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security backup

Windows 8 – How To Create a System Restore Point

System Restore (sometimes called System Protection) for Windows 7 and Windows 8 allows you to restore your computer to a previous good state should any kind of issue occur during the install of a new driver or application without affecting your documents, pictures and other personal data/files on the system. Although Windows creates system restore […]

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How To Resize and UnPin Windows 8 Metro Tiles

We’re all in love with the Windows 8 Metro app tiles. They look great and make navigating around a breeze. Today I came across a new feature–resizing and unpinning the Windows 8 Metro tiles. While the resizing option is very limited (just 2 sizes) in the Dev build, I like that Microsoft gave us a little more […]

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Try the New and Improved Beta

TechSmith, the fine company that brings us Snagit, Jing and Camtasia, recently dropped us an email letting us know that the new beta version of was now available for testing. In an earlier review, grooveDexter deemed very groovy and recommended the free service to our groovyReaders. For those of you who missed […]

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Google Chrome Store

Chrome Web Store: Apps For Everything

As proved back in the 80’s when IBM mopped the floor with Apple’s MAC, Computing platforms live and die based on the applications it supports.  Apple learned this all to well when their best app was basically MACPAINT whereas IBM had app after app being developed for the platform including a small company called Microsoft. […]

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groovyPost teaches Photoshop: Layers Basics for CS5

Greetings groovy photoshoppers! As part of our groovy “GroovyPost Teaches Photoshop” series, today were going to talk a little about Layers.  Layers are a very important basic for Photosho so today were going to review some of the basic usage like How-To create and group Layers. Let’s jump right into things by starting out with […]

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How To Convert Word 2010 Tables to Text

Did you know Word 2010 has a single click feature that converts Tables to Text?  Don’t feel stupid if you didn’t.  Microsoft Office / Word 2010 is packed full of so many features, everyday I’m still finding things I never even knew existed.  Anyway, let’s take a look at this quick tip in Word starting […]

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How-To Automate Tasks on a Windows or MAC PC Using Action(s)

Hey there groovyReaders! Have you been using your computer for things like rotating or renaming photos and moving and compressing files to your external HDD?  You know, it’s those basic actions we do often that we  wish we could just automate or have someone else do for us!  Luckily, there is!  Today I’ll quickly go […]

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