Marvel Avengers 10-disc Blu-ray Collector Box Hits Amazon

Are you a fan of the recent Marvel comic-based superhero movies? If so, this new deal from Amazon may peak your interest.

Are you a fan of the recent Marvel comic-based superhero movies? If so, this may peak your interest. Now available for pre-order on Amazon is a 10-disc collector edition box including 6 movies, unique artwork, director commentary, and a glowing Tesseract cube all packaged neatly in a replica of Nick Fury’s briefcase.

Avengers Blu-Ray 10 Disc Collector Set Now on Amazon Pre-order

The pre-order is going for roughly 36% off of the MSRP at $139.96 on Amazon with free super saver (or Prime) shipping. Of course, interest in this assumes that you’re either a huge Avengers fan, or you just want to get all of the discs on physical (Blu-ray) media.

So how does this collectors set stack up against buying the physical Blu-ray copies. Let’s look at what’s in the box and what the individual price is of each item.

Movie TitleIndividual Price*
  1. Marvel’s The Avengers (Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray)
  2. Captain America: The First Avenger (Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray)
  3. Thor (Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray)
  4. Iron Man 2 (Blu-ray)
  5. The Incredible Hulk (Blu-ray)
  6. Iron Man (Blu-ray)
  7. Bonus Disc – “The Phase One Archives” (Blu-ray)
  8. Collectible packaging with exclusive memorabilia from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  1. $30
  2. $32
  3. $31
  4. $15
  5. $14
  6. $15
  7. Not available
  8. Not available

Total Price: $137
Price difference: $2

* prices

When you look at the cumulate price of all 6 movies included in the pack, it comes down to a 2 dollar difference between buying them separate and buying the collectors pack. So, if you’re keen on picking up all of these movies – the collector box might be worth the extra couple of bucks for all of the exclusive memorabilia and bonus disc that is included.

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1 Comment

  1. Russ

    July 22, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Sorry, but it’s “pique your interest”

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