A Week in Gaming: End of the World Edition

world burning

The world didn’t end as predicted, and that works for me. Take a look at the gaming news this week, sooner rather than later, just in case we miscalculated it by a day.

Looks like we’re all still alive. The world didn’t end. That works for me. Let’s take a look at what happened in the gaming world this week, sooner rather than later, just in case we miscalculated it by a day.

world burning

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Street Figher X Mega Man is Now Available

A bunch of fans got together and created a Street Fighter and Mega Man crossover game. Capcom dug it, so they gave it their blessing and now it’s available. It takes the premise of classic NES Mega Man games, but rather than fight characters like Wood Man and Cut Man, you take on the characters of Street Fighter. Both games celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, so it’s a fitting tribute. Oh yeah, it’s a free download.

Pacific Rim Trailer Features the Voice of GLaDOS

The recently-released trailer for Pacific Rim looks pretty wicked. Even cooler, it has a little nod to Valve’s popular Portal series. In the game, an AI known as GLaDOS is one of the key characters. Her voice is heard throughout as the player makes their way through Portal’s test chambers. Turns out that GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain is actually providing a voice featured in the movie. It’s even going through the same processing to make her sound just like the game’s character. According to website IGN, director Guillermo Del Toro is not saying whether their is a connection to the game.

Resident Evil 6 for PC

Just in case you were waiting for Resident Evil 6 for the PC — it’s probably not worth it. Capcom announced that the game will arrive next year. March of 2013, to be exact. When it arrives, it will be available both in physical and digital form. The game is said to have all the same content as the console versions.

Doesn’t Look Like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is coming to Wii U

Kojima Productions announced that Metal Metal Gear Rising: Rvengeance is not coming to the Wii U because the game producer doesn’t consider the Wii U game pad as an actual controller. In an interview with Eurogamer, producer Yuji Korekado said:

One of the strongest appeals of the Wii U is the GamePad. However, we’ve constructed Metal Gear Rising so you can fully enjoy the game on the controllers whether it’s on the PS3 or the Xbox. So, currently we aren’t thinking about Metal Gear Rising on the Wii U.

Metal Gear Solid Rising

iOS 6.0.2 Released and Some Users Complain of Shortened Battery Life

Apple released iOS 6.0.2 earlier this week for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini only. The software update is to fix a WiFi speed and connectivity issue. However, some users are complaining of shortened battery life since installing it. I don’t see much of a difference myself, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with my iPhone 5 battery life from the start.

Thieves Snatch 7,000 Wii U Consoles From Warehouse

This is a pretty crazy story when you think about just how much those consoles cost. Reportedly around $2.1 million, but it’s hard to say for sure, because there are two SKUs. Also imagine how big of a heist 7,000 consoles must be. According to reports, it happened during a storm earlier this week. They rolled in with two semi trucks and used a forklift two load the consoles onto the trucks, two semis, and an additional box truck, according to reports.

Nintendo TVii Available

Nintendo TVii made its debut this week. It’s a Wii U feature that lets users check their local programming guide so that they can see what’s on, and skim around based on what they enjoy watching. It also integrates Wii U apps such as Amazon Instant Video. Unfortunately, Netflix is not yet directly integrated.

Super Mario Impersonator Arrested for Touching Women Inappropriately in New York

Ron Jeremy Mario

This was just too, shall we say different, to pass up. A 34-year-old named Damon Torres is a street performer around Times Square. He dresses up as Mario for cash, just like all those Batmans and Jack Sparrows down Hollywood Boulevard. The dude got arrested for groping a 58-year-old woman. There seem to be some conflicting reports. One says he grabbed her thigh. The other says he “touched her private parts.” We don’t know which is more accurate, but it’s kind of an interesting story.

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