Change the Kindle Fire HD Search from Bing to Google

When the first Kindle Fire came out last year, the default search provider for its Silk web browser was Google. This time around, Amazon has partnered with Microsoft and made Bing the default on the Kindle Fire HD. Here’s how to change it back to Google.

Update: This article was written when the first Fire HD was released. On newer Fire tablets you can change the search engine via Advanced Settings directly from the Silk browser.

To change it to Google, from the Home Screen tap on Web.

Web from Home Screen

Open a web page and click the menu icon then Settings.

On the next screen tap Search Engine.

Search Engine

Now tap Google on the Search Engine windows that pops up.

Switch to Google

Now when you go back to the web browser and type a search term into the address bar, the results will show up in Google. Also, if you’re heavily invested in Google services, you can sign in to your account and use them like normal.

Google Search Kindle Fire HD

If you haven’t used Bing much, since it’s the default, you might want to try it out for a while. I’ve found it a refreshing new way to search in Windows 8. But, if you’re all about Google search and services, switching to it is easy.



  1. rosa kiser

    I’m so glad I found your article!!! I was unhappy with Bing, I tried using it but I have difficulty finding what I need…it’s not as user friendly as google!! Really glad that I am able to switch it out. THANK YOU!!!

  2. www

    Wonderful, what a weblog it is! This website presents helpful data to us,
    keep it up.

  3. dawnelle

    When I click my menu button settings is not an option. :( Is there another way…I HATE BING!!!

    • iynque

      Figured it out: drag from the top, tap more in The top right corner. Go to Application settings and scroll to find Silk browser. From there you can change the default search engine.

      • Gail


  4. Jocelyn Roberts

    Well I searched for Change the Kindle Fire HD Search from Bing
    to Google title and discovered this, never thought i’d
    find the answer

  5. john

    I hate Bing and more than that I hate how it overrides your preference setting every time you change it to Goggle ! The main reason is the fact that they shove it down your throat ! If you follow your instructions above you may get 1 or two searches done then Bing overrides your choice and changes your setting back to Bing. Why does Kindle even give you the choice (Very temporarily as it is). I love the Kindle except for Bing and there obnoxious way of forcing you to use them. I will not purchase another Kindle due to this problem and the lack of respect that Microsoft and Kindle give to their customers preferences. I currently have 5 kindles for my family and will use another product in the future !

  6. Heather

    Ahh!Thank you so much!! I couldnt figure this out and really dispise Bing!

  7. Jolie


    • Ashley

      I am having the same issue

      • Anon

        Me too, really annoying and can’t find anyway to stop this. In the search engine settings it says Google but everything comes up in bullcrap Bing. I got mine for Xmas it looks like this is an issue with the new tablets this year.

        • John

          You can’t change it. Until Amazon changes it themselves, Google “How to get Google Play Store on the Kindle”. I did it to mine , my wife’s and my four grandkids. Amazon doesn”t want you to know how because they want you to buy apps from them. Which I can understand, but really that type of thinking is along the Apple priority type of thinking. Google will allow Amazon in but Amazon doesn’t want Google in. Anyway, once you get Google Play Store downloaded, download the Chrome app like you would on your computer, and you won’t have to hit Silk anymore, just use Chrome.

          • Kim G

            Thanks! Bing sucks! I was about to send all three of these Fire tablets back because of this stupid Bing issue.

  8. Googlefan

    This changes the search engine when you access the internet via the silk icon, but not if you type into the search bar at the top of the fire home screen.

    Anyone know how to change the default search bar please?

  9. Marita Nelson

    Why is there even a place to change search engines. It’s a dummy button. Doesn’t change a thing. Is ipad a better choice next time I purchase?

  10. Lynelle

    I did this and it is still BING….HEEEEELP. I am debating on whether to return it or not….

  11. Tyjen


  12. Arie

    So glad to be able to use google. Bing did not have secure parental controls and allowed kids to be able to see inappropriate content very easily. Searched for many different options on how to block content. So far I’ve added my kid to a Microsoft family plan and an app for monitoring content. Was moments away from ordering new, child type tablet but I’m optimistic this will provide the controls i need.

  13. RossC

    Just set up my new Kindle Fire 7 and didn’t want Bing..
    Your simple, clear instructions made it possible to change to Google search..
    Thank you..

  14. Joe

    Change those ways! Bing is just as good ..perhaps even better than Google. That’s my experience anyway.

  15. ben

    doesnt work bing still comes up

  16. Martin

    The only option is Bing In the Advanced Engine. (Our other tv had Google as an option)

    What can be done to fix this problem?

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