automatic. And vice-versa.

Change DNS Settings on Your Other Devices

While it is easier to just change the DNS setting on your Wi-Fi router, you can configure the DNS providers on individual devices, too. That way, your device can take advantage of that service regardless of the network it’s connected to.

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Why Alternate DNS Settings?

In addition to speed, alternative DNS services can improve privacy and other benefits. OpenDNS offers content filtering on the router level, for example. Also, keep in mind that it’s important to try different DNS services to see which one works the best. In the end, you might find you that your ISP’s service is the best.

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