How to Add and Edit Music in TikTok Videos

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Whether sappy, silly, or in between, you can add music in TikTok to make your videos pop. Browse the collection and pick a tune.

If there’s one thing that can make a TikTok video stand out, it’s music. You can bring whatever feeling to your video you want with a tune. Whether you want to create a heartfelt emotion or a belly laugh, you can add and edit songs in your TikTok videos easily with music in the app.

Discover Music in TikTok

The way that TikTok offers up its music choices lets you browse the selection before you even create a video. What makes this cool is that you might discover a song or artist that you love. You can then save a song so that it’s at your fingertips and ready to use anytime.

There are two ways to check out the music on TikTok: browsing the Sounds collection and watching a current video.

Browse Sounds

  1. To browse the collection, open TikTok and tap Discover.
  2. At the top, select the Sounds tab.
  3. You’ll see popular songs, sounds, and musical effects with an option at the top to Search if you like. Tap the cover image to listen to it or the title to open the detail screen and hear the full song if applicable.
  4. After tapping either the cover or the song, you can see videos that use the sound. This can give you some inspiration for using that same tune yourself.
  5. Add the song to your Favorites by tapping the bookmark icon on either the Sounds list or the song detail screen. (We’ll show you how to use those Favorites below.)
  6. To use the tune immediately, open the detail screen and tap Use this sound at the bottom.

View Sounds in TikTok

Watch a Video

Maybe you’re watching a video on TikTok and like the song that accompanies it. You can get details about the song, add it to your Favorites, or use it right away.

While watching the video, tap the sound icon on the bottom right of the screen. This takes you to the detail page to listen to the full song (if applicable), see other videos using the tune, tap Add to Favorites, or Use this Sound.

View Sound From a Video

Add Music to Your TikTok Video

You don’t have to look for music in TikTok before creating your video. You can access the same options as above immediately before or after capturing your video.

Tap the plus sign to record your video as you normally would and do one of the following.

Add Sound Before Recording

  1. To find a song before recording, tap Add Sound at the top.
  2. Browse the collection, Search for something in particular, or choose Favorites to use a saved song.
  3. To include a song, tap it and then tap the checkmark in red that appears.

You’ll then see the song title at the top of your video recording screen. You can then capture your video as you normally would, and the song will be included.

Add Sound Before Recording

Add Sound After Recording

  1. To add music after recording and before sharing, tap Sounds at the bottom of the video editing screen.
  2. In the Sounds bar, swipe through popular options, tap More to open the Sounds collection, or select Favorites to include a saved song.
  3. Once you select a song, you’ll see it highlighted in the Sounds bar at the bottom.

Add Sound After Recording

Edit Music in Your TikTok Video

After you pick a song to go with your video, you can make a couple of changes before posting. You can adjust the part of the song clip you want to use, and you can edit the volume for your video and the song.

Select Sounds at the bottom of the editing screen. Tap the video clip icon in the Sounds bar and edit one or both of the following.

Edit Sound Icon in TikTok

Clip: Drag the sound clip to the place you want to start for your video and tap the checkmark when you finish.

Volume: Tap Volume and use the sliders for Original Sound (your video’s audio) and Added Sound (your added song) to adjust the volume for each. This lets you change the volume of each independently for the exact balance you want.

Edit Music in a TikTok Video

When you finish adjusting the music, continue to edit or share your video like normal.

Include Awesome Music in Your TikTok Video

No matter what type of song you want to include with your video, TikTok has a terrific collection. Consider taking a few moments to explore a tune that fits and makes your video even better with songs in all genres.

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