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TechSmith, the fine company that brings us , , and , recently dropped us an email letting us know that the new beta version of was now available for testing. In an earlier , grooveDexter deemed very groovy and recommended the free service to our groovyReaders.

For those of you who missed our first review, however, is a photo and video sharing service that integrates very nicely into TechSmith products, but it also allows you to upload and share content from other programs as well. What we really liked about, when compared to sites like YouTube and Vimeo, is that the service is very good about keeping their paws off your stuff. Before you sign up, they promise:

  • What you upload is what you see ( does not convert or re-encode your videos)
  • You hold the rights to your content (big contrast to YouTube/)
  • You decide who views your content top 3 reasons

You can share content via links or with an embedded player like we did below. One thing I like about’s embedded player is its simplicity. Plus, / Techsmith doesn’t try to make a buck off your content IE: no off-the-wall suggested videos or ads. Heck, there isn’t even a logo or link back to!

The free version of allows you to upload 2 GB of data with a 2 GB allotment for bandwidth. You can go pro for $9.95/month and get 25 GB of storage and 200 GB of monthly bandwidth.

The professional-looking embedded player, the groovy terms of service, and the easy integration with our favorite TechSmith applications are all fairly compelling reasons to give a try. But the new beta is offering even further improvements.

The Beta is a major overhaul of the web interface.  Here are some of the highlights:

New Beta Screenshot Tour

New Content Library

The current web interface is fine, but it’s not really cut out for organizing massive amounts of images and videos.  And if you take as many screenshots/screencasts as we do here at groovyPost, then it’s only a matter of days before you have hundreds of files to keep track of.

The new Beta uses a Library for viewing and organizing your content, and frankly, it’s a breath of fresh air. While folders always existed on, beyond that, navigating your content consisted of going through one giant list. beta review

Folders and playlists now appear on the sidebar. You can also filter by content type by clicking Videos, Images or Other under the Show me section on the left-hand side. new library beta

Batch Editing

Along the top of each Library, view are editing actions that can be applied to one or more pieces of content. Simply check the box next to the item you want to edit and then choose an action. Great design and a big timesaver.

batch editing in


The new Library also has a search bar. You can search by keyword or string and sort by a number of criteria. In this screenshot, I’m getting hits from the video titles, but it also returns results from the tags, description, author, and other meta-data.

batch editing in

For example, here I get results because “Bluetooth” is in the and filter beta

Info Tabs

Editing video and folder information is now done in a tabbed interface, rather than in a pop-up box. This is also where you choose privacy settings for folders. To edit folder information, navigate to a folder and Click the info icon.

info tab in beta

This reveals the info tab. Make your changes and Click Save.

info tab in beta

To edit individual pieces of content, Click them to view them and then scroll down to the info menus. This lets you preview what public viewers will see. To change items, Click the Details tab and choose Edit Details.

info tab in beta

Sharing Multiple Images and Videos

When you select and share multiple items from your library, it gives you the option to Share Playlist. This is similar to creating a shared folder and is useful if you want to send a collection of slides to a user.

sharing beta

For example, here are the screenshots from this tutorial as a shared playlist. You can also embed them as a media roll.

Try the Beta

The public beta is 100% optional, and you can always switch back if you don’t like it. To access it, you will need an account so either log in or create a new account at and Click the Try the new Library (Beta) link in the top-right. To switch back, Click Leave the Library (beta) view.  It really couldn’t get easier that.

switch back to beta

Overall, being that Techsmith is one of my favorite software companies out there, my expectations were high when I started playing with this new beta. As you can tell from my overall review above, they didn’t disappoint and I look forward to the final release!

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1 Comment

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