Windows 10 Tip: Disable the Touchpad when a Mouse is Connected


Tired of accidentally moving or clicking the mouse while typing? This tip will help.

Windows 10 includes several new multi-touch gestures you can use with your touchpad on a laptop or Surface Pro. However, some people prefer to use a traditional mouse instead. While you could disable the touchpad completely, you might want to switch between the touchpad and separate mouse. If so, you might want to have Windows turn off the touchpad when a USB or Bluetooth mouse is connected. Here’s how to do it.

Note: The option in Windows 10 Settings will only show up if you have a precision touchpad. If you don’t have one, you can still change the settings by using mouse options in the classic Control Panel or with third-party utilities.

If you aren’t sure if you have a precision touchpad, just go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad and if you don’t have one you’ll only have a few options.

non precision touchpad settings

Here is an example of a laptop without a precision touchpad. Notice there is only one option for its behavior.

But if you do have a precision touchpad, you’ll see a lot more settings to configure.

Precision Options

Disable Touchpad when a Mouse is Connected

To set this up with a precision touchpad, head to Settings > Devices > Touchpad. Then uncheck the “Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected” option.


If you don’t have a precision touchpad, you can open Mouse settings from the classic Control Panel in Windows 10, or by clicking the icon in the notification area of the taskbar if you have it enabled.

mouse control panel

Speaking of disabling the touchpad on your laptop, there are other methods you can use, too. For instance, if you don’t want the pointer or cursor moving all over the place while you’re typing, check out TouchFreeze. Or, you can get similar results using the PC manufacturer’s touchpad utility.

mouse properties

Each system’s software will vary so you might have to hunt around a bit and look for something that says it will disable the internal pointing device when a mouse is attached.

Do you prefer to use the touchpad on your laptop, a separate traditional mouse, or both? Leave a comment below and let us know. And for more conversation about Microsoft’s newest OS check out our Windows 10 Forums.



  1. dan  

    You can disable the touch pad under mouse properties, touch pad settings.

  2. Laura  

    Hate the touchpad, love my mouse! The touchpad is awkward while the mouse is just so much easier and I feel I can do more precise movements.

  3. Ron  

    Respectfully, thank you so very much for sharing this priceless tip: “Disable the Touchpad when a Mouse is Connected.” Love the mouse in lieu of a touchpad!

  4. Arturo Rodriguez  

    I use the touch pad, the mouse, And touch screen! Can’t do without them!

  5. Microsoft just gave me one of their patented updates as a suppository, and now my touchpad is active the whole time, whether or not my mouse is connected. I prefer the mouse, and there is no longer a way to disable the touchpad. I even tried deleting the driver. Didn’t work.

  6. Bailey  

    Go to Device Manager (Rt click on start)
    Expand “mice and other pointing devices
    Disable “Synaptics piniting device”

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