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How-to Add a New User to Google Apps

Google Apps is a an amazing tool for a one person show to large businesses and if you’re not already using it, you should check out the Google Apps How-to from MrGroove, posted a while back which explains the step-by-step for getting your company up and running quickly. Once your up and running on Google […]

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Remove the Annoying WordPress Admin Bar

How to Remove the Annoying WordPress Admin Bar

The last WordPress update introduced a new feature, the admin bar.  By default, the admin bar is enabled; probably so encourage users to take it for a test drive.  But, I’ve found that it is quite annoying and it slows down performance while browsing my blogs if I’m logged in.  With that said, the WordPress […]

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Find Out How Secure Your Programs Are With Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer

Ever wondered how installing a program affects the security of your system?  Or are you a software developer and wondering something similar?  Microsoft has a groovy tool that will analyze your Windows system before a program installed, analyze it again post-installation, and them compare the two reports and show you any known vulnerabilities created. (more…)

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