Friday Fun: Be A Tech Demo Master At Google Demo Slam

Make Tech Demos Fun With Google Demo SlamDo you like to make demo videos showing off new technology?  Or maybe you might be interested in watching said videos… Either way, Google Demo Slam has you covered.  Videos featured on Demo Slam are fun, entertaining, and unique.  There is even a virtual trophy and slight competition!


Like said above, Google Demo Slam is all about showing off new technology in a innovative and entertaining method.  Every week they feature two new videos and then they face off between the two allowing viewers like you to vote which is better. 

This week we have a video by a team of guys using Google Goggles trying to see just how far it can go.


And for the second video this week, here is the one made by the Paul brothers testing out Android’s voice recognition feature.


Which slam do you think should win?  Currently the Mt. Rushmore one has the most votes, but head on over to and vote for yourself!

Google Demo Slam screenshot

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