Microsoft Excel: Add Windows Calculator to the Quick Access Toolbar

Do you like to perform quick calculations using Windows Calculator while working in Excel? If you want to save time, add Calculator to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Note: This guide is written using Excel 2007 but it will work on Excel 2010 too.

Click on Office button and open Excel Options.

Excel Calculator 1

In Office 2o1o, click File >> Options.

Click on Customize from left sidebar.

Excel Calculator 2

Now, expand Choose Commands From menu and select Commands Not In The Ribbon.

Excel Commands

It will show you a huge list of applications and commands available to add to the Excel Quick Access Toolbar. Find Calculator and Click on Add button. Click OK.

Excel Calculator

Now, you will see a small Calculator icon in Excel Quick Access Toolbar. Click on it and it will open Windows Calculator.

Excel Toolbar

If you need to access the Calculator while working in your Excel spreadsheets, this make it easier than navigating through the Start menu.



  1. Essam  

    Thank You!

  2. Is it terrible that I keep a physical calculator within reach and use that one more frequently than the obviously superior one on my computer? I don’t understand why, I’m a total technology addict… but I can’t kick the calculator habit. In any case, maybe throwing it in the QAT will be useful. I should probably also pin it to my taskbar… thanks for the idea!

    • Hi Stacy — Thanks for commenting. I’ll tell ya what, use what works. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. ;)

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