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Legal Documents

How To Make a Portable Document Format Archive (PDF/A)

PDF/A is a strict standard of Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) that federal courts in the U.S. require for the presentation and archiving (that’s where the “A” comes in) of PDF documents. Here’s a simple technique to make PDF/As that the court will accept. The concept behind PDF/A is simple, but the instructions various vendors […]

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Merge PDF

Combine Multiple PDF’s into one Using MergePDF

Do you have a set of PDF files that you would like to convert into a single paginated document?   I run into this problem occasionally, and while there are plenty of solutions out there, most of them require that you install some new piece of software.  For a task that I rarely need performed, installing […]

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How-To Save MS Office 2007 documents as a PDF or XPS

Shortly after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 I ran across this nice FREE add-on from Microsoft which allows you to save your documents in the Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS format using all eight Microsoft Office 2007 applications.  I use the feature almost daily so I’m sure all you groovyReaders will appreciate the find!   […]

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Windows 8 to Include A Built-in PDF Reader

Windows 8 to Include A Built-in PDF Reader

If you’re sick of Adobe Reader, and tired of digging through the plethora of alternatives, Windows 8 will put an end to that.  Shipping with Windows 8 will be a built-in PDF reader, code-named “Modern Reader,” that runs on the AppX engine.  It’s sleek, has a simple interface, and while there isn’t much else to […]

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Make Chome Your Default PDF Reader

How to Set Chrome As Your Default PDF Reader

Are you sick of Adobe Reader’s bloatware, sluggish performance, and security vulnerabilities?  If you haven’t already switched to an alternative PDF reader, Google Chrome can also read PDFs; even ones that are already downloaded to your computer!  Switching Chrome to be your default PDF reader is relatively simple, and we’ll guide you through the process […]

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