Convert PDFs to Image Slides with Neevia’s Online Converter

Have you ever wanted to take a PDF document and turn it into a slideshow? Neevia’s free online converter is perfect for such a job.


Neevia is an online company that keeps document conversion simple. It’s designed so that everything can be done on one page, and that one page keeps it simple and quick to use. My favorite conversion within the tool is from PDF to images. Here’s how it works.

  • First off select the format that you want the document to come out as. I want to turn my PDF into images so I chose JPEG as the format. PNG or GiF also work, and possibly better.
  • Next select the the file to upload.
  • Finally choose whether to wait for the conversion to finish in the web page, or to have neevia send you an email link to the files once the job  complete.


If you went the email route just open up your email message and follow the link.


Now you’ll be back on the Neevia website with a link to all of your images. Done! Wasn’t that groovy?


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