Activate Open Windows by Hovering the Mouse Over Them

Make navigating multiple open programs in Windows easier by making the mouse easier to use.Check out this cool feature in Windows.

Did you know that you can activate an open program screen by just hovering your mouse pointer over it? To save yourself from grueling mouse clicks, check out this cool feature in Windows.

Normally when you have multiple program screens open on the Windows desktop, you need to click the one you want so it displays on top. Or you can click the one you want from the taskbar.

Make the Mouse in Windows Easier to Use

In Windows 7 click the Start menu and go to Control Panel.

Active Window Mouse 1

Or bring it up from the desktop in Windows 8 from the power user menu.

Then open Ease of Access options.

Active Window Mouse 2

Under Ease of Access Center, click on Change How Your Mouse Works option.

Active Windows Mouse 3

Check the box that says Activate a Window by Hovering Over It with the Mouse. Then click OK and close out of Control Panel.

Active Window Mouse 4

From this point on, whenever you hover your mouse on a window underneath others, it will come to the top. No clicking required. Aren’t you glad you’ll save so many mouse clicks?

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