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How To Enable The Favorites Bar In Google Chrome

I’ve been using Chrome for a few months now, but I’ve never actually seen the Favorites bar, until today. While testing a new java bookmarklet I realized that I needed a favorites bar to properly use it.  Firefox automatically has the favorites bar visible, but in Chrome it is hidden by default. So, let’s quickly […]

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Google Instant Previews

Try Google Instant Previews Now

Google’s all about the instant these days. Hot on the heels of Google Instant search is a new feature called Google Instant Previews. Google Instant Previews places a little magnifying lens next to each of your search results. When you click it, it pulls up a thumbnail of the website. Not only that, it even […]

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Google Chrome Tips, Tutorials and News

Chrome 8 Has A Groovy Built-in PDF Reader

On Thursday the Google Chrome team rolled out a new feature for Chrome 8 Beta, a PDF viewer.  Say goodbye to adobe reader and other PDF plugins, Chrome is taking over.  If you’re running the latest beta version of Chrome you can already test it out and view PDF files without any extra plugins. (more…)

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Google Reader How-To Tips and News

Friday Fun: Google Reader “Play” Feature Review

Even though Outlook and Thunderbird make formidable RSS readers, Google Reader completely dominates the market for most geeks out there.  So, if you subscribe to RSS feeds you have probably used Google Reader at some point.  With that said, did you know you can make Google Reader fun with the new “Play’” feature.  Well, I […]

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Virgin America Has Gone Google

Virgin America Goes Google

Today one of my favorite airlines, Virgin America, has gone Google.  It was bound to happen.  After all, Google and the airline have been teaming up since 2008 when they did the first ever live YouTube stream at 35,000 feet in the air.  It really gives a literal sense of “cloud computing.” The YouTube stream […]

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Google Demo Slam screenshot

Friday Fun: Be A Tech Demo Master At Google Demo Slam

Do you like to make demo videos showing off new technology?  Or maybe you might be interested in watching said videos… Either way, Google Demo Slam has you covered.  Videos featured on Demo Slam are fun, entertaining, and unique.  There is even a virtual trophy and slight competition!   Like said above, Google Demo Slam […]

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drag to Google Docs, from computer

Google Docs Now Supports Image Drag And Drop

Google Docs has been trying to catch up to the functionality of Microsoft Word for a while now.  Yesterday they took a major step forward and introduced drag-and-drop image support.  That’s right, now you can simply drag images from your computer straight onto your Google Docs page in your web browser.     With this […]

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