You Can Try Windows 11’s Next Big Update Today

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If you want to get a head start on testing out the new features from the next big Windows update, you can install Windows 11 24H2 right now.

Microsoft released its next big Windows 11 update on Wednesday of this week, and you can try it now. The new update is labeled 24H2 and is available to the Release Preview ring of the Windows Insider Program.

Some of the notable features included in the new release include energy saver, Wi-Fi 7 support, voice clarity, HDR background support, Rust in the Windows kernel, Sudo for Windows (for devs), creation of 7zip and TAR archives in File Explorer, and more. The company will release 24H2 through Windows Update later this year, but you can grab the final version through the Insider program.

Enable sudo for developers windows 11 24H2

Enable the sudo command for developers on Windows 11 24H2.

This development happens on the heels of Microsoft’s introduction of new Copilot+ AI laptops earlier this week, which will all ship with Windows 11 24H2.

Even without a Copilot+ laptop, you can still start testing new Windows 11 features. For instance, with HDR background support, you can use JPEG extended range (JXR) images as wallpaper. If you are on a multiple-display setup, the operating system will adapt the wallpaper on a per-monitor basis.

Another exciting feature is the ability to create 7zip and TAR archives from File Explorer without installing third-party software like WinRar or 7-zip.

You can create an archive by opening File Explorer, selecting multiple files, right-clicking, and choosing Compress to from the context menu. Then, from that dropdown, you will see options for TAR and 7z formats.

Create 7z or TAR Archive File Explorer

Create 7z and TAR archives directly in File Explorer without third-party software.

Trying Windows 11 24H2 Features Today

If you haven’t linked your Microsoft account yet, join the Insider program and ensure to select the Release Preview channel. You will then be able to download and install 24H2 and test the new features noted above.

It’s also important to note that you can download the ISO from Microsoft’s official Insider site to run 24H2 in a VM or do a clean install.

Typically, waiting for Windows Update to install the latest version is a best practice — especially on your primary production PC. However, if you have a spare computer or a VM, you can install 24H2 now and try out the latest Windows 11 features.

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