Cloudflare Rolls Out its DNS Apps for iOS and Android

Cloudflare launched its DNS service earlier this year and today it rolled out an app for iOS and Android that makes changing your DNS service simple.

Earlier this year, Cloudflare launched its DNS service for more secure and fast internet browsing. And now, the company is bringing its alternative DNS service to users on iOS and Android with an easy-to-use app. Of course, you could already add Cloudflare’s DNS to any individual device like your phone or tablet, a computer, or a game console. Or, take the broad approach and cover everything connected to your network by adding it to a home router.

But the new app makes things easier in the mobile space and provides a one-tap on/off switch. This makes it much easier than digging through your device’s settings to use the free DNS service.

Cloudflare DNS App for Android and iOS

Cloudflare DNS service is a faster and more secure way to browse the web. In fact, the company touts a 28% faster result when resolving a host. With the DNS service, Cloudflare handles all your DNS information when you browse to a site or launch an app that connects to the web. Using an alternative DNS service usually means you get a faster web browsing experience than using your ISP. To put it simply, the web pages you visit load faster. It’s beneficial if you’re in an area with slow internet connections.

In addition to the speed, you also gain better privacy. When funneling your DNS through Cloudflare, it makes it more difficult for your ISP to know the sites you’re visiting. It also protects against having your connection censored or hijacked to ensure you get to the site you want. The company wipes all logs of DNS queries within 24 hours, and that claim is audited by the global networking firm KPMG.

Of course, it isn’t as secure as using a VPN to protect your internet privacy, but it is better than nothing. We have covered other DNS services like Google’s public DNS — but doesn’t Google know enough about us already? There is also OpenDNS which has more configurable features, and some of our readers find it’s faster than from Cloudflare. I have had good luck with since it was launched earlier this year and am sticking with it. But it’s best to experiment and find the one that works best for you.

Using the app is easy. Just launch it and tap through the short introduction and then tap to turn it on and off. Again, this makes it is much easier to switch your DNS service while on the go. Another interesting note about this release is the company decided to launch the app today on 11.11 – get it?

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