How to Change the Color and Appearance in Windows 10 Creators Update

Creators Update includes even more options for personalizing your colors in Windows 10.

The latest release of Windows 10—dubbed the Creators Update—continues to refine many aspects of the user experience. Some of these new improvements show up in the Colors tab in Settings. These are subtle, yet notable changes that let users choose more color options for their window chrome. In this article, we check out how to use them along with existing options available in the Anniversary Update and previous releases.

How to Use the Color and Appearance Settings in Windows 10 Creators Update

One of the first improvements users will see is the color history, which preserves a collection of the most frequently used color profiles.

You can also choose from a wider color palette than the standard 49. So, if you prefer hot pink or emerald green or navy blue, you can now choose it to your exact specifications using the Custom color option.

windows 10 creators update colors

Users can also access advanced options and modify the Red, Green, and Blue color levels to produce a spectrum of color shades to their liking.

windows 10 creators update personlize colors

The Creators Update cleans up and reorganizes the accent color area. Transparency now has a dedicated toggle, while specific options for Start, taskbar and action center are now checkboxes.

custom windows 10 creators update colors

If you use apps like Mail, Groove, and Photos, you can modify the dark and light theme behaviors in each app. Click the cog setting icon, then scroll down or click personalization to choose a color mode. Mail, in particular, includes a more extensive collection of color and theme options than any of the bundled apps in Windows 10. Hopefully, these will be extended to other apps in the future.

creators update widows 10 personalize custom colors

In addition to the new color options in Creators Update, users can look forward to a new themes interface. You can also access a new Themes category from the Windows Store, which makes it easy to download a variety of wallpapers. If you are looking for more ways to personalize Windows 10, check out our previous article about how to backup Windows Spotlight images, enable the systemwide dark theme and customize the Start menu.



  1. barbara miller

    I did not want the colors changed. They colors are now not natural and the increased intensity has interfered with my ability to clearly discern letters as well.

    My whole experience is changed and I have work to do. Very resentful and hope you can offered detailed information on how to correct without my having to hire a computer person to make the adjustment.

    Unwanted and unsolicited changes are often annoying

  2. varun gupta

    thanks for the information

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