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Screenshot Tour and Review of the 6 Best Microsoft Apps for iOS

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One of the key parts to becoming a successful app developer is to be able to make your most important apps available on multiple platforms. That’s exactly what Microsoft has done by bringing some of their most used applications over to iOS and making them available for both iPhone/iPod users and iPad users. Let’s take a look at a few of these right now.

Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag is an application which allows you to create tags which can be scanned and can either lead to a URL, Image, or even just plain text.

On the second screenshot below you can see three examples of what tags can look like. Just like it says in the description, your device can read them even if they have a more sophisticated design. The primary usage of tags is to create something similar to a QR code, but more personalized, colorful and attractive to the eye.

ipod iphone ipad microsoft official application apps ios tag logo splash screenipod microsoft official application apps ios tag tags color b&w black white cutom image variety

Creating a Tag is free, for the most part. Some customizations require additional payments, but the standard color and standard black and white tags are completely free. I went ahead and created my own tag by going to the official Microsoft Tag website. It was a fast and simple process and after entering all the information about your tag, you are presented with several different download options:

download tag tag type format size download pdf jpeg png qr nfc custom color tag

I was incredibly surprised by the speed and accuracy of the scanner, as well as how quickly it loads web pages after scanning. Keep in mind, this is an iPod with a weak VGA camera, the app scanned my tag without even having to center it and even while it was slightly unfocused and blurred:

scan tag microsoft center tag to scan screen

Once you’ve scanned a tag you have several different options – to flag the tag (or simply put – to add it to your favorites), to share your tag, to refresh, open the page in a browser, send feedback, and even to view the page in full screen.

opened tag sharing options microsoft ios appopened tag other options button ios app applications browser refreshflagged tag website url tag microsoft ios apps applicationfullscreen full screen app website url page tag microsoft ios browser

For anyone interested in the application and its scanning capabilities, here’s the tag we created so you can try the app out:

groovypost tag microsoft ios microsoft tag color

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  1. Simon H July 23, 2012 at 4:01 am #

    Thanks for this Stefan,
    I had overlooked the Bing and Skydrive apps but they will come in useful.

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