Apple Store Offline – More Apple Toys Incoming

The Apple Store is offline which can mean only 1 thing — More Apple toys on the way.

It’s hard to imagine just how much cash Apple brings in each second through its online store. So it can only mean one thing when Apple throws up the maintenance page…. New Apple Toys are being added to the site!

A new iPhone will likely be hitting the site today along with a few other devices as leaked by a few blogs (gotta love those search results). If the data is correct, it looks like a few new iPods.

Overall, most of the hype is around the new iPhone which most think will be called the iPhone 5. Does it really matter however? I mean, who cares what a phone is called right? Not sure about you but I’m really getting tired of all the hype around the name of a phone. Apple of course doesn’t mind all the free publicity. I’m hoping they will just call it the new “iPhone” and kill this insanity moving forward. As logical as this sounds however, if I was the guy in charge I’d keep the madness alive and keep giving it new names for no other reason than all the free press.

What do you think will be released today? Do you care? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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