How To Mark Outlook Email As Not Junk

Sometimes you get email in your inbox that is falsely marked as Spam even though it isn’t. Here’s a tip to tell Outlook that emails marked as Spam are not Junk.

Sometimes you get an email in your inbox that is falsely marked as spam even though it isn’t. Here’s how to tell Outlook that emails marked as Spam are not Junk.

Recently I set up my Outlook Calendar to send me notifications for important events. However, I found them in my Junk email folder. Well, that is certainly annoying, and sometimes you get emails that are perfectly legitimate and are sent to the Junk email folder.

Mark Email as Not Junk in Outlook

To ensure they are put in your Inbox, click on your Junk Email folder. Then right-click the message labeled as Junk and select Junk >> Not Junk from the context menu.


The Mark as Not Junk box comes up. Check Always Trust email From and check your email address below that. Click OK. The message will be moved to your Inbox and won’t be blocked as Junk again.

Mark as Not Junk

That’s all there is to it. If you want another method to make sure you get an email, check out how to add email contacts to the Safe Senders List manually or automatically.



  1. Sandi  

    This didn’t help me. The “not junk” choice is greyed out on mine, so the choice is not available.

    • Christina  

      Same here. This didn’t help at all.

  2. Sandi  

    Actually I found out out was my phone, that was causing the issue. I had blocked a spam, by blocking the domain. Once unblocked. worked!

  3. Angela  

    This does not help me either. My options when I right click are Mark as not junk. The second option is not available at all. The additional box does not appear once I select Mark as not junk the box closes.

    Thank you

  4. Tim  

    Hi, worked exactly as promised. Obviously mileage varies between setups.
    Cheers, Tim

  5. Miss A D Whitney  

    Sorry about the others but it worked perfectly, thank you.

  6. Martin B  

    On some set-ups, if you mark an Outlook email that it’s put in the Junk folder as “Not spam”/”Not junk”, it disappears. If the email is a legitimate one you want to keep, the safest way I’ve found is to right click on it and select “Move – to Inbox”.

  7. In my case I click on “No Junk” like described above, it moves the email to the inbox
    BUT: Next time the email is coming in it is again entering the Junk E-Mail box.

  8. Patricia Dorman  

    Look much of my best stuff is going to junk mail in outlook. I want to stop outlook from deciding what is junk mail. I want to basically turn off junk mail in outlook as it is getting almost all wrong about what is junk mail. What can I do about this in Outlook?

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