Using Object Exclude to Save 3D Print Jobs on Creality K1 Series Printers

Using Object Exclude to Save 3D Print Jobs on Creality K1 Series Printers - Featured

Having one or two pieces of a multi-part 3D print job fail can be frustrating. Here’s how you can use Object Exclude on the Creality K1 series to ease that frustration.

When you’re printing a batch of models on your 3D printer, nothing is more frustrating than to see one or two of them failing to build properly. Ordinarily, this would mean stopping the entire print job and starting over. Thanks to the Object Exclude feature on the Creality K1 Series, you might be able to salvage the models that are printing fine.

What Is Object Exclude in 3D Printing?

Object exclude, or sometimes called object deletion, is a feature of some 3D printers that tells the machine to skip over parts of your build job. For example, if you are printing a half dozen of the same model at once, but one loses bed adhesion and turns to spaghetti, you don’t have to scrap the ones printing fine. This saves you both filament and time since the models that are coming out fine continue to print.

With Creality’s K1 series of 3D printers, Object Exclude is available on the 3D printer itself as well as through the remote monitoring and control capabilities of Creality Print. I couldn’t get the feature to work from within UtiliMaker Cura since it doesn’t support remote connections to Creality devices. However, I found I could invoke Object Exclude using Fluidd, an open-source web front end for the Klipper firmware embedded in the 3D printer.

Note: This should work on the Creality K1, K1 Max, and K1C models. My own experience is only with the K1C, but Creality assures me the feature is present on all Creality K1 3D printers with firmware versions of at least

How to Mark an Object to Exclude on a Creality K1 Series 3D Printer

If you prefer to work on your 3D printer’s touch screen or haven’t set up the machine on your Wi-Fi network, it’s easy to do.

  1. On your 3D printer’s touch screen, tap the X symbol at the top left of the print preview display.
    Tap X to Access Exclude Objects Menu
  2. Next, look at the objects showing in the Exclude Objects menu and tap the ones you want to exclude from continuing to print.
    Select objects to exclude
  3. Once done selecting objects, tap Exclude.
    Tap Exclude
  4. Confirm the exclusion by tapping Ok.
    Tap Ok
  5. The object or objects you selected will change to a darker gray color. Tap Back to return to the main status display.
    Tap Back

Once done, your 3D printer will skip over those objects while continuing to print the others. I’ve found this a real time-saver when I needed to print several of the same thing but something went wrong with just one or two units.

Using Creality Print to Exclude Objects from Printing

I don’t like getting up from my computer for something as trivial as a glitch in my print jobs. So, I tend to use Exclude Object from Creality Print instead. That way, I can mark the objects so they stop printing and carry on with the rest of my work. Here’s how.

  1. In the Creality Print software, tap Device to view your 3D printer(s).
    Tap Device Tab
  2. Next, tap Details in the box for your printer.
    Tap Details
  3. Scroll down until you see the Object deletion box, and tap the objects you want to exclude from printing.
    Tap Excluded Objects
  4. Each time you tap an object, a dialog will prompt you to confirm you want to exclude it. Tap Confirm.
    Confirm Exclude
  5. The software will gray out the objects excluded, as well as putting a red slash through them.
    Excluded Objects in Creality Print

That’s all there is to it. Your printer will automatically skip those objects, letting the ones that were behaving themselves finish coming to life. This saves time, filament, and frustration.

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