Mozilla Releases Firefox Version 124

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Mozilla is rolling out Firefox version 124 for Windows and Mac users. Here is a look at what you can expect.

Mozilla is rolling out Firefox version 124, which includes new features and fixes several security vulnerabilities.

Some of the new features include Caret browsing mode, which also works in the PDF viewer. In Firefox View, open tabs can be sorted by recent activity or tab order. With version 124, you will be able to edit PDFs from Firefox, which can save important steps.

Caret Browsing is part of Firefox’s accessibility features. You can place a cursor in the text on a web page and control it with the arrow keys. You can also activate the Caret Browsing feature by pressing the F7 key, clicking Yes in the popup that appears, clicking the text with the cursor, then using the arrow keys to adjust the cursor. Pressing F7 a second time ends the Caret Browsing feature.

Caret Browsing in Firefox

Other improvements include Firefox now populating the Windows taskbar jump list more efficiently, which allows for a more responsive browsing experience.

Mac users aren’t left out of new features in this update, either. Firefox uses the macOS full-screen API to help manage full-screen windows. With the improvements, Mac users should expect a better experience with Firefox’s full-screen panes, menu bar, and dock.

In addition to improved feature sets, you can expect 12 security fixes, including one rated as critical.

Update Mozilla Firefox

Firefox should update automatically when you launch a new instance. However, you can manually update it to ensure you get the latest version.

Checking for version 124 and upgrading is straightforward using the following steps.

Click the menu button in the top right corner and select Help > About Firefox.

help about firefox

When the About Mozilla Firefox window appears, wait for version 124 to download, and click the Restart to Update Firefox button.

restart to update firefox

Ensuring you have the latest Firefox updates is critical so you get the latest features, security fixes, and bug fixes. Like keeping your other tech devices updated, it’s important not to overlook your browser. The latest version of Firefox has some cool features you won’t want to miss out on.

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