Microsoft Adds New Features to Excel for the Web


Microsoft added to feature to Excel for the Web including a mini toolbar, custom colors, new styles, table enhancements, and more.

If you use Excel for the Web, you appreciate new features just like those using the desktop application. The good news is several have just arrived! With enhancements to tables, colors, and styles, let’s see what Microsoft added to Excel for the Web.

Access the Mini Toolbar

Starting with a simple improvement, you can now access the Mini Toolbar with a right-click. This tiny tool lets you format cells, fonts, alignment, and more.

New Mini Toolbar on Excel for the Web

Work Better with Borders

Borders are wonderful ways to format cells and make them stand out with subtlety. Now when you click the border button, you have options to Draw a Border, Draw a Border Grid, and Erase a Border.

Draw or Erase Borders on Excel for the Web

Create Custom Colors

If you use colors in your Excel sheets, then you’ll enjoy the new custom color palette. You can get the exact shade you want using the slider or adding the hex code. Whichever way to use to pick the perfect color, you’ll see a preview as well, so you know you’ve got what you want.

Custom Color Palette on Excel for the Web

Apply Styles Easily

When you need to worry more about the data than the way it looks, but still need something attractive, use the new style options. The Styles drop-down box includes more options than just simple cell shading. You can apply number formats, headings and titles, themes, and more.

New Styles on Excel for the Web

Take Advantage of Tables

There are plenty of benefits to using tables in your Excel sheets and the recent updates make working with those tables even better.

  • Convert any spreadsheet data into a table.
  • Choose a matching design.
  • Rename your table with a click.
  • Include a total row at the bottom.

Format Cells as a Table on Excel for the Web

More to Come with Excel for the Web

Microsoft will also be upgrading the print options for Excel for the Web. You’ll be able to set the print area and insert or remove page breaks. Be sure to check back with groovyPost for an update on this and more!

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