FCC Filing Likely Confirms A 10 inch Kindle Fire 2

Amazon is keeping the development schedule of its Kindle Fire tightly under wraps. But, despite their attempts at secrecy there’s some compelling evidence it just slipped through the FCC.

Kindle Fire 2 passes secretly through FCC

If your anxiously awaiting for the sequel of the most popular Android tablet, good news. It appears the Kindle Fire 2 may have just passed through the FCC. And according to the label image, it will have a 10 inch screen. Tablet fanatic Nate Hoffelder sorted through the FCC listings and found an incognito tablet submission that is likely from Amazon at the end of things. This kind of secrecy lines up perfectly with Amazon’s previous submissions for the Kindle family of tablets, including the first Fire. How we can be sure this is Amazon and not some other company? Well according to Hoffelder:

“I don’t know any other device maker who is this obsessed with secrecy. The small guys wouldn’t waste the money; they send stuff through under their name or that of their Chinese partner. And so far as I know the large guys have all used their own name.
This would have to be someone new – or it’s Amazon. I’m going for Amazon.”

If it really is the Kindle Fire 2, this news confirms that the release is still scheduled for its Fall release; likely October or early November.

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