Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 21390

Microsoft today is releasing Windows 10 preview build 21390 to Insiders in the Dev Channel. Here is a look at what’s new.

Microsoft today is releasing Windows 10 preview build 21390 to Insiders in the Dev Channel. This version follows build 21387, which was the first Insider build to come sans Internet Explorer 11. As you may recall, Microsoft is removing IE 11 from Windows 10 next year. There are no major features to note in today’s release (other than a few new icons), but it does come with some changes, improvements, and other fixes. Here is a look at what you can expect.

Windows 10 Build 21390

There are no major new features to report, but this build does contain the following changes and improvements:

  • As part of our ongoing iconography improvements, Task Manager and MSI installers now have new Fluent icons.
  • You can now set Windows Terminal Preview as your default terminal emulator on Windows – please see this blog post for details. This requires Windows Terminal Preview version 1.9 (or higher).

And here is the list of fixes in this release:

  • We fixed an issue causing the news and interests text on the taskbar to appear blurry on some resolutions and scaling factors.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in certain punctuation not being displayed correctly when the display language was Chinese.
  • We fixed a svchost.exe crash related to cdp.dll that some Insiders have been experiencing in recent builds.
  • We fixed an issue impacting Start reliability in recent flights.
  • We fixed an issue where when using dark mode, the text in the File Explorer search box would be black on a black background. Please note this only addresses this dark theme issue in File Explorer, we are continuing to investigate a second issue impacting dark theme when using Search in the taskbar.
  • We fixed an issue in recent flights where a folder might not retain keyboard focus after being renamed in File Explorer.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Task Manager showing the incorrect icon for some processes.
  • We fixed a second issue causing some devices to fail when updating to this build with error code 0xc1900101. If you continue to receive this error code when attempting to update, please file a new feedback item.

Remember that Insider builds are meant for coders, IT admins, and Windows 10 enthusiasts who want to test new features and submit feedback to Microsoft.

These builds are not meant for inexperienced users. They are also not meant to run on your primary production machine. Insider builds contain many known stability issues that can cause your system to become unstable or even crash.

For more on this build’s full list of changes, known issues, and workarounds, make sure to read Microsoft’s full blog post.

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